ASMC 2019 - Session 15

Thursday, May 9

Session 15 – Materials Integration and Photonics

Chairs: Marc Bergendahl, IBM Research; Eric Eisenbraun, SUNY Polytechnic Institute; Rob Pearson, Rochester Institute of Technology
Beyond individual process and equipment optimization IC and Photonic technology requirements increasingly require multiple solution elements to manufacture successfully.  In this session examples of advanced process and materials integration are reviewed as used to resolve technology challenges.  Additionally, a review of Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) manufacturing and integration constraints both overlap and are distinct from conventional IC processes.

15.1 Integrating a High Performance Ge Photodiode in a CMOS Flow for a Full Monolithic Silicon Photonics Solution
Javier Ayala, Joshual Bell, Karen Nummy, Fen Guan, Shuren Hu, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

15.2 Fabrication of Silicon Photonic Circuits with Integrated Thermo-optic Heaters for Education (Student Paper)
Venkatesh Deenadayalan, Paul Thomas, Stefan Preble, Rochester Institute of Technology

15.3 500 nm-sized Ni-TSVwith Aspect Ratio 20 for Future 3D-LSIs_A Low-cost Electroless-Ni Plating Approach
M. Murugesan, T. Fukushima, and M. Koyanagi, NICHe - Tohoku University

15.4 Alternative Approach for Substrate Connection Using Deep Trench Isolated Pockets
Moshe Agam, Agajan Suwhanov, ON Semiconductor

15.5  Silicon Photonics for Fabless Entities: The AIM Photonics Multi-Project Wafer Service
Nicholas Fahrenkopf, SUNY Polytechnic/AIM