ISS 2019 Speaker: Mike Corbett_Linx Consulting_Biography

Michael Corbett
Managing Partner and Co-founder, Linx Consulting

Michael Corbett is Managing Partner and co-founder of Linx Consulting. Linx Consulting is a leading specialist consultancy focused on electronic chemicals and materials and related thin film processes. He has successfully been engaged by hundreds of clients in the industry and he was previously the Chairman of SEMI’s Chemicals and Gases Manufacturers Group (CGMG).

Mr. Corbett has also been involved with specific semiconductor technologies related to, transistor/device construction and fabrication, semiconductor interconnect materials and processes, and device packaging, as well as photovoltaics, optoelectronics, TFT LCDs, LEDs, and advanced battery technologies. Through his activities, he has a detailed understanding of the industry structure and trends impacting key equipment suppliers, consumables producers and semiconductor fabricators.

Mr. Corbett is an active member of SEMI and IEEE. Mr. Corbett has authored dozens of recent articles and papers in leading industry publications and conferences IN Asia, Europe and the USA. He holds a BSEE and an MBA (Finance).