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450mm Presentation Archives

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SUNY450mm Productivity (SEMICON Europa, Oct 2015)

Oxford Instruments450mm Plasma Etch Module (SEMICON Europa, Oct 2015)

Recif Technologies450mm Module Readinessand Direct Benefit for 300mmYield Improvements (SEMICON Europa, Oct 2015)

Applied MaterialsMetrology Challenges in 450mm/10nm Era(SEMICON Europa, Oct 2015)

Applied MaterialsSampling Optimization (SEMICON Europa, Oct 2015)

Enable 450 Newsletter -- (funded byEC, Oct 2015)

G450C: Cottle "300mm & 450mm Standard Calibration Wafers"  (NIST, Apr 2015)

LETIMetallic Contamination Analysis of 450mm Wafers (NIST, Apr 2015)

Enable 450 Newsletter -- (funded by EC, Jan 2015) SEMICON Europa 2014 (Oct 2014)

G450C: Robertson Continued Progress on 450mm Development” (SEMICON Europa, Oct 2014)

F450C: Maynes Sustainability Challenges in 450mm Tech. Node(SEMICON Europa, Oct 2014)

CNSE: Liehr Scaling Options in Relation to 450mm (SEMICON Europa, Oct 2014)

TNO: Kievit 450mm Synergies for Smaller Diameters: Contam Control (SEMICON Europa, Oct 2014)

CATRENE: Rousset 450mm Specs Boost 300mm Yield in Wafer Mfg.(SEMICON Europa, Oct 2014)

Fraunhofer IISB: Pfeffer Semi. Equipment Assessment for KETs (SEMICON Europa, Oct 2014)

ASM: Herbschleb 450mm Production: Batch/Single Wafer Equip. (SEMICON Europa, Oct 2014)

AMC Contamination Mgmt. Strategy for 450mm -- Adixen: Davenet; SEMICON Europa, Oct 2014

Upsizing Wafer Fab UPW Needs to 450mm -- Georg Fischer: Mueller; SEMICON Europa, Oct 2014

Innovative Semi. Solutions Supplied out of Sil. Saxony -- AIS: Kinauer; SEMICON Europa, Oct 2014 

450mm — It's more than Abatement, It's the Solution -- Edwards: Cottle; SEMICON Europa, Oct 2014 

Early Production Testing: 450 Process Modules--  Oxford Instruments; SEMICON Europa, Oct 2014  

FOUP (Pod) Contam. Control: 200/300/450mm Substrates -- Entegris: Lundgren, SEMICON Europa, Oct 2014 

Enable 450 Newsletter (EC/Future Horizons; Sept 2014)

450mm Lithography Development Update -- Zarringhalam, Nikon Precision (SEMICON West, San Francisco; July 2014)

450 Technology Development and Equipment Performance Metrics -- Farrar/Robertson, G450C, (SEMICON West, San Francisco; July 2014)

450mm and Moore's Wall -- Hutcheson,VLSI Research (SEMICON West, San Francisco; July 2014)

Industrial Transition to 450mm Notchless Wafers -- Lin, G450C (SEMICON West, San Francisco; July 2014) 

Rethinking the Approach to Higher 450mm Process Gas Flows: A Case Study -- Corbin, G450C/Intel; Pierce/Baily,Edwards Vacuum (ASMC, Saratoga Springs, NY; May 2014)

450mm Metrology and Inspection -- Cottle,CNSE; Yathapu, GF; Sieg, Intel (ASMC, Saratoga Springs, NY; May 2014)

Enable 450 Newsletter -- (funded by EC, May 2014) 

EEMI450 Update and Wrap-up -- van Nooten, Semi Consulting (imec 450mm Forum, Belgium; Feb 2014)

SMART2010/062 Report on 450mm Mfg -- Penn, Future Horizons (imec 450mm Forum, Belgium; Feb 2014)

IMEC 450mm Pilot Line and Related Technologies -- Lebon, imec (imec 450mm Forum, Belgium, Feb 2014)

Optical CD Metrology and the Metro 450 Program -- Wolfling, Nova (450 Metro, Israel, Jan 2014)

Advanced Motion Systems -- Karasikov,Nanomotion (450 Metro, Israel, Jan 2014)

450mm Transition: Opportunities for Europe -- Bryant, Future Horizons (Bridge 450 Forum, Belgium, Feb 2014) 

450mm/10nm Node Opportunities for X-ray Metrology-- Mazor,Jordan Valley (450 Metro, Israel, Jan 2014)

Enable 450 Newsletter -- Jan 2014 issue (funded by EC, Jan 2014) 

Requirements for a Successful 450mm Transition -- Sekiguchi, TEL (SEMICON Japan, Dec 2013) 

450mm Industry Briefing -- G450 (SEMICON Japan, Dec 2013)

Innovative Lithography Solutions for 450mm Transition -- Kazuo UshidaNikon (SEMICON Japan, Dec 2013)

Towards a Cost-Effective 450mm Transition -- De Keersmaecker, imec (SEMICON Japan, Dec 2013)

Challenges in Transition to 450mm -- Hasserjian, Applied Materials (SEMICON Europa, Oct 2013)

450mm SOI wafers -- Kriebisch, EV Group (SEMICON Europa, Oct 2013)

Value Enhancement through Collaboration -- Johnston, Intel (SEMICON Europa, Oct 2013)

Test Beds & Pilot Lines Foster Development of Future 450mm Equipment-- Rousset, CATRENE (SEMICON Europa, Oct 2013) 

Interplay of Scaling and the Transition to 450mm -- Liehr, CNSE (SEMICON Europa 2013, Oct 2013)

450mm Cluster within Silicon Saxony -- Kinauer, Silicon Saxony (SEMICON Europa 2013, Oct 2013)

F450C Partnership within G450C -- Csatary, M+W Group (SEMICON Europa 2013, Oct 2013)

450mm Transition: From Local Initiative to Global Collaboration -- Jarre,Recif Technologies) (SEMICON Europa 2013, Oct 2013)

Semi. Equipment Assessment: Enabler for Production Ready 450mm Equipment --  feffer, Fraunhofer (SEMICON Europa 2013, Oct 2013)

JTI Implementing Aligned European/ Nat'l/ Reg'l Investment Policies in Nano -- Wild, ENIAC (SEMICON Europa 2013, Oct 2013)  

G450C Status Supply Chain Collaboration on 450mm Transition -- Farrar, G450C (SEMICON Europa, Oct 2013)

New Edge Exclusion Proposal-- Wook Lee,G450C(SEMICON Taiwan, Sept 2013)

Enable 450 Newsletter-- July/August -- (funded by European Commission, Aug 2013)

G450C Update and Status -- Paul Farrar,G450C (SEMICON West, Jul 2013)

Advanced Lithography Systems for 450mm Applications -- Zarringhalam, Nikon Precision (SEMICON West, Jul 2013)

Improving Semi. Equipment Vendor Profitability during 450mm Transition -- Richard, PwC (SEMICON West, Jul 2013)

Enable 450 Newsletter-- May/June -- (funded by European Commission, Jun 2013)

The 450mm Semiconductor Wafer Size Transition Contrasted to Prior Generations -- Hutcheson, VLSIresearch inc (weSRCH, Apr 2013) 

Key Factors For a Smooth and Orderly Transition to 450mm Platform -- Hasserjian, Applied Materials (Silicon Valley Lunch Forum (SVLF), Apr 2013)

Industry Collaboration for Cost Effective Manufacturing -- Johnston,  Intel (SVLF, Apr 2013)

Stronger Partnerships: Reducing Risks, Accelerating Progress -- Koonmen, ASML (SVLF, Apr 2013)

Enable450 Newsletter-- April (funded by European Commission, Apr 2013)

Enable 450 Newsletter-- March(funded by European Commission, Mar 2013)

Enabling a Cost-Effective 450mm Transition, Frank H. Robertson, G450C (SEMICON Japan; Dec 2012)

WW Electronics and Semiconductor LongTerm Market View and 450mm Era, Minamikawa, IHS iSuppli Japan (SEMICON Japan; Dec 2012)

Risks and Opportunities Surrounding the Inflection Point of the Decade, Sekiguchi, Tokyo Electron (SEMICON Japan; Dec 2012)

Advanced Litho Systems for 450mm Wafer Processing, Ushida, Nikon (SEMICON Japan; Dec 2012) 

The 450mm Transition, Yoo, 450 program, TSMC (SEMICON Taiwan; Sep 2012) 

Update on SEMI Standards 450mm Efforts, Amano, SEMI (SEMICON Taiwan; Sep 2012)

Key Factors for a Successful Industry Transition to 450mm Wafers — Hasserjian, Corp VP, Applied Materials (SEMICON West; Jul 2012)

Risks and Opportunities Surrounding the Inflection Point of the Decade — Sekiguchi, VP and GM, Corporate Marketing, Tokyo Electron (SEMICON West; Jul 2012)

450mm Technology Challenges and Opportunities — Rinfret, director, TME 450mm Program, Intel (SEMICON West; Jul 2012)

Risks and Opportunities Surrounding the Inflection Point of the Decade — Sekiguchi, VP and GM, Corporate Marketing, Tokyo Electron(SEMICON West; Jul 2012)

Global 450 Consortium (G450C) Update —  Liehr, GM, Global 450 Consortium; VP Research, University of Albany (SEMICON West; Jul 2012)

G450C & Facility Supplier 450mm Consortium (FS450C) — Allen Ware, VP, program executive for 450mm, M+W U.S., Inc. (SEMICON West; Jul 2012)

CMP Cost Issues and Impact on Consumables for 450mmLINX Consulting (AVS User Groups, July 2012)

The Road to 450mm Semiconductor Wafers — Feldman, Feldman Engineering Corp (IEEE SW Test Workshop, June 2012)

Final Report: Benefits and Measures to Set Up 450mm Semiconductor Prototyping and  Keep Semiconductor Manufacturing in Europe — Decision and Future Horizons study assigned in Dec 2010 by the European Commission (Feb 2012)

EEMI 450 White Paper: “The Move to the Next Silicon Wafer Size” (2012)

The Importance of Process Control at 450mm — Trafas, KLA-Tencor (SEMICON West; July 2011)

450mm: It’s All about Economics — Johnson, Gartner  (SEMICON West; July 2011)

Reaping the Benefits of the 450mm Transition — Sonderman, GlobalFoundries(SEMICON West; July 2011)

450mm-- Phase 1 — Gargini, IEEE and Intel (SEMICON West; July 2011)

Role of an R&D Consortium, imec in a 450 Migration (LeBon, imec  (SEMICON West; July 2011)

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