ASMC 2019 - Session 3

Tuesday, May 7

Session 3 – Defect Inspection I

Chairs: Felix Levitov, Applied Materials, Oliver Patterson, Hermes-Microvision, Abhishek Vikram, Anchor Semiconductor
Inline defect inspection continues to enable process control and yield improvement. This session will present techniques and applications for yield enhancement in a high-volume manufacturing environment. 

3.1   Copper Bridge Defects with Wafer Center Signature Induced by Litho Rework Process
Wei Xia, Minhwa Jacoby, Henry Andagana, Matthew Gilliland, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

3.2   Integration of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Information into a Defect-Review SEM Platform and Design Based Automatic Defect Classification
Jay Shah, Teresa A. Esposito, Abhinav Jain, Felix Levitov, Applied Materials; John G. Sheridan, Shashi Shekhar, Shi-Hui Jen, Victor Aristov, Hoang Nguyen, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

3.3   Inline Inspection Improvement using Machine Learning on Broadband Plasma Inspector in an Advanced Foundry Fab 
SM Guo, JX Liu, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company; Rupesh Navalakhe, Andy Lee, Mahatma Lin, Martin Plihal, Jianyun Zhou, KLA-Tencor

3.4   Electron Beam Inspection: Within Die and Within-Wafer monitoring of RMG CMP 
Richard F. Hafer, Hong Lin, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Brian Yueh-Ling Hsieh, Hermes Microvision

3.5   High-Throughput, Nondestructive Assessment of Defects in Patterned Epitaxial Films on Silicon by Machine Learning-Enabled Broadband Plasma Optical Measurements
Shravan Matham, Curtis Durfee, Brock Mendoza, Devendra K Sadana, Stephen W Bedell, John Gaudiello, Sean Teehan, IBM Research; HeungSoo Choi, Ankit Jain, Martin Plihal, KLA-Tencor 

3:35   Networking Break