ISS 2019 Abstract: Brian Shieh, Applied Materials

Display Technology Inflections: Increasing Process Complexity and Materials Innovation

Brian Shieh, PhD
Corporate VP and General Manager, Display and Flexible Technology
Applied Materials

The display industry is characterized by waves of technology inflections each of which has inexorably driven increased process complexity and materials innovation.  The technology inflections include LCD Scaling (which continues in TVs today), OLEDs in mobility, and, looking to the future, OLEDs in TVs, foldable displays, μ-LED, natural-3D and more.   Along with advanced materials engineering, these inflections leverage increasing process intensity to increase performance, simplify assembly and reduce the use of separate components such as backlights, polarizers and others. This trend away from a component-rich to a process-rich architecture enables overall display cost reduction and drives adoption of displays in new applications, heralding a “display everywhere” future.