ISS 2019 Abstract_Andrea Lati_VLSI Research

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Andre  Lati
Director of Market Research
VLSI Research

Last year we told you 2019 would be bad. This year we will tell you how bad it will be. It's clear that the boom phase of the cycle has been over for some time. The anomalies driving it are fading and fundamentals are becoming important again. The question now is how far will chips and equipment fall in 2019? The presentation will highlight the factors that will likely determine the depth and length of the slowdown.

Some of the questions to be addressed in the presentation include:

  • What’s different about the cycle today?
  • What are the pressure and strategic inflection points?
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Trade wars
  • QT & Interest rates
  • Inventories
  • Capacity Utilization
  • Foundry, NAND, DRAM
  • EUV
  • WFE vs. Test vs. Assembly