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The Nano-Bio Maaterials Consortium (NBMC) is managed by SEMI, the global association serving the manufacturing supply chain for the electronics industry.  Originally formed by FlexTech Alliance in 2013 for the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), FlexTech and NBMC were integrated into SEMI in January 2016.  In November 2018, NBMC officially changed the "M" to stand for Materials, relecting the expansion of scope from a "Manufacturing" focus to a wider R&D focus of "Materials". 

The mission of NBMC is to bring together leading scientists, engineers, and business development professionals from industry and universities in order to work collaboratively in a consortium, and to mature an integrated suite of nano-bio materials technologies to transform bio-monitoring of Airmen from the limited set of biometrics today, to a more robust and comprehensive set of actionable information.

NBMC matures nano-bio technologies. NBMC identifies technologies and fund projects across the supply chain so that results can be applied, through partnerships, across the technology development curve. Activities focus on AFRL/DoD priorities of physiological readiness and human performance monitoring. 

Several completed projects leveraged earlier work in the basic science of bio-marker detection and microfluidics, and took the next step into development of delivery mechanisms and patch components.  An integrated suite of reconfigurable thin film, mechanically-compliant device concepts were created that incorporate fabrication methods compatible with biological and nano-particle materials.

NBMC operates at the confluence of four core emerging disciplines: nanotechnology, biotechnology, advanced (additive) manufacturing, and flexible electronics. The convergence of these disparate fields enables advanced sensor architectures for real-time, remote physiological and health/medical monitoring and fufills many of the AFRL/DoD priorities.






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