ASMC 2019 - Session 13

Thursday, May 9

Session 13 – Advanced Equipment Processes and Materials II

Chairs: David Tucker, Texas Instruments; Brett Williams, ON Semiconductor
Advanced semiconductor manufacturing faces many challenges as geometries shrink and the factory becomes more cost sensitive.  This session will discuss improved thickness stability of TIN atomic layer deposition (ALD), surface modification for high aspect ratio cleaning, as well as parameters to improve wafer-level stacking of power devices.

13.1 Effect of chamber Surface Coat on TiN Film Growth
Shanti Pancharatnam, Jean Wynne, Willie Muchrison, Yasir Sulehria, IBM Research

13.2 650 V Highly Reliable GaN HEMTs on Si Substrates over Multiple Generations: Expanding Usage of a Mature 150 mm Si Foundry 
Saurabh Chowdhury, YiFeng Wu, Likun Shen, Peter Smith, Nicholas Bushnell, David Rhodes, John Gritters, Lee McCarthy, Rakesh Lal, Ronald Barr, Umesh Mishra, Primit Parikh, Tsutomu Hosoda, Ken Shono, Kenji Imanishi, Tsutsumo Ogino, Kenji Kiuchi, Yoshimori Asai, Transphorm

13.3 Impact of Silicide Process on eFuse programming, Reliability and Ruggedness in RF BiCMOS Technology 
Ephrem Gebreselasie, Yves Ngu, Ian Mcallum-Cook, Alain Loiseau, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

9:20 Networking Break