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Brought to You By SEMI Taiwan Packaging and Testing Committee

5 - 6 September TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall


3D IC Opens the New Era of IC Packaging and Testing 

With the growing popularity of smart phones, e-book readers and other mobile devices, manufacturers have placed a stronger focus on heterogeneous integration through SiP to enhance user experience.  According to Yole Développement, the market value of all the devices using TSV packaged in 3D in the 3DIC or 3D-WLCSP platforms (CMOS image sensors, Ambient light sensors, Power Amplifiers, RF and inertial MEMS) was worth $2.7B. It will represent 9% of the total semiconductor value by 2017, hitting almost $40B, Tech’s Navio also estimated that the global 3D IC market to grow at a CAGR of 19.7 percent over the period 2012-2016,  3D ICs will be the mainstream in the post-PC era!

SiP Global Summit - Brought to you by SEMI Taiwan Packaging & Testing Committee

Given the growing importance of packaging and testing in the global semiconductor supply chain, SEMI will hold the SiP Global Summit 2013 from Sept. 5 to 6 under the auspices of SEMI’s Taiwan Packaging and Testing Committee as well as major international enterprises and research organizations. 

This 2-day SiP Global Summit 2013 will consist of 2 major forums: 3D IC Technology and Embedded Technology with representatives from 20 of the world’s top-notch IT firms slated to share insights into the 3D IC, TSV, silicon interposer and embedded substrate technologies.  Participants in the summit will include Amkor, SPIL, NTHU, SPTS, Nanya PCB, Unimicron, Teradyne, Qualcomm, Yole Développement, SUSS, Senju and R&D and market research organizations including Fraunhofer IZM and Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI).

Polish your industry knowledge through the systematic session arrangement and the most inspiring speeches from the CTOs from above global leading companies! Free registration is now open. Save your seats today!

















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