Highlight of the Aug '09 Semiconductor Fab Databases

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Highlights of the August ‘09 Edition of the Fab Databases

Fab Spending on Construction and Equipping expected to increase.

The August ’09 edition of the World Fab Forecast, FabFutures, World Fab Watch, and the 300mm Fab Databases has been published and available to our subscribers.

Here are a few highlights from our World Fab Forecast and World Fab Watch:


  • Of the 1075 facilities listed, 973 facilities are in operations while the others are planned fabs (with various probabilities).
  • Since our last publication (May ’09 edition):
    - We’ve made 369 changes on 272 facilities.
    - We’ve added 45 facilities: more than half are LED facilities.
    - We’ve noted that 16 facilities were closed or cancelled.

  • Fab construction spending in 2010 is expected to increase by about 74% to about US $2.8B (May ’09 edition reported US$3.5B), with about 23 construction projects.
  • Fab spending on equipping fabs is expected to increase by about 63% to about US $21.5B in 2010 with about 95 projects spending on equipment.
  • Overall installed fab capacity for 2009 will decline by about 2.6%, to about 15.3 million wafers per month, due to closure of some fabs. In 2010, total capacity is expected to increase by about 4.4% to over 16.0 million wafers per month.
  • In 2009, seven facilities (including MEMS, LEDs and R&D) are expected to begin (or have begun) construction with three in the Europe/Mideast region, three in the Americas, and one in China.
  • In 2010, 15 facilities are expected to begin operations [11 volume fabs plus one Back-End-Of-Line (BEOL)]. – These consist of two memory fabs, four foundries, and four discrete related fabs.
  • Nineteen facilities closed in 2008. About 31 facilities are expected to close in 2009 and about 16 facilities will close in 2010.

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Please take the opportunity to review our fab databases listed below. Our databases deliver the latest forecast and a complete analysis on frontend semiconductor fabs and foundries worldwide and are ideal resources to empower your market research.

We can also work with you to create a custom fab database tailor to your needs and budget. And we can also create a regional database for fabs in North America, Asia or Europe. Please feel free to contact Ed Hall at ehall@semi.org.

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World Fab Watch

300mm Fab Report

Coverage: 3 years of data; Quarterly forecast for the next 18 months

Coverage: 2 years of data; Quarterly forecast for the next 18 months.

Coverage: Includes previous quarter (no quarterly forecast).

Coverage: 300 mm frontend fabs (no quarterly forecast).

Detail of allfabs including ones that have or will have spending plans. Includes closed fabs for the period.

Detail of fabs that have committed to spending (construction and/or equipment spending).

Provides a summary of allfabs including fabs that will be closed.

Provides an overview of the 300 mm fabs.