ASMC 2019 - Session 10

Wednesday, May 8

Session 10 – Advanced Process Control (APC)

Chairs: Agnes Roussy, École des Mines de Saint-Étienne; Vivek Jain, ASML; Raymond van Roijen, GLOBALFOUNDRIES
APC leverages the data collection capability of modern tools and infrastructure and uses advanced statistical techniques to predict product performance, detect excursions and enhance tool capability.

10.1   Convergence Towards Large Perimeter Overlay Run-to-Run Using Multivariate APC System 
Benjamin Duclaux, Alice Pelletier, Jean De-Caunes, Robin Perrier, Laurène Babaud, Maxime Gatefait, Olivier Fagart, Nicolas Thivolle, Mathieu Guerabsi, Jean-Damien Chapon, Bruno Perrin, Cédric Monget, STMicroelectronics

10.2   Advanced Process Controls of Underdetermined Systems of Feature Profiles in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Keung Hui, Leo Ke, SY Sheen, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company

10.3  Coherence Analysis of Wafer Process Measurements from Chamber and Optical Emission Spectrum
Taikang Ning, Trinity College; CH Huang, V. Wong, J. Jensen, and H. Chan, Lam Research 

10.4  Providing Key Process Enabling Vacuum Capability Through Integrated Sub-Fab Data Management
Erik Collart, Michael Mooney, Luke Evason, Vincent Giorgi, David Hunt, Antonio Serapiglia, Alan Ifould, Edwards