Automation Technology Japan TC Chapter meeting

SEMI® International Standards Program

Automation Technology Japan TC Chapter meeting

Wednesday, July 24, 2019, Begin 13:30 –End 16:00

SEMI Japan office, Tokyo, Japan



1.0 Welcome / Call to Order

1.1 Introductions

1.2 Meeting Reminders (Membership Requirement, Antitrust and Intellectual Property Reminders, Effective Meeting Guidelines)

1.3 Agenda Review

2.0 Review and Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

3.0 Liaison Report

3.1 Europe TC Chapter

3.2 Taiwan TC Chapter

3.3 FM Forum

3.4 Staff Report

4.0 Ballot Review

4.1 #6478: Line Item Revision to SEMI A2-0419: Specification for Surface Mount Assembler Smart Hookup (SMASH)

4.2 #6514: Revision to SEMI A1-0519 Specification for Horizontal Communication (HC) Between Equipment for Factory Automation System and A1.1-0918 Specification for Media Interface for a Horizontal Communication (HC) Between Equipment

5.0 Subcommittee & Task Force Reports

5.1 Flow Oriented Manufacturing Line Operation System (FOMLOS) TF

5.2 Surface Mount Technology (SMT) TF

6.0 Old Business

6.1 Project period Review


6.2 5-year Review


7.0 New Business

8.0 Action Item Review

8.1 Open Action Items

8.2 New Action Items

9.0 Next Meeting and Adjournment


Standards Contact Information:

Mizue Iwamura
Coordinator, Standards, SEMI Japan
Phone: 81-3-3222-5760

Note: Standards meetings are open to all, but you must be a SEMI Standards Program Member to attend. If you are not a Member, please join the Standards Program and start making a big contribution to the industry’s progress, complete an application form today.