ASMC 2019 Panel Discussion

Time to Yield vs. Time to Productivity: What Matters Most in the Age of More than Moore?

“The cost of learning appears enormous before the yield ramp—it requires huge investments of time and money (equipment, etc.) but seems trivial thereafter.”  Charles Weber, Portland State University

“While conventional yield ramp techniques for a new technology node rely on using designs from previous technology nodes as a starting point to identify patterns for design of experiment (DoE) creation, what do you do in the case of a new design technology, such as multi- patterning, that did not exist in previous nodes?”  Wael Elmanhawy and Joe Kwan, Mentor Graphics

“Productivity is all that matters in mature manufacturing.”  Doug Lawson, Axcelis Technologies

The ASMC 2019 Panel Discussion will examine the tensions that exist, possibly, between getting things going versus getting things right – i.e. the constant push in the semiconductor industry for moving ahead with technology, from planar transistor structures to FinFETs to gate-all-around (maybe) so as to achieve device performance enhancements in order to be first-out-of-the-gate, versus the constant push on yield, in order to be profitable. Maybe the tenor of semiconductor manufacturing in 2019 is a competition between Moore’s Law First Movers, their Fast Followers, … and the resurgence of other geometries, along with notable contributions from the advanced packaging community?  (TSMC is not a wafer foundry alone – it also has a significant business providing advanced packaging services to certain preferred customers.)  

Please join us in Saratoga Springs, NY on Tuesday, May 8, 2019 at 4pm for the SEMI ASMC 2019 Panel Discussion, sponsored by Exyte. Our panel of experts from along the semiconductor supply chain, with the help of active participation by our ASMC 2019 audience, will consider the many forces tugging on time to yield and time to productivity, and, maybe, discover that they are not such different after all.  

Paul Werbaneth, Global Product Manager (moderator)
Nor-Cal Products
Shiva Rai, PhD,  Strategic Marketing Manager, 200mm Equipment Product Group (EPG)
Applied Materials
Douglas A. Lawson, Executive Vice President - Corporate Marketing
Axcelis Technologies
Deb Leach, Vice President - Global Sourcing and Supply Chain



David Gross, Sr. Director - Manufacturing Technology
SkyWater Technology



E. Jan Vardaman, President