ASMC 2019 - Session 12

Thursday, May 9

Session 12 – Factory Optimization II

Chairs: David Gross, SkyWater Technology; Jan Rothe, GLOBALFOUNDRIES
The challenges of current and future semiconductor process technologies require an increased application of modelling, simulation and optimization technologies. Utilization of cross industry best practices and automated decision-making and execution will enable improved factory efficiency. Presentations in this session will discuss solutions to improve automation and equipment in chip factories.

12.1   Integration of Reflectometry into a FOUP for Improved Cycle Time 
Árpád Jakab, John Byrnes, Laszlo Makai, Andrew Finley, Semilab Semiconductor Physics Laboratory; Alok Vaid, Nicholas Pieniazek, John Barker, Jeffrey Wood, Audrey Engelsberg, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

12.2 Sensor Reliability Assessment Model and Cost Analysis (Student Paper)
Bridget Boland, Timothy Stoner, Raymond Michael, Justin Metzger, Dustin Murphy, Patrick Thornton, Devendra Persaud, Francis Mouawad, Anthony Criscione, Gregory Denbeaux, Eric Eisenbraun, Michael Fancher, SUNY Polytechnic Institute

12.3 Automatic Fault Detection in Rails of Overhead Transport Systems in Semiconductor Fab
Artem Zhakov, Hailong Zhu, Armin Siegel, Thorsten Schmidt, Sebastian Rank, Technische Universität Dresden; Lars Fienhold, Stephan Hummel, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

9:20 Networking Break