SEMI® Semiconductor Materials Market Information

Semiconductor Materials Market Information


Semiconductor materials play a vital role in the manufacturing of integrated devices (I.C.s). Materials that are used to pattern the wafer are considered "Fab Materials", materials that are used to protect and/or connect the die are called "Packing Materials". The materials segments that SEMI follows include:

Fab Materials

  • Silicon
  • SOI
  • Photomasks
  • Photoresist
  • Photoresist Ancillaries
  • Gases
  • Chemicals
  • Targets
  • CMP

Packaging Materials

  • Leadframes
  • Substrates
  • Bonding Wire
  • Die Attach
  • Mold Compounds
  • Encapsulants
  • Ceramic Packages
  • Other Packaging Materials



SEMI China Semiconductor Silicon Wafer Outlook Report
A comprehensive new research report covers the in-depth analysis of China's silicon wafer supply chain ecosystem within the global semiconductor silicon wafer industry. This report covers the latest developments in Chinese silicon wafer supply chain, including the rise of China’s silicon manufacturing companies, polysilicon companies, silicon wafer-related equipment companies, policies, and funding, and their implications for China’s silicon wafer supply chain.

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Historical Quarterly Silicon Shipment Data and the Silicon Manufacturers' Group (SMG)  

The following material briefs provide a technology overivew as well as a market summary for various materials used in the production of semiconductor devices. The data presented in these documents are based on our Materials Market Data Subscription report.

Member Only Content  SEMI Materials Brief: Semiconductor Anti-Reflective Coatings (PDF)
Patterning devices during lithography exposure is difficult due to the highly reflective nature of these films, varying photoresist thickness, and device topography. In order to minimize these effects, materials called anti-reflective coatings (ARC) are applied to wafers either immediately before or after photoresist coating.

Member Only Content  SEMI Materials Brief: Bonding Wire (PDF)
Wire bonding is used throughout the microelectronics industry as a means of interconnecting chips, substrates, and output pins. 

Member Only Content  SEMI Materials Brief: Chemical Mechanical Planarization Materials (PDF)
The manufacture of a semiconductor device is essentially achieved by building alternating layers of metal and insulator materials on a silicon substrate. CMP ensures that these layers be are extremely flat for lithographic processing. 

Member Only Content  Materials Brief: Semiconductor Photomasks (PDF)
A photomask, also called a reticle, is a transparent glass or quartz plate with an array of patterns or images that permit the passage of light in intricate and precise patterns to create the size and shape of a device's elements in a semiconductor circuit.

Member Only Content   SEMI Materials Brief: Semiconductor Photoresists (PDF)
Photoresists allow precise pattern formation upon exposure to light through a template called a photomask and subsequent etching of portions of the photoresist, resulting in the permanent transfer of patterns to the wafer substrate.

Member Only Content  SEMI Materials Brief: Semiconductor Photoresists Developers (PDF)
Aqueous or water-based developers are used in the lithography process to pattern photoresist films immediately after the exposure process. 

Member Only Content  SEMI Materials Brief: Organic Substrates (PDF)
In the past decade, high volume IC packaging has shifted from the era of ceramic packages to organic substrate-based packages, especially the plastic ball grid array (PBGA). 

Member Only Content  SEMI Materials Brief: Die Attach Materials (PDF)
Die attach materials provide the mechanical and thermal connection between the semiconductor device and the package. These materials are used in paste, tape or solder form. This market brief covers paste and tape materials only.

Member Only Content  SEMI Materials Brief: Encapsulant Materials (PDF)
Encapsulant materials are polymeric-based materials used to provide mechanical and environmental protection of a semiconductor device. Mold compounds, underfill, and liquid encapsulants fall into this category. 

Member Only Content  SEMI Materials Brief: Leadframes (PDF)
A leadframe consists of a die mounting paddle and lead fingers. The die paddle serves primarily to mechanically support the die during package manufacture. The lead fingers connect the die to the circuitry external to the package.

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Global Semiconductor Packaging Materials Outlook, 2017 to 2021
This report is a comprehensive market research study that examines semiconductor packaging technology trends. Packaging materials markets are quantified, new opportunities are highlighted, and forecasts through 2021 are presented. 

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Materials Market Data Subscription
The Material Market Data Subscription includes current revenue data along with two years of historical data and a three-year forecast. Each material segment reports revenue for seven market regions (North America, Europe, ROW, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and China). The report features detailed historical data for: silicon, photoresist, photoresist ancillaries, process gases and leadframes. The report is published six weeks after the close of each quarter..t

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Silicon Reclaim Wafer Characterization Summary (Report)  
This analysis covers silicon wafer reclaim for the semiconductor market. Reclaim is defined as the removal of several microns of the silicon wafer and subsequent re-polishing of the wafer surface. Market estimates for reclaim wafers include semiconductor applications including equipment and IC manufacturing markets.
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Photomask Characterization Summary (Report)
SEMI has conducted a supply-side market characterization of the photomask market. Seven region of the world are covered in this summary including North America, Japan, Europe, Taiwan, Korea, China, and Rest of World. Market size estimates reflect the merchant and captive market, and excludes license, royalty, and equipment revenues. In addition to the interviews, a comprehensive literature review, including company financial reports, was conducted.
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