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EMG: Who We Are

The purpose of the EMG is to facilitate collective efforts on issues related to the microelectronics materials industry that the members feel are more effectively or efficiently undertaken as an industry association than as individual companies. The group was formed from companies that were part of the SMG(Silicon Manufacturers Group) and the CGMG(Chemicals and Gas Manufacturers Group) The group functions as follows:

• Maintain Strict Adherence to US Antitrust Regulations

• Promote the semiconductor equipment and materials industry, sponsor education and training, and promote industry standards.

• Bimonthly EMG Conference Calls 

• Regular Subcommittee Calls

To best serve the needs of its members, the EMG is currently organized into four working groups or sub-committees for the America's chapter and has related subcommittees for the Korea and Japan chapters.

A Taiwan Materials Committee is planned for the near future.

The purpose of these subcommittes are as follows:

  • Promote sharing of best practices and benchmarking on issues material suppliers face in each region
  • Regulatory matters
  • Environmental, Health and Safety
  • Supply-Chain & Technology Enablement
  • Facilitate the “Voice of the Customer” on issues that broadly cut across the electronics industry within each region
  • Improve region-to-region communications and networking to enable sharing of best practices and issues arising that may impact the materials community
  • Serve as an information resource via local symposia to alert material suppliers to technical challenges occurring within the electronics industry

For any questions or more information about the EMG's global activities please contact Tom Salmon or Ayo Kajopaiye at emg@semi.org




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