ASMC 2019 - Session 11

Wednesday, May 8

Session 11 – Contamination Free Manufacturing (CFM)

Chairs: Christopher Long, IBM Research; Larry Pulvirent, SkyWater Technology
Contamination in the form of particulates, surface impurities and volatile organic compounds can have a significant impact on semiconductor wafer fab yield and reliability. This session will feature papers focused on improvement in reduction of contaminants in deposited films, on wafer surfaces and in the wafer process environment in order to reduce killer defects, drive yield improvement and minimize/eliminate yield excursions.

11.1 Defects caused by Sources other than Processing   
Raymond Van Roijen, Bryan Rhoads, Anne Friedman, Aurelia Suwarno-Handayana, Javier Ayala, Oh-jung Kwon, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

11.2 Root Cause Analysis and Control in Semiconductor Manufacturing for Particle Reduction 
Hoomi Choi, Youngjeong Kim, Seunghyon Kang, Myungjoon Kim, Jeongyun Kim, Jiwoo Jeong, Soonjae Kwon, Jeongjoo Kim, Hongsig Kim, Samsung Electronics (presented by Jaein Jeong, Samsung)

11.3 Parametric Optimization of Gas Purifier: A CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Modeling Approach
Amlan Chakraborty, Rocky Gipson, Josua Cook, Entegris

11.4  Control of Wafer Slot-Dependent Outgassing Defects  during Semiconductor Manufacture Processes 
Jaein Jeong, Jinwoo Park, Eunyoung Han, Jaungjoo Kim, Hongsig Kim, Samsung Electronics