ISS 2019 Abstract_Buddy Nicoson_Micron

50 Years of Memories, Next 50 Years of Memory
Survive and Succeed – Building Smart Memory in a Healthy Organization

Buddy Nicoson
Global Front End Operations, SVP Micron Technology

Where We Come from
50th Anniversary of Semiconductor Industry and Micron’s 40 Years Anniversary to introduce MEMORY landscape and its transformation through cycles of disruptive technologies, fierce competition and massive sector consolidation.

Where We Are
The Current Oligopoly │Market Outlook │Technology Challenges.
The evergreen manufacturing anchors: Find a Way for Scale, Cost, Quality and Speed.

Where We Go

Micron envisions transforming how the world uses information to enrich life. How we support this in manufacturing by enabling Advanced Manufacturing Powered by Big Data: Visualization Technology, Big Data Analytics, Advanced Planning and Platform. A Revolutionary Change in the Speed of Improvement (Quality, Yield, Output, Cost) and Job Transformation to Higher Skills (manual to automate, physical presence to remote access, experience to data driven decisions and problem solving, silo to integrated solutions).

Strong Technology Roadmap Execution.
Smart Memory: from Components to High Value Solutions.

How We Strive for Success
Build a Healthy Organization │One Team, Organizational Clarity and Shared Learning, Check & Balance, Discipline to enable creativity and innovation.