ASMC 2019 - Session 8

Wednesday, May 8

Session 8 - Defect Inspection II

Chairs: Jennifer Braggin, Entegris; Israel Ne'eman, Applied Materials
Inline defect inspection continues to enable process control and yield improvement. This session will present techniques for process characterization and defect reduction. 

8.1  Mask Qualification of a Shifted Gate Contact Issue by Physical E-beam Inspection and High Landing Energy SEM Review
John G. Sheridan, Hsiao-Chi Peng, Chih-Chung Huang, Victor Aristov, Hoang Nguyen, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Yashdeep Khopkar, Abhinav Jain, Jay Shah, Felix Levitov, Applied Materials  

8.2 Criticality of Photo Track Monitoring for Lithography Defect Control
Nathaniel Mowell, Brian Sheumaker, Timothy Han, Joe Chaung, Shail Sanghavi, Yashdeep Khopkar, Felix Levitov, Applied Materials; Brandon Bielec, Dave Salvador, Kareem Naguib, Vu Nguyen, GLOBALFOUNDRIES  

8.3 Utilizing Single Scan and Enhanced Design-Based Binning Methodologies for Improved Process Window Assessment and Hot Spot Discovery 
Alexa Greer, Abhinav Mathur, Ankit Jain, KLA; Sonal Singh, Qian Xie, Shweta Khokale, Panneerselvam Venkatachalam, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

8.4 Using High-Speed Video Analysis for Defect Investigation and Process Improvement
Adam Chalupa, Eric Ritschdorff, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

2:05 Networking Break