alimex GmbH Precision in Aluminium

alimex GmbH Precision in Aluminium

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Karl-Arnold-Straße 14-16
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alimex, a market founder and leading provider of high precision quality aluminium cast plate and block products.
Leading technology based on more than 40 years of experience in aluminium production and processing.
Through continuous product innovations we have achieved a leading position in both the German and the global market alike. Worldwide success of the alimex Group in Europe, America, Asia.

Our thick block ACP 5080 has successfully been used by large OEM’s for aluminium vacuum chambers manufactured from solid for many years and can be found in numerous high-end, technically demanding environments. Maximum thickness of 1,000mm, widths up to 2,200mm wide and lengths up to 6,000mm long. * subject to total slab weight and dimensions

alimex Cast Plate: ACP 5052, ACP 5080, ACP 5754, ACP 7
Fine grain structure, low porosity and excellent machining characteristics all define the cost saving and value added attributes of every block or plate of ACP. Offered with Precision Machined (P) or Raw Sawn (R) surface finishes. Our flatness and tolerances are industry leading, predicable and precise.

alimex Eloxpure®: ACP 5080, ACP 5754
In-House R&D developed product consistently offering improved anodising, with maximum technical and visual performance.

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Sep 17, 2018
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EMS/Contract Manufacturing/Precision Engineering
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