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Semiconductor equipment plays a vital role in the manufacturing of integrated devices (I.C.s) are typically located in a manufacturing facility called a fab. The types or categories of semiconductor equipment consist of the following:

  • Wafer Manufacturing/Wafer Processing
  • Fab Facilities Equipment
  • Mask/Reticle Equipment
  • Surface Conditioning/Clean and Dry
  • Resist processing Equipment
  • Expose and Write
  • Etch Equipment
  • Ion Implant Equipment
  • Sputter Equipment
  • Thermal Processing Equipment
  • Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP)
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)
  • Inspection Measurement
  • Assembly and Packaging Equipment
  • SOC & Logic Test Equipment
  • Memory Test Equipment
  • Handlers
  • Probe Equipment
  • Other Test Related Equipment

Equipment Forecast Definitions


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SEMI Equipment Brief: Test Equipment (PDF)
There are various types of electrical and reliability tests conducted at different stages of assembly and for different purposes once the wafer fabrication process is finished. Tests include die sort test on wafers, electrical and environmental testing, and burn-in on packaged devices.

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SEMI Equipment Brief: Wafer Fab Brief (PDF)
Semiconductor fabrication consists of a series of processes in which a device structure is manufactured by applying a series of layers onto a substrate, most commonly on silicon. This involves the deposition and removal of various thin film layers. The areas of the thin film that are to be deposited or removed are controlled through photolithography. Each deposition and removal process is generally followed by cleaning as well as inspection steps.

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SEMI Equipment Brief: Other Front-End Equipment Brief (PDF)
Other Front-End equipment is a “catch-all” phrase for equipment that is used in frontend manufacturing but not in wafer processing. It includes: Wafer Manufacturing equipment, Photomask/Reticle equipment and Fabrication Facility equipment

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SEMI Equipment Brief: Assembly and Packaging (PDF)
There are two main purposes for assembling the bare semiconductor device into a package. First, the package provides mechanical and environmental protection to the bare die. Second, the package provides an electrical connection between the die and the printed circuit board (PCB). Nowadays, there are a tremendous number of package types, form factors, and process techniques used in assembly and packaging

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SEMI Industry Research and Statistics delivers powerful market data that enables you to:

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Equipment Market Data Subscription (EMDS)
A complete source for semiconductor equipment market information, including China and includes the SEMI Billings Report, the Worldwide Semiconductor Equipment Market Statistics (WWSEMS) Report and the bi-annual SEMI Equipment Forecast. These reports help you understand market trends and benchmark current business activity.

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World Fab Forecast
The SEMI World Fab Forecast provides high level summaries, charts, and graphs; in-depth analysis of semiconductor capital equipment spending, capacity, technology nodes and wafer size, down to the detail of each fab. The report covers 3 years of data with a quarterly forecast through next year.

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Worldwide Semiconductor Equipment Market Statistics (WWSEMS) Historical Report (1991-2018)
The WWSEMS report provides monthly historical data of the global equipment for 24 categories in North America, Japan, Europe, Korea, Taiwan, China and Rest of World (ROW). Japanese headquartered companies provide inputs through SEMI’s partner, the Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan (SEAJ).

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Historical Book-to-Bill Report (1991-2016) and Billings Report (2017-2018)
Book-to-Bill data for 1991-2016 from North American-headquartered equipment manufacturers and Billings data for 2017-2018.

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