Committees: Connecting People, Ideas, and Action

SEMI is driven to serve member needs by technology and segmented-specific special interest groups, regional advisory board, numerous advisory committees, working groups, and volunteers that provide input and direction on the issues, industries, and actions SEMI members pursues.

Executive Committees (Board of Directors, Regional Advisory Boards)

Executive Committees consists of executive leaders from SEMI Member companies, the SEMI Board of Directors provide guidance to SEMI Leadership. SEMI Regional Advisory Boards help guide SEMI services and programs in all major manufacturing regions of the world.

Standards Technical Committees

SEMI brings together industry experts through a number of committees to develop globally accepted technical standards. These Standards Technical Committees provide the forum for the essential collaborations that must be achieved to move new and existing markets forward efficiently and profitably.  What to know more? Click here for the benefit of participating SEMI Standards Program.

Event or Program Committees

These committees support the development of event themes and content, assist in identifying and/or recruiting speakers, and related functions as a steering committee.

Regional Committees

Specific to a single region, these committees provide a local forum for SEMI members. These committees support local events while providing an excellent networking opportunity.

Additional Committees

SEMI also has active committees related to EHS, Advocacy efforts, and SEMI Awards. For more information, contact your Regional SEMI office.