Silicon Shipment Statistics

Silicon Shipment Statistics

About the SEMI Silicon Manufacturers’ Group (SMG)

The Silicon Manufacturers Group is a special interest group of SEMI® members who produce polycrystalline silicon, silicon on insulator (SOI), mono-crystalline silicon or silicon wafers (e.g., as cut, polished, Epi, etc.). The Silicon Manufacturers Group acts as an independent special interest group within the SEMI structure, and is open to all SEMI members involved in the manufacture or reclamation of the silicon products listed above.

The purpose of the group is to facilitate collective efforts on issues relating to the silicon industry including the development of market information and statistics about the silicon industry and the semiconductor market. This information will help promote customer awareness of the technical and business issues facing the silicon industry in meeting the semiconductor industry expectations in product quality and value.

Silicon wafers are the fundamental building material for semiconductors, which in turn, are vital components of virtually all electronics goods, including computers, telecommunications products, and consumer electronics. The highly engineered thin round disks are produced in various diameters (from 1 inch to 12 inch) and serve as the substrate material on which most semiconductor devices or "chips" are fabricated.

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Historical Silicon Data

Quarterly Shipments of Silicon* Materials in Million of Square Inches (MSI)

*Shipments are for semiconductor applications only and do not include solar applications

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2000Q1  1,274Q2    1,373Q3    1,457Q4    1,448
2001Q1  1,250Q2  988Q3  824Q4  878
2002Q1  1,011Q2  1,273Q3  1,263Q4  1,134
2003Q1  1,175Q2  1,273Q3  1,307Q4  1,392
2004Q1  1,529Q2  1,619Q3  1,629Q4  1,486
2005Q1  1,465Q2  1,606Q3  1,748Q4  1,826
2006Q1  1,884Q2  1,966Q3  2,074Q4  2,070
2007Q1  2,100Q2  2,201Q3  2,174Q4  2,185
2008Q1  2,163Q2  2,303Q3  2,243Q4  1,428
2009Q1  940Q2  1,686Q3  1,972Q4  2,109
2010Q1  2,214Q2  2,365Q3  2,489Q4  2,302
2011Q1  2,287Q2  2,393Q3  2,354Q4  2,009
2012Q1  2,033Q2  2,447Q3  2,389Q4  2,162
2013Q1  2,128Q2  2,390Q3  2,341Q4  2,208
2014Q1  2,363Q2  2,587Q3  2,597Q4  2,550
2015Q1  2,637Q2  2,702Q3  2,591Q4 2,504
2016Q1 2,538Q2  2,706Q3 2,730Q4 2,764
2017Q1 2,858Q2 2,978Q3 2,997Q4 2,977
2018Q1 3,084Q2 3,160Q3 3,255Q4 3,234
2019Q1 3,051Q2 2,983