ISS 2019 Abstract_Jim Talent

The Evolving U.S.-China Strategic Relationship

Jim Talent
Former U.S. Senator

Since China was granted PNTR status in 2000, U.S.-China relations have been largely stable throughout both Republican and Democrat administrations.  With the election of President Trump in 2016, U.S. policy shifted on everything from trade to national defense policy.  China’s long term strategy of routinely violating international trading norms through predatory trade practices were largely unchallenged by the United States and our allies.  President Trump decided to institute a response based on a series of tariffs to bring the Chinese to the negotiating table.  To his credit, he also insisted on a major defense budget increase to counter China’s aggressive moves in East Asia and specifically throughout the South China Sea, where China is creating man-made islands and is dramatically scaling up its military capabilities.  Sen. Jim Talent, a member of the United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission, will discuss the current state of affairs and provide a perspective on our evolving relationship with China, including the broader implications of China’s economic and national security policies.