Araca, Inc.

Araca, Inc.

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2550 East River Rd Suite 12204
United States
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Araca Incorporated has a total of 5 employees. We provide unique, enabling and fully customized solutions to our clients in the IC planarization and semiconductor polishing fields. Our clients include leading IC makers, consumables suppliers, OEMs, universities, research centers and international consortia.

Our products allow for the most non-intrusive way to lower the COO for CMP or polishing modules. By working with us, clients save money and do their part in saving the environment by reducing slurry and rinse water consumption, increasing pad and diamond disc life, increasing polisher availability and throughput, and most importantly, increasing yield.

By providing sensorized and affordable polishers to the CMP and polishing communities, we significantly reduce process and consumables development cost. Our slurry injection systems, which are compatible with most rotary polishers in the world, are being rapidly adopted in high volume manufacturing due to tremendous COO benefits.

We provide foundry services for substrates of all types and sizes and help our clients develop customized CMP, polishing and cleaning consumables and processes for a variety of applications. When testing consumables, we take pride in the quality and the scientific value of our work. Our confocal microscopy services are second to none.

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Jul 1, 2019
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Equipment and Sub-Systems
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Silicon Substrate Manufacturing Equipment