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The End Is Near
(Semiconductor Engineering, Dec 30)

Doubts over 450mm and EUV
(Electronics Weekly, Dec 30)

Is It Time for A Roadmap for Equipment and Materials?
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Dec 20)

N.A. Semiconductor Equipment Industry's B2B Ratio at 1.11 in November
(PCB007 IConnect007, Dec 20)

Where Is 2.5D?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Dec 19)

Semiconductor Industry Restructuring Around Cost
(Semiconductor Engineering, Dec 19)

Soitec, CEA-Leti extend partnership for another five years
(New Electronics, Dec 19)

All Aboard: The 3D Revolution is Spreading Around the World
(Printed Electronics Now, Dec 18)

SPTS wins two more regional awards in manufacturing and skills investment
(Semiconductor Today, Dec 18)

Chip industry confidence survey reports muted optimism
(EE Times Europe, Dec 16)

SPTS Named Supplier of the Year at the Annual MEMS Executive Congress
(Silicon Valley Business Journal, Dec 16)

SEMI Testifies in Support of U.S. Manufacturing Legislation before House Science Committee's Subcommittee on Research and Technology
(, Dec 13)

Experts At The Table: Challenges For MEMS
(Semiconductor Engineering, Dec 13)

TSMC builds up bumping capacity
(Digitimes, Dec 12)

Semiconductor New Equipment Market $32.0 Billion For 2013
(Semiconductor Engineering, Dec 12)

Defective R&D Funding Models
(Semiconductor Engineering, Dec 12)

SEMICON West “Call for Papers” for New Semiconductor Technology Symposium, Science Park and TechXPOTs
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Dec 10)

Chipmaking equipment spend to rise in 2014
(EE Times Europe, Dec 10)

Air Products to Increase Prices for Its Electronics Offerings
(PR Newswire, Dec 09)

Qualcomm to evaluate CEA-Leti's sequential 3D transistor technology
(Microwave Engineering Europe, Dec 09)

Equipment spending down 2013; expect 33% growth in 2014
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Dec 06)

European equipment capex to grow 50% next year,.
(Electronics Weekly, Dec 05)

Seven Ways To Improve PPA Before Moving To FinFETs
(Semiconductor Engineering, Dec 05)

Semiconductor Equipment Sales to Reach $32 Billion in 2013
(PCB007 IConnect007, Dec 04)

2013 semiconductor equipment sales forecast $32B; strong growth forecast for 2014
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Dec 03)

Europe improves as China drives chip market
(EE Times Europe, Dec 03)

IFTLE 171 Semicon Taiwan Part 3: Disco, Namics, Amkor
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Dec 02)

The fab of the future [Times Union, Albany, N.Y.]
(, Dec 02)

The heir to the silicon throne
(Nanowerk, Nov 29)

Singapore, Abu Dhabi, agree to develop MEMS together
(EE Times Europe Analog, Nov 26)

Can Intel beat TSMC?
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Nov 25)

Is There Light At The End Of Moore’s Tunnel
(Semiconductor Engineering, Nov 22)

IBM, Microsoft strike a blow against patent-troll reform
(InfoWorld, Nov 21)

US fab tool book-to-bill rises above parity, says SEMI
(Digitimes, Nov 21)

Stacked Die Moves From Drawing Board To Reality
(Semiconductor Engineering, Nov 21)

Bounceback In Equipment Market
(Semiconductor Engineering, Nov 20)

SUSS MicroTec Installs ELP300 Excimer Laser Stepper at Fraunhofer IZM Berlin
(, Nov 20)

Above parity: SEMI releases October book-to-bill ratio
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Nov 20)

Ultra-flexible battery's performance rises to meet demands of wearable electronics
(Phys.Org, Nov 18)

SEMI Board Member Testifies to U.S. Senate; Advocates for Advanced Manufacturing
(EMS Now, Nov 15)

Plastic Electronics Conference to rotate between Dresden and Grenoble beginning in 2014
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Nov 13)

Update on 450mm SEMI Standards
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Nov 12)

Q3 results show slight decline in silicon wafer shipments
(Display Plus, Nov 12)
Focus on the “Power of Innovation” — with keynotes from AIST, GlobalFoundries, and Soitec at SEMICON Japan 2013
(Display Plus, Nov 12)

Semiconductor Manufacturing: ASMC 2014 Offers Visibility and Opportunity for Presenters — Deadline November 28
(Press Release Point, Nov 12)

Should Abu Dhabi build a MEMS fab?
(EE Times Europe, Nov 12)

25,000 Repairs and Counting- An American Success Story
(, Nov 12)

Blog Review November 11, 2013
(Blogs - Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community, Nov 11)

Samsung Tips $100 Million IoT Strategy
(EE Times, Nov 11)

Janusz Bryzek: The trillion-sensor man: Part 2
(EE Times Europe Analog, Nov 11)

MEMS Market to Top $22 billion by 2018
(EE Times, Nov 08)

Apple, Samsung, Foundries Key to 3D ICs
(EE Times, Nov 08)

Applied Materials Chairman Mike Splinter Awarded Semiconductor Industry's Highest Honor
(Silicon Valley Business Journal, Nov 07)

Fab 8 role for Samsung [Times Union, Albany, N.Y.]
(, Nov 07)

Focus on the 'Power of Innovation' -- with Keynotes from AIST, GlobalFoundries, and Soitec at SEMICON Japan 2013
(, Nov 07)

Europe’s chip industry in expectation of manna from (EU) heaven
(EE Times Europe, Nov 07)

Plastic Electronics Conference to Rotate Between Dresden and Grenoble Beginning in 2014
(, Nov 06)

Global chip sales hit record US$80.92 billion in 3Q13, says SIA
(Digitimes, Nov 06)

Novel microfluidic material breakthrough for wafer-scale mass production of lab-on-chip
(Phys.Org, Nov 01)

Thin-film photovoltaics achieves 20.8% efficiency and overtakes multicrystalline silicon technology
(Nanowerk, Oct 31)

Scaling up breakthrough optical fibre micro sensors for market
(Nanowerk, Oct 30)

Improving earthquake early warning systems for California and Taiwan
(Phys.Org, Oct 30)

Air Products "Thinks Outside-the-Box" in Obtaining New Helium Source
(PR Newswire, Oct 28)

Slideshow: Imagining a Trillion Sensor World
(EE Times, Oct 28)

Nanotechnology gives a boost to next-generation batteries
(Phys.Org, Oct 25)

Computer History Museum Announces Russian Semiconductor Pioneers Oral History Series
(, Oct 23)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts September 2013 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 0.97
(, Oct 22)

China's SMIC Responds to Soaring 3D IC Market
(EE Times, Oct 21)

Panel makers take different fab routes in developing high-end panels [Global Data Point]
(, Oct 21)

Nanodiamond production in ambient conditions opens door for flexible electronics, implants and more
(Phys.Org, Oct 21)

COMMENT: Why plastic electronics businesses are learning to stand out
(+Plastic Electronics, Oct 17)

Samsung building new R&D center in Silicon Valley
(Evertiq, Oct 17)

Benedetto Vigna of STMicroelectronics Honored with European SEMI Award 2013
(EMS Now, Oct 17)

New Heat-Resistant Materials Could Vastly Improve Solar Cell Efficiency
(Science Daily, Oct 16)

Laser thermal anneal to boost performance of 3-D memory devices
(Phys.Org, Oct 16)

Improving gate swing and avoiding current collapse in GaN MIS-HEMTs
(Semiconductor Today, Oct 15)

New topological insulator materials may speed future semiconductor chips
(Phys.Org, Oct 14)

Building better molecules for bendable electronics
(Phys.Org, Oct 11)

Group Formed To Execute Neelie Kroes’ Chip Plan
(Electronics Weekly, Oct 11)

Governor Cuomo Announces 'Nano Utica' $1.5 Billion Public-Private Investment that Will Make Mohawk Valley NY's Next Major Hub of Nanotech Research
(, Oct 11)

Soothing flexible electronics take shape
(EE Times Europe, Oct 11)

China IC production reaching 31.9% of IC consumption in 2013, says Information Network
(Digitimes, Oct 08)

Countdown for SEMICON Europa and Plastic Electronics 2013
(, Oct 08)

Countdown for SEMICON Europa and Plastic Electronics 2013
(Display Plus, Oct 07)

US Government Shutdown Weighs on Most Asian Markets
(International Business Times, Oct 04)

From smart cars to smart cities: shaping future of microelectronics at ITPC 2013
(Display Plus, Oct 03)

Nanotechnology devices for a 'More than Moore' world (w/video)
(Nanowerk, Oct 03)

TSMC Shows Path to 16nm, Beyond
(EE Times, Oct 02)

Total cost of ownership guide for PV manufacturing closes communication barrier
(PV Magazine, Oct 01)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts August 2013 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 0.98
(EMS Now, Sep 30)

No large PV capital spending globally before 2015, says Applied Materials executive
(Digitimes, Sep 30)

How Stanford’s carbon nanotube computer works
(Electronics Weekly, Sep 27)

Diodes Incorporated's LED Driver Enables High Power-Factor Retrofit LED Lamps
(, Sep 27)

A new photoresist technology for organic semiconductors enabling submicron patterns
(Nanowerk, Sep 26)

Top 12 MEMS Chips Pioneering New Markets
(EE Times, Sep 25)

Applied Materials, rival Tokyo Electron plan $29 billion merger [Austin American-Statesman]
(, Sep 24)

Spotlight on New Material Requirements and Outlook for Memory, Logic, MEMS, Beyond-CMOS Devices, and More - at the SEMI Strategic Materials...
(, Sep 24)

Global 2013 semiconductor manufacturing equipment spending to fall 8.5%, says Gartner
(Digitimes, Sep 23)

N.A. Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts B2B Ratio of 0.98 in August
(PCB007 IConnect007, Sep 20)

New York Plans $45 Billion Fab Campus
(EE Times, Sep 20)

Plastic Electronics 2013: Deep Insight into an Industry on the Edge of Commercialization
(, Sep 20)

Litho Roadmap Remains Cloudy
(Blogs - Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Sep 19)

Leading Packaging and Test Experts to Gather at SEMICON Europa 2013
(, Sep 18)

Pure-Play Foundries Need the Leading Edge
(EE Times Blogs, Sep 18)

Worldwide total semiconductor market grows 3% in 2013 to reach $298 billion
(Display Plus, Sep 17)

Nanotechnology team produces interconnects from multi-layer graphene
(Nanowerk, Sep 17)

ITRI develops new production methods for touch modules
(+Plastic Electronics, Sep 16)

China imposes anti subsidy duties on US polysilicon
(PV Magazine, Sep 16)

UPDATE 1-India lures chip makers, says IBM and STMicro interested
(Business News & Financial News - Reuters, Sep 13)

Ready for Prime Time? Manufacturability and Commercialization Take Center Stage at Plastic Electronics 2013
(, Sep 13)

Equipment suppliers expected to benefit from ASE, SPIL investment
(Digitimes, Sep 13)

DRAM prices up over 27% since China FAB fire
(Computerworld, Sep 12)

European Path to 450mm and Next-Generation Fab Highlights 2013 SEMICON Europa
(, Sep 11)

ASML lands rising EUV equipment orders; looking to expand capacity
(Digitimes, Sep 11)

“Special Forces” Innovation: How DARPA Attacks Problems
(Harvard Business Review, Sep 10)

Semi Equipment Bookings Slip in Q2
(Printed Circuit Design & Fab Magazine, Sep 10)

A novel kind of flexible, transparent and self-standing silicon nanowires paper
(Nanowerk, Sep 10)

Globalfoundries opens new office in Shanghai
(Digitimes, Sep 10)

Fabless-foundry model remains major trend, says Qualcomm executive [Global Data Point]
(, Sep 09)

Shining a Little Light Changes Metal Into Semiconductor
(Science Daily, Sep 06)

Could U.S. Solar Demand Bring PV Manufacturing Back?
(Solar Plaza, Sep 06)

SEMICON Taiwan 2013: Scientech showcases in-house developed equipment
(Digitimes, Sep 05)

Fab equipment spending to rise 25% in 2014, says SEMI [Global Data Point]
(, Sep 04)

Transistor Scaling: What is Ahead of Us?
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Sep 04)

Chip Market Growth Strengthens in July
(EE Times, Sep 04)

SEMICON Taiwan 2013 Echoes Increases in Regional Advanced Packaging
(Silicon Valley Business Journal, Sep 03)

Flexible OLED market could reach nearly $100 million next year, says IHS
(EE Times Europe, Aug 30)

Chip Market Back to Healthy Growth?
(EE Times Blogs, Aug 30)

DARPA Chief And Intel Fellow: Moore's Law Is Ending Soon
(Forbes, Aug 29)

Entegris and Imec collaborate on 3D wafer handling and shipping challenges
(Display Plus, Aug 29)

MEMS in Medical Applications Market is Expected to Reach USD 6.5 Billion Globally in 2019: Transparency Market Research
(PR Newswire, Aug 28)

TowerJazz announces the creation and accreditation of Jazz Semiconductor Trusted Foundry
(Solid State Technology, Aug 28)

Texas Instruments introduces two new programmable system timers
(, Aug 28)

Toshiba Commences Second Phase Construction of No. 5 Semiconductor Fabrication Facility
(, Aug 27)

Lapsing of Moore's Law opens up opportunity in chip design
(InfoWorld, Aug 27)

Researchers figure out how to 'grow' carbon nanotubes with specific atomic structures
 (Phys.Org, Aug 26)

3D Graphene Could Make Solar Cells Cheaper
(EE Times, Aug 26)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts July 2013 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.00
(EMS Now, Aug 23)

$5.2B in printed electronics is expected to be sold in 2015
(Solid State Technology, Aug 22)

North American equipment industry posts book-to-bill ratio of 1.00 in July 2013, says SEMI [Global Data Point]
(, Aug 22)

KLA-Tencor to set up equipment training center in Taiwan [Global Data Point]
(, Aug 22) 

Solar manufacturers to increase investment for first time in three years: IHS
(Pv Tech, Aug 20)

A vote for fabs to grow on [Times Union, Albany, N.Y.]
(, Aug 20)

Semiconductor manufactruing has long way to go green, says ATMI executive
(Digitimes, Aug 20)

New research suggests perovskite as cheaper replacement for silicon-based solar panels
(Phys.Org, Aug 16)

Printed electronics analysed by IDTechEx: the winner is the chemical industry
(EE Times Europe, Aug 16)

Printed Electronics Market Continues to Grow
(PCB007 IConnect007, Aug 15)

EU Invests � 4.8 billion into Semiconductors; France Announces � 3.5 billion "Nano2017" Program
(EMS Now, Aug 15)

Construction of 450mm Fab 'Well Underway'
(EE Times Blogs, Aug 15)

Demand for LED precursor material set to double, says Displaybank
(EE Times Europe, Aug 15)

South Korea’s photoresist market set to bottom out at $220 million in 2013
(Solid State Technology, Aug 14)

With 3D Chips, Samsung Leaves Moore's Law Behind
(Forbes, Aug 14)

MEMS Nixes Quantum Light Fluctuations
(EE Times, Aug 14)

Helium Shortage Threatens Semiconductor Industry
(EE Times Blogs, Aug 13)

Apple shift in chip manufacturing strategy boosts semiconductor foundry business in 2013 [Global Data Point]
(, Aug 12)

The world according to Itskov: Futurists convene at GF2045 (Part 2)
(Phys.Org, Aug 09)

Market and Technology Drivers to Bring 3D-IC to Production
(, Aug 09)

LED equipment spending to rebound in 2014
(Semiconductor Today, Aug 08)

EUV machines to swing into commercial action in 2015
(Phys.Org, Aug 08)

Demand for key raw material set to double as LED market booms
(Solid State Technology, Aug 07)

Second quarter shows increase in silicon wafer shipments
(Solid State Technology, Aug 07)

Rensselaer researchers believe they have identified the cause of LED droop
(LEDs Magazine, Aug 06)

Big changes in 1H13 chip ranking, says IC Insights [Global Data Point]
(, Aug 06)

First half of 2013 shows big changes to top 20 semiconductor supplier ranking
(Solid State Technology, Aug 05)

Flying Robots Compete
(EE Times, Aug 05)

Existing LED oversupply to continue through 2016 as suppliers add capacity
(Semiconductor Today, Aug 05)

Experts At The Table: 450mm Fab And Facilities Challenges
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Aug 02)

LED oversupply likely to continue as suppliers add production capacity
(Solid State Technology, Aug 02)

Air Products Wins Korea's President's Award for Safety
(PR Newswire, Aug 01)

SEMI Congratulates Applied Materials' Mike Splinter on Receiving 2013 SIA Robert N. Noyce Award
(EMS Now, Aug 01)

Japan panel makers see increased orders for high-end smartphone panels while Taiwan makers see slowdown
(Digitimes, Aug 01)

Update: Corning's Paper-Thin, Flexible Glass
(Design News, Aug 01)

Karen Savala to Keynote MEPTEC 2013 Symposium
(PCB007 IConnect007, Jul 31)

EUV vs TSV: Which one will become production ready first?
(Solid State Technology, Jul 31)

Continued strength of Taiwan’s semiconductor market on display
(Solid State Technology, Jul 11)

Solid State Technology and SEMI announce 2013 “Best of West” award winner
(Solid State Technology, Jul 11)

SEMI Standards Honors Industry Leaders at SEMICON West 2013
(, Jul 11)

SEMI Announces Results of Board Elections and Leadership Appointments
(EMS Now, Jul 10)

Chip equipment spending to rise 21%, says SEMI
(Digitimes, Jul 10)

Intersolar North America Welcomes Solar Industry Leaders, Policymakers to San Francisco
(San Jose / Silicon Valley Business Journal, Jul 09)

SEMI announces results of board elections and leadership appointments
(Semiconductor Today, Jul 09)

California Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr. to deliver keynote at Intersolar North America opening ceremony
(San Jose / Silicon Valley Business Journal, Jul 05)

Leti: 450mm wafers essential below 7nm
(Electronics Weekly, Jul 04)

Nikon Receives Order for 450mm Immersion Scanner from Global 450 Consortium
(, Jul 04)

Installed 300mm wafer capacity to rise through 2017, says IC Insights
(Digitimes, Jul 04)

SEMICON Europa provides access and opportunity into €100 billion European semiconductor strategy
(Display Plus, Jul 03)

SEMI Recognizes Ajit Manocha, CEO of GLOBALFOUNDRIES, for Environment, Health and Safety Leadership
(, Jul 03)

Getting ready for 10/100/20 – Europe’s manufacturing initiative is underway
(Solid State Technology, Jul 02)

Governor Cuomo Announces Partnership Between Nikon and SUNY’s Nanocollege Leads to $350 Million Investment and Over 100 High Tech Jobs: Nikon Joins the Global Consortium of Companies at the Nanocollege Working to Develop the Next Generation 450mm Waf
(Nanotechnology Now, Jul 02)

Options for adding memory and logic to printed or flexible electronics
(Solid State Technology, Jul 02)

SEMICON Europa to Provide Access and Opportunity into Euros100 Billion European Semiconductor Strategy
(, Jul 02)

Global semiconductor sales jump by largest margin in over three years
(Solid State Technology, Jul 01)

Solid State Technology and SEMI Announce 2013 "Best of West" Award Finalists
(EMS Now, Jun 28)

SEMATECH makes advances in post-epi-growth backside clean processing to enable high-volume III-V manufacturing on silicon
(Semiconductor Today, Jun 28)

Latest manufacturing innovations in MEMS, LEDs, silicon photonics and more featured at SEMICON West
(Solid State Technology, Jun 26)

Rudolph Announces the JetStep Panel Lithography System for Advanced Packaging
(, Jun 24)

North American semiconductor equipment industry posts May 2013 book-to-bill ratio
(Solid State Technology, Jun 21)

Beyond Silicon: Transistors Without Semiconductors
(Science Daily, Jun 21)

Which qubit my dear? New method to distinguish between neighbouring quantum bits
(Nanowerk, Jun 18)

SEMATECH to address critical supply chain challenges and more at SEMICON West 2013
(Solid State Technology, Jun 17)

Imec and Renesas pioneer high-performance RF solutions in 28nm CMOS technology
(Solid State Technology, Jun 14)

Data center demand drives silicon photonics to market
(EE Times Blogs, Jun 12)

SEMI Reports First Quarter 2013 Worldwide Semiconductor Equipment Figures; Billings US$ 7.31 Billion
(, Jun 12)

SEMI: Semiconductor Billings Down 32% On-Year in Q1
(PCB007 IConnect007, Jun 11)

Bosch and STM hold joint honors as No. 1 MEMS suppliers for 2012
(Solid State Technology, Jun 11)

World's first large(wafer)-scale production of III-V semiconductor nanowire
(Nanotechnology Now, Jun 10)

Want to stay viable in manufacturing? Invest in innovation
(San Jose / Silicon Valley Business Journal, Jun 06)

Intersolar North America 2013: PV Materials Expert Forum
(pv magazine, Jun 06)

"Generation Mobile": Advanced Packaging Technology at SEMICON West
(Solid State Technology, Jun 06)

450mm – It’s bigger than you think
(Solid State Technology, Jun 06)

EU Goal: Reach 20% World-Share in Chip Manufacturing by 2020
(EMS Now, Jun 06)

Semi Fab Equipment Outlook Improving
(Printed Circuit Design & Fab Magazine, Jun 05)

SMIC forms joint venture for 28-nm chip production
(EE Times, Jun 03)

Test Vision 2020 at SEMICON West to address emerging test strategies, technologies and challenges
(Solid State Technology, May 31)

GLOBALFOUNDRIES unveils plans to accelerate adoption of 20nm-LPM and 14nm-XM FinFET processes
(Solid State Technology, May 31)

Wafer squeeze a result of EU tariffs
(PV Magazine, May 30)

Europe adds to chip pilot line support list
(EE Times, May 29)

TSMC opens up about Altera's move to Intel
(New Electronics, May 28)

Intel invests in Ireland
(EE Times Europe, May 28)

Printed electronics bends the rules for designing in displays
(New Electronics, May 28)

Intersolar North America to feature latest innovations in high-growth market segments: PV balance of systems and mounting and tracking
(PV Magazine, May 27)

Intel pushes for more research beyond 10-nm
(EE Times Europe, May 23)

Flat panel public display market expected to grow 23% annually through 2017, says DisplaySearch
(Digitimes, May 23)

Europe launches $12 billion chip support campaign
(EE Times, May 23)

Europe to be competitive in IC process technology through FD-SOI.
(Electronics Weekly, May 22)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts April 2013 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.08
(, May 22)

Industry needs to up its research game, says Intel
(EE Times, May 22)

Exclusive - Intel CEO shakes up units, creates 'new devices' group
(International Business Times UK, May 21)

Imec and GLOBALFOUNDRIES collaborate to advance high-density memory technology
(Solid State Technology, May 21)

Solar industry capital spending hits seven-year low in 2013 but upturn is on the cards
(EETE Power Management Design, May 21)

How Intel can enable a successful $200 PC in the age of the media tablet
(Solid State Technology, May 20)

iNEMI Publishes Its Tenth Roadmap
(EMS Now, May 17)

Qualcomm, TSMC, and SK Hynix are Top
(Evertiq, May 17)

European semi market show signs of recovery
(New Electronics, May 16)

SEMI Applauds President Obama's Planned Visit to Applied Materials in Austin
(EMS Now, May 16)

UC Riverside scientists discover new uses for carbon nanotubes
(Solid State Technology, May 15)

HELIOS program develops supply chain for integrating photonics with CMOS
(Semiconductor Today, May 15)

Can EDA Combat the Rise of Electronic Counterfeiting?
(PCB007 IConnect007, May 14)

SEMI panel discussion: Immense need for globally competitive PV manufacturing eco-system in India
(PV Magazine, May 13)

First quarter 2013 reports slight decrease in silicon wafer shipments
(Solid State Technology, May 09

GLOBALFOUNDRIES Singapore General Manager KC Ang Appointed As SEMI Singapore RAB Chairman
(, May 09)

Overcapacity plagues China's LED industry
(, May 09)

EV Group Rolls Out Next-Generation EVG120 Automated Resist Processing System For Micro- And Nano-Electronics Production; Flexible System Integrates Spin/Spray Coating and Wet Processing for MEMS, Advanced Packaging and Compound Semiconductor Applicat
(Solid State Technology, May 08)

Japan Fair Trade Commission Approves ASML Acquisition of Cymer
(Solid State Technology, May 07)

GlobalFoundries' Fab 8 facility to be completed by 2013-end
(Solid State Technology, May 06)

Semiconductor assembly, test services revenue rises 2.1% in 2012: report
(Solid State Technology, May 06)

SEMICON Singapore 2013 to Spotlight Trends and Challenges in Technology and Workforce Development
(, May 03)

Worldwide semiconductor assembly and testing revenues up 2% in 2012, says Gartner
(Digitimes, May 03)

The bright future of Taiwan optoelectronics industry
(Digitimes, May 03)

Semiconductor Industry to Recognize Philip Yeo and Lee Kok Choy at SEMICON Singapore 2013
(EMS Now, May 02)

Semiconductor Research Corporation, National Science Foundation Introduce Compact Modeling Initiative for Nanotechnology Era
(Nanowerk, May 01)

Infineon and GloFo sign production cooperation
(Evertiq, May 01)

Focus of SEMI Europe Networking Day: Embedded Packaging Technologies Enabling Product Differentiation
(EMS Now, May 01)

Chip design is crucial to Europe, says Cadence v-p
(Electronics Weekly, Apr 29)

U.S. Semiconductor Industry Cites Data Showing Support for 1 Million-Plus US Jobs
(Solid State Technology, Apr 26)

Only 4 IC foundries to compete in advanced process market, says Globalfoundries
(Digitimes, Apr 25)

Worldwide semiconductor foundry market grew 16.2% in 2012: Gartner
(Solid State Technology, Apr 25)

Confronting sub-20nm front-end challenges with the “duck and weave”
(Solid State Technology, Apr 24)

Critical Updates from Industry Leaders on EUV, 3D Transistors and 450mm Manufacturing Targeted for SEMICON West 2013
(Solid State Technology, Apr 24)

Continued low booking levels for equipment manufacturers [Updated]
(PV Magazine, Apr 24)

Cause of LED Efficiency Droop Finally Revealed
(Science Daily, Apr 23)

Continued low booking levels for equipment manufacturers
(PV Magazine, Apr 23)

EU details concerns about alleged smartcard chip cartel
(Information Technology World, Apr 22)

Applied Materials back on top in chip equipment
(EE Times, Apr 22)

FinFET challenges and solutions – custom, digital, and signoff
(EE Times, Apr 22)

SEMI reports March book-to-bill ratio of 1.14
(Solid State Technology, Apr 19)

Top 30 MEMS companies of 2012
(Solid State Technology, Apr 19)

What is encapsulation?

Senate Immigration Reform Bill Would Help Spur Semiconductor Industry Growth, Innovation
(PR Newswire, Apr 17)

Examining the MEMS gyroscope patent landscape
(Solid State Technology, Apr 17)

India's semiconductor consumption grows to 20%
(Solid State Technology, Apr 17)

Memory makers see better profits as chip pricing improves
(Digitimes, Apr 17)

Intel Forecasts Second-Quarter Sales That May Top Estimates
(Bloomberg, Apr 16)

Semiconductor R&D: A state of transition
(Solid State Technology, Apr 11)

Memory, foundry and LED markets drive fab spending in southeast Asia
(Solid State Technology, Apr 11)

Panel industry yet to be affected by rising tensions in Korea, says Amtran chairman
(Digitimes, Apr 11)

PARC goes xerographic: Is that any way to make a computer?
(Phys.Org, Apr 10)

Intel Honors 19 Companies with Preferred Quality Supplier and Achievement Awards
(, Apr 09)

Intel Honors Eight Companies with Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement Award
(, Apr 09)

SEMI Reports 2012 Global Semiconductor Materials Sales of $47.1 Billion
(Solid State Technology, Apr 09)

Flexible electronics could transform the way we make and use electronic devices
(Phys.Org, Apr 09)

Processes below 40nm account for 27% of global wafer capacity, says IC Insights
(Digitimes, Apr 09)

Old science might make better LEDs and solar cells
(Electronics Weekly, Apr 08)

3-D chips getting cool
(EE Times, Apr 08)

Accidental discovery may lead to improved polymers
(Phys.Org, Apr 05)

ST heads EU MEMS project
(New Electronics, Apr 05)


Bruker introduces new AFM semiconductor characterization solution
(Solid State Technology, Apr 04)

TI recognizes 12 suppliers with annual excellence award
(PR Newswire, Apr 04)

Father of the FinFET lands Kaufman award
(EE Times, Apr 04)

Cellphone’s 40th anniversary is no midlife crisis
(EE Times Blogs, Apr 03)

Applied Materials' Randhir Thakur Named IEEE Fellow for Groundbreaking Contributions to Microchip Fabrication
(Investing & Stock Research - Businessweek, Apr 03)

Globalfoundries claims 3D chip breakthrough with TSVs
(Electronics Weekly, Apr 02)

Four PV Industry Leaders in Europe Honored for Standards Accomplishments
(EMS Now, Apr 02)

TSMC to install 20nm fab equipment ahead of schedule, says report
(Digitimes, Apr 02)

ARM, TSMC tape out 64-bit core for FinFET process
(EE Times, Apr 01)

Chip market growth limited to Americas, Asia-Pacific
(EE Times, Apr 01)

Policymakers Agree on Need to Elevate PV Trade Dialogue
(EMS Now, Mar 29)

Slideshow: Solar plane warms up for U.S. tour
(EE Times, Mar 29)

Escape the Moore's-Law Traffic Jam
(HBR Blog Network, Mar 28)

Top25 Semiconductor Supplier Ranking
(Evertiq, Mar 28)

Congress must legislate to avoid a helium crisis: Kemp
(Business News & Financial News - Reuters, Mar 27)

SEMI Europe Honors Four PV Industry Leaders
(PCB007 IConnect007, Mar 26)

Globalfoundries partners with ASML for chip tape-outs
(Display Plus, Mar 26) 

SEMI Europe Honors Four PV Industry Leaders
(PCB007 IConnect007, Mar 26)

Globalfoundries partners with ASML for chip tape-outs
(Display Plus, Mar 26)

New International PV Technology Roadmap Updates Path towards Continuous Solar Cost Reduction
(Sun & Wind Energy, Mar 25)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts February 2013 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.10
(EMS Now, Mar 25)

3D physical simulation tools provide superior FinFet predictability
(EE Times, Mar 25)

Chipmaking equipment sales down but looking up
(EE Times, Mar 25)

Solarcon India 2013 to highlight the importance of PV manufacturing in India
(PV Magazine, Mar 22)

SEMI, SEAJ book-to-bill ratios almost flat in February 2013
(Digitimes, Mar 22)

Critical process technologies and fab productivity addressed at ASMC 2013
(Solid State Technology, Mar 20)

Semiconductor Cos Nibble at Indian Carrots; Two Proposals Received to Set Up Fabrication Units
(Solid State Technology, Mar 19)

SEMICON West 2013 Spotlights Industry R&D Challenges and Opportunities
(, Mar 19)

ASML, Globalfoundries partner to tape out 28nm and 20nm chips
(Digitimes, Mar 19)

Kulicke & Soffa Launches Chinese-language Website
(Solid State Technology, Mar 19)

US collaboration to advance thin film technologies
(PV Magazine, Mar 15)

Over 100 Leading Tech Executives Urge President Obama and Congress to Enact High-Skilled Immigration Reform
(Solid State Technology, Mar 15)

U.S. Solar Market Grew 76% in 2012
(Forbes, Mar 14)

European project to use nanoimprinting for highly efficient solar cells
(New Electronics, Mar 14)

Flexible displays unlikely to hit markets in 2013
(Digitimes, Mar 14)

Intel leads unexpectedly large decline in semiconductor market inventory
(Solid State Technology, Mar 13)

Global Semiconductor Equipment Sales $36.9 Billion in 2012
(PCB007 IConnect007, Mar 13)

Will PV tariffs level the playing field between the US and China?
(PV Magazine, Mar 13)

Sharp Samsung Alliance -- An Alliance of Mutual Benefits
(EMS Now, Mar 13)

India: Domestic PV manufacturing capacity reaches 2 GW
(PV Magazine, Mar 13)

Printed electronics sector takes hard look at the flexible future
(Solid State Technology, Mar 12)

Commentary: Nuclear dispute creates opportunity for LED lighting firms
(Digitimes, Mar 12)

Govt in talks to set up chip fabrication units [Mint, New Delhi]
(Investing & Stock Research - Businessweek, Mar 12)

New products to be presented at Semicon China 2013
(Solid State Technology, Mar 11)

Graphene researchers create 'superheated' water that can corrode diamonds
(Phys.Org, Mar 11)

-Thinfilm - Press Coverage: 2013 FlexTech Report
(Solid State Technology, Mar 11)

Applied Materials Named to Ethisphere's 2013 World's Most Ethical Companies List
(, Mar 11)

Bruker Introduces 3D Optical Microscope
(Solid State Technology, Mar 08)

LED firms in Greater China need to accelerate standardization, says expert
(Digitimes, Mar 08)

Rolith and SUSS MicroTec announce installation of 2nd generation nanolithography tool
(PV Magazine, Mar 08)

'Key' EUV milestone, DSA progress, more reported at SPIE Advanced Lithography
(Solid State Technology, Mar 07)

Fab Spending Forecast: Equipment spending is expected to remain flat in 2013
(Solid State Technology, Mar 06)

Researcher finds Moore's Law and Wright's Law best predict how tech improves
(Phys.Org, Mar 06)

Key EUV milestone, DSA progress, more reported at SPIE Advanced Lithography
(Nanowerk, Mar 06)

EV Group to develop equipment to enable covalent bonds at room temperature
(Solid State Technology, Mar 05)

Memory markets gain steam
(EE Times, Mar 05)

Corning says flexible displays three years away
(Solid State Technology, Mar 05)

First-time participant Swagelok Northwest ranks fifth in Oregon's 100 best companies to work list
(PR Newswire, Mar 04)

Global chip sales start brightly in 2013
(EE Times, Mar 04)

A Single European Semiconductor Strategy Is on Its Way
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Mar 04)

Developing and strengthening 3D IC manufacture in Europe
(EETE Power Management Design, Mar 01)

SEMI proposes a way out of solar trade wars
(PV Magazine, Mar 01)

Single European Semiconductor Strategy on the Way
(, Mar 01)

STMicroelectronics is first $1 billion MEMS company
(Solid State Technology, Feb 27)

Nano 'beads on a string' could advance battery technology
(Phys.Org, Feb 27)

KLA-Tencor Announces Two Additions to Litho/Etch Process Control Portfolio
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Feb 27)

First conflict-free tin metal from Congo due in March
(Reuters Global Markets News, Feb 26)

Connecting (quantum) dots: Spin technique moves researchers closer to creating first viable high-speed quantum computer
(Phys.Org, Feb 26)

Scientists develop multicolor LEDs without heavy metals
(Solid State Technology, Feb 25)

Direct growth of InGaN on silicon
(Semiconductor Today, Feb 25)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts January 2013 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.14
(EMS Now, Feb 25)

With Silicon Valley outposts, Samsung draws line in the sand
(Phys.Org, Feb 22)

SEMI book-to-bill ratio rises below parity
(Digitimes, Feb 22)

Intel's new Penang building largest outside the U.S.
(ComputerWorld Singapore, Feb 21)

New ITRPV Edition Focuses on Materials and Enabling Technologies
(EMS Now, Feb 21)

Call for Papers Open for SEMICON Europa 2013
(Solid State Technology, Feb 21)

Five IC suppliers to hold one-third of 300mm wafer capacity in 2013
(Solid State Technology, Feb 20)

DJ: Jan Chip Equip Orders Down 25.2%; BB Ratio 1.18 -SEAJ
(, Feb 19)

Semiconductor 'Nano-Shish-Kebabs' Created With Potential for 3-D Technologies
(Science Daily, Feb 19)

Production process doubles speed and efficiency of flexible electronics
(Phys.Org, Feb 19)

EU tariffs against Chinese could cost European solar industry €27.8 billion
(Pv Tech, Feb 19)

Infineon ships power ICs from floppy 300-mm wafers
(EE Times, Feb 19)

SEMI Announces Silicon Innovation Forum to Bridge Funding Gaps for Early-Stage Companies
(EMS Now, Feb 18)

Applied Materials makes further cuts to solar business operations
(Pv Tech, Feb 14)

Yoshida in Japan: Renesas' cuts are GloFo's gain
(EE Times, Feb 14)

New room-temperature process could lead to less expensive solar cells and other electronic devices
(Phys.Org, Feb 13)

Market for supercapacitors to grow 30% year on year and reach $11 billion within ten years
(EE Times Europe Analog, Feb 13)

Chip engineers prepare for 450mm wafer transition
(EE Times Europe, Feb 13)

TSMC enjoys sales bonanza
(EE Times, Feb 08)

MEMS technology helps to track bird migration and behavior
(EE Times Europe, Feb 08)

New atomic layer deposition process for nitride LED reflector structures
(Semiconductor Today, Feb 07)

Semiconductor Industry Posts Near-Record Sales Total in 2012
(EMS Now, Feb 06)

GloFo, Samsung in race to 14nm
(EE Times, Feb 06)

MEMS Enabling a Health & Medical Revolution
(Design News, Feb 05)

Samsung ramps venture efforts
(EE Times, Feb 04)

Semiconductor industry posts near-record sales total in 2012, says SIA
(Digitimes, Feb 04)

SEMI and PVMC sign memorandum of understanding
(Semiconductor Today, Feb 04)

SEMI Honors JC Kim with SEMI Sales and Marketing Excellence Award
(EMS Now, Feb 04)

€11.2-million European project to take flexible OLEDs from lab to fab
(EE Times Europe, Feb 04)

€11.2-million European project to take flexible OLEDs from lab to fab
(EE Times Europe, Feb 04)

Semiconductor industry to recover this year
(PC World, Feb 03)

Counterfeiting costs lives
(EE Times Blogs, Feb 01)

Capitol Connection: A roadmap for semi industry's future
(EE Times, Feb 01)

2013 IC Market Forecast
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Feb 01)

New pilot line for polymer electronics at Fraunhofer IAP
(+Plastic Electronics, Feb 01)

Taiwan's flat-panel industry posts negative growth in 2012
(Solid State Technology, Feb 01)

FlexTech Alliance Announces 2013 FLEXI Award Winners, Recognizing Accomplishments in Flexible and Printed Electronics
(PR Newswire, Feb 01)

Japanese solar companies set to visit New Delhi
(PV Magazine, Feb 01)

Samsung, Hynix cautious about 2013 capex plans
(Digitimes, Feb 01) 

SEMI Honors JC Kim with SEMI Sales and Marketing Excellence Award
(, Jan 31)

SEMI and U.S. Photovoltaic Manufacturing Consortium sign MOU to enable focus on standards and roadmap development
(Display Plus, Jan 31)

Mature fabs still process 40% of all silicon
(Display Plus, Jan 31)

SEMI honors JC Kim with SEMI Sales and Marketing Excellence Award
(Solid State Technology, Jan 30)

EU project to take flexible OLEDs from lab to fab
(Electronic Products Magazine, Jan 30)

KLA-Tencor Announces New eS805 Electron-Beam Inspection System
(Nanowerk, Jan 30)

SEMI and U.S. Photovoltaic Manufacturing Consortium Sign MOU to Enable Focus on Standards and Roadmap Development |
(, Jan 30)

SEMI and U.S. Photovoltaic Manufacturing Consortium sign MOU to enable focus on standards and roadmap development
(Nanowerk, Jan 29)

UMC, Stats ChipPac team for 3-D IC demo
(EE Times, Jan 29)

London Calling: Flash Forward to make the most miniaturized chips?
(EE Times, Jan 29)

Samsung Employee Dies Following Chemical Leak
(International Business Times, Jan 28)

Chinese IC market boom predicted
(EE Times, Jan 28)

North America fab tool book-to-bill continues growth, says SEMI
(Digitimes, Jan 28) 

Semiconductor Equipment Demand Jumps (Finally)
(Printed Circuit Design & Fab Magazine, Jan 25)

Excess chip inventory set to hurt Q1
(EE Times, Jan 25)

Intel's 450-mm wafer spend starts in 2013
(EE Times, Jan 24)

TSMC demands suppliers deliver equipment in advance for 28nm node
(Digitimes, Jan 24)

Penn keeps predicting chip market growth
(EE Times, Jan 23)

Can the DRAM Market Return to Growth This Year?
(EMS Now, Jan 23)

Japan Raises Economic View for First Time in 8 Months
(Bloomberg, Jan 23)

Flexible solar cell reaches 20.4% efficiency
(EE Times, Jan 22)

Image sensors out of a spray can: Organic sensors increase light sensitivity of cameras
(Phys.Org, Jan 22)

New semiconductor research center established at UCLA Engineering with $35 million in funding
(Nanowerk, Jan 21)

New semiconductor research center established at UCLA Engineering with $35 million in funding
(Nanowerk, Jan 21)

Prediction for 2013 – Business
(EE Times Blogs, Jan 18)

LED manufacturing investment declines as industry contemplates future directions
(Solid State Technology, Jan 18)

Semiconductor Industry Forms Unique Partnership with Government and Universities to Develop Next-Generation Chip Technology
(, Jan 18)

$194 Million U.S. university research center network focused on next-generation microelectronics
(Nanowerk, Jan 17)

Commentary: LED consolidations in 2012 to show effects in 2013
(Digitimes, Jan 17)

Global Leaders Convene at LED Korea to Discover, Learn and See the Latest Manufacturing Innovations
(, Jan 16)

Semiconductor Leaders See Massive Industry Transformation
(, Jan 16)

Fifth Annual SOLARCON India Exhibition Returns to Bangalore in 2013
(, Jan 16)

SEMI publishes HB-LED standard relating to sapphire substrates
(LEDs Magazine, Jan 15)

ISS 2013: Semiconductor leaders see massive industry transformation
(Solid State Technology, Jan 15)

Fabless model shows no sign of collapse
(EE Times Blogs, Jan 14)

SEMI Releases Third Quarter 2012 Worldwide Photovoltaic Equipment Market Statistics Report
(EMS Now, Jan 14)

Applied Materials to Receive 2013 IEEE Corporate Innovation Recognition Award
(, Jan 14)

Air-channels and nanoporous structure boost output from nitride LEDs
(Semiconductor Today, Jan 14)

Worldwide PV bookings remain flat in third quarter of 2012
(Pv Tech, Jan 11)

Reports: Globalfoundries hints at $10-bn fab location
(EE Times, Jan 11)

IPC Conflict Minerals Seminar Proceedings Now Available
(PCB007 IConnect007, Jan 10)

CES Day One Recap
(, Jan 08)

PV market to flourish in Asia in 2013
(PV Magazine, Jan 07)

Intel works with Plastic Logic on bendy tablet
(Electronics Weekly, Jan 07)

Consumer Electronics Show 2013 news roundup (Electronics Weekly, Jan 07)

SIA: November chip sales best of the year
(Solid State Technology, Jan 04)

MEMS, iPhone mics, and impressive growth
(EE Times, Jan 04)

CES show to see changing of guard in tech sector
(Phys.Org, Jan 04)

2013: 450mm is the next big opportunity
(Solid State Technology, Jan 03)

2013: The year of the diamond?
(Solid State Technology, Jan 03)

Chip market to turn up in 2013
(EE Times Europe Analog, Jan 03)

2013: Outlook for secondary equipment
(Solid State Technology, Jan 03)

2013: Continued strength in 200mm
(Solid State Technology, Jan 03)

2013: Next-generation 3-D NAND flash technology
(Solid State Technology, Jan 02)

2013: Facing unprecedented precision engineering challenges
(Solid State Technology, Jan 02)

2013: Thriving in the transition to 450mm
(Solid State Technology, Jan 02)

Building the internet of things with MEMS and 3D advances
(Solid State Technology, Jan 02)

Fab Equipment Spending Shrinks Back to Flat
(Solid State Technology, Jan 02)

EUROPEAN 3D TSV SUMMIT: Join The Presentation By Multitest Experts
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jan 02)

Medical diagnostics to benefit from organic electronics
(+Plastic Electronics, Jan 01)