ASMC 2019 - Session 2

Tuesday, May 7

Session 2 – Advanced Metrology I  (Sponsored by NOVA)

Chairs: Ido Holcman, Applied Materials, Zhou Ren, KLA; Sean Teehan, IBM Research
This session is focused on optical metrology methods and includes advancements in their productivity and their use in novel ways. The topics relate to scatterometry, machine learning, overlay, photoluminescence, and materials characterization.

2.1  Advanced Optical modeling of Thin metals for Improved Robustness and Accuracy of Scatterometric Models
Carsten Hartig, Dmitriy Likhachev, Ines Altendorf, Andreas Reichel, Martin Weisheit, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Adam M. Urbanowicz, Nova Measuring Instruments

2.2   Characterization of Overlay and Tilt in Advanced Technology Nodes using Scatterometry 
Dhairya Dixit, Sonal Dey, Alexander Elia, Taher Kagalwala, Padraig Timoney, Alok Vaid, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Nick Keller, Nanometrics

2.3   Implant Optimization for a 180nm BCD Technology
B. Greenwood, J. Kimball, S. Sridaran, K. Truong, A. Lee, S. Menon, J.P. Gambino, ON Semiconductor; L. Jastrzebski, G. Nadudvari, M. Nagy, L. Roszol, G. Molnar, A. Pongracz, Semilab

2.4   Improving Metrology Fleet KPIs for Advanced Foundry Manufacturing
Taher Kagalwala, Padraig Timoney, Ronald Fiege, Alexander Elia, Timothy Hughes, Alok Vaid, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Susan Emans, Benny Vilge, Marjorie Cheng, Charles Kang, Darren Zingerman, Kevin Drayton, Naren Yellai, Nova Measuring Instruments

2.5  Optical Profilometry and AFM Measurements Comparison on Low Amplitude Deterministic Surfaces 
Carlos Beitia, M. Abdel Sater, M.Cordeau, CEA-LETI; S.Godny, S.Petitgrand, D.Alliata, Unity SC 

12:15   Networking Lunch