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Tuesday, October 23, 2012
8:30-8:40Welcome - Denny McGuirk, CEO, SEMI
Introduction - Jeff Anderson, VP, Business Development, Eminess Technologies
8:40-9:25 Keynote: Potential Consequences of Emerging Technology Selection  (sponsored by Eminess)
Dr. John Smythe, Advanced Technology Lead DMTS, Micron
9:25-9:55Advanced Materials Drive Greentech
Chris Erickson, JD, General Partner, Pangaea Ventures

Materials Collaboration
Materials collaboration is a perennial topic in our industry, but with three legs to the stool it can be a challenging goal.  For the first time in many years we will have all three legs (material supplier, OEM and IDM) represented in a session where each party will give his thoughts on the state of materials collaboration.  Formal presentations will be followed by what should be a very interesting panel discussion.

Session chair: Kurt Carlsen, Director, Strategic Sourcing, Air Liquide Electronics 
10:15-10:30Guidelines for Better Collaboration between Material Suppliers and OEMs in CVD/ALD Field
Dr. Jean-Marc Girard, Chief Technology Officer, Electronics World Business, Air Liquide Electronics

10:30-10:45 Leveraging External Collaboration for New Film Deposition Products
Dr. David Thompson, Technology Manager, Process Chemistry, Applied Materials
10:45-11:00Relative Value and Business Model Alignment
Dr. John Smythe, Advanced Technology Lead DMTS, Micron
11:00-11:15 Collaborative R&D - an IEDM Perspective
Dr. Dale C. McHerron, Project Manager, Process Research & Strategy, IBM
11:15-12:00 Panel Discussion (moderator - Kurt Carlson, Air Liquide Electronics)
  • Dr. Jean-Marc Girard, Air Liquide Electronics
  • Dr. David Thompson, Applied Materials
  • Dr. John Smythe, Micron
  • Dr. Dale C. McHerron, IBM

Parallel Tracks Track 1 Track 2 (sponsored by Evans Analytical Group)
12:55Track Overview
 Track Overview
 Carbon-based Materials: Energy Storage and Semiconductors
Session chair: Maria Peterson, Ph.D., Director, Emerging Products Program, JSR Micro

Presentations in this session will focus on the use of various forms of carbon, including carbon nanotubes and graphene, for memory, energy storage, and other advanced applications.  Representatives from materials, applications, IP, and venture investment will discuss the novel properties, application trends, and opportunities for carbon based materials for leading edge technologies.
 LED and Power Semiconductors
Session chair: Thomas Morrow, EVP, Global Emerging Markets, SEMI

Along with the current LED boom driven by TVs and solid state lighting, new power semiconductors are set to emerge that create exciting, new demands for substrates (Si, SiC, GaN), metal organics, precursors, and optical and packaging materials.  Global leaders in these new applications, along with industry analysts and top suppliers, will discuss the trends, opportunities and challenges in advanced compound semiconductors.
1:00-1:30IP Landscape in this Carbon Materials Space
Matthew Prater, Patent Attorney, Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner, P.A.
  LEDs – The End Game” or “Nothing Lasts Forever
Jamie Fox, Analyst, IMS Research 
1:30-2:00Graphene for Energy Storage and Thermal Management Applications
Dr. Bor Jang
, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Angstron Materials
 Gallium Nitride on Silicon enables a Revolution in Power Conversion: What does this mean for materials and processing equipment?
Tim McDonald, Vice President, Emerging Technology Group, International Rectifier
2:00- 2:30Carbon Nanotubes for Semiconductor Memories
Dr. Thomas Rueckes
, Chief Technical Officer, Nantero
 Avoiding Market Disaster – Mid-Power vs. High Power LEDs
Mike Watson, Senior Director, Marketing & Product Applications, Cree
2:30-3:00Panel Discussion:
  • Chris Erickson, Pangaea Ventures (moderator)
  • Matthew Prater, Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner, P.A.
  • Dr. Bor Jang, Angstron Materials
  • Dr. Thomas Rueckes, Nantero
  Metalorganic Precursors : Partnering for a Sustainable Future
Thiloma Perera
, Director of Marketing - Worldwide, Director of Sales - North America & Europe, Metalorganic Technologies, Dow Electronic Materials
3:25-3:30Introductions - John Housley, Sr. Market Analyst, Techcet Group  
3:30-4:00 Current and Potential Supply-chain Dynamics of Tellurium, Indium, and Gallium within the Context of PV Manufacturing Costs
Dr. Michael Woodhouse
, Member, Technology Systems & Sustainability Analysis Group, NREL
4:00-4:30Critical Minerals: Principal Supply Bottlenecks
Dr. Keith Long, Project Chief, US Geological Survey
(presented by Maria Peterson, JSR Micro

4:30-5:00Semiconductor Fab and Packaging Materials Outlook
Dr. Dan Tracy
, Senior Director, Industry Research & Statistics, SEMI  
5:00-7:00Networking Reception  
Wednesday, October 24  
8:00-8:30Registration / Continental Breakfast (sponsored by Voltaix)  
8:30-8:40Welcome - Steve Smith, VP, Marketing, Cabot Microelectronics  
8:40-9:25Keynote: Instant-on Nonvolatile Nanoelectronics
Dr. Kang Wang, Raytheon Chair Professor of Physical Sciences and Electronics , UCLA
9:25-9:55Where to Invest in Electronic Materials?
Lita Shon-Roy, Senior Manager Partner, Techcet Group
 Materials Recovery (sponsored by Air Products & Chemicals)
This session will look at the sustainability challenges facing the electronics industry from the perspective of the potential benefits offered by incorporating recovery and recycling of materials that have value to customers and suppliers.
10:10-10:15Session Overview and Introduction
Session Chair: Gene Karwacki, Market Manager, Air Products & Chemicals 
10:15-10:30Green3: A Paradigm Shift in Waste Management for Semiconductor Manufacturing
Shawn Sahbari,
President, Envirodigm  
10:30-10:45Material Capture and Recycling Challenges in Semiconductor Processing 
Carl Geisert, Sr. Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation
10:45-11:00Strategies for Tetramethylammonium Hydroxide (TMAH) Recovery and Recycling
Dr. Craig S. Allen, Chief Technology Officer, SACHEM  
11:00-11:45Q & A Panel
  • Shawn Sahbari, President, Envirodigm
  • Carl Geisert, Senior Principle Engineer, Intel Corporation
  • Dr. Craig S. Allen, Chief Technology Officer, SACHEM

Parallel Tracks Track 3 (sponsored by Evans Analytical Group) Track 4 (sponsored by JSR Micro)
12:55 Track Overview  Track Overview
 Organic and Printed Electronics
Session Chair: Thomas Morrow, EVP, Global Emerging Markets, SEMI

OLED display revenues will exceed $35B in 2018, creating new markets for substrates, barriers films, conductive and resistive inks, polymers, anti-reflective coatings, clear conductors and other novel materials.  Advances in displays will also accelerate other applications in OLED lighting, printed memory and logic, thin film batteries and other applications.  Hear perspectives on these developing markets from industry leading analysts, suppliers and users.

 Semiconductors: Trends and Opportunities
Session Chair: Jeff Anderson, VP, Business Development, Eminess Technologies

Advanced Semiconductor materials continue to be a driving force in the evolution and growth of the industry.  With total consumption expected to exceed 50 billion dollars in the future, the industry continues to look and evaluate key technological and supply issues, evolving business models and areas for investment to keep up with the growth.  This session will provide an insight into key technologies, modeling of future consumption
and costs for the industry as we drive to 450 mm and novel and new investment areas for global material suppliers.

1:00-1:30OLED Display Technology and Market Forecast
Dr. Jennifer K. Colegrove
, Vice President, Emerging Display Technologies, DisplaySearch
  Opportunities and Challenges in the Bill of Materials for Emerging Semiconductor Devices
Mark Thirsk
, Managing Partner, Linx Consulting

1:30-2:00Advances In Solution Printing and Processible Materials Used in AMOLED Display Manufacturing
John S Richard, President, DuPont Displays Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of DuPont and part of DuPont Electronics and Communications
 Future of Low-k and Ultra Low-k Materials
Dr. Geraud Dubois, Manager, Hybrid Polymeric Materials,
IBM Almaden Research Center
2:00-2:30OLED TV Supply Chain Formation: Opportunities and Challenges for Electronic Materials Players
James Dietz
, Vice President, Business Development, Plextronics
 Directed Self Assembly: Materials Enabling More Moore
Dr. Ralph R. Dammel, Chief Technology Officer,
AZ Electronic Materials
2:30-3:00TBC Enabling Materials Discovery and Implementation: An Investor Perspective
Sean D. Doyle, Director, Intel Capital
3:00-3:15B R E A K  
3:15Introduction - Maria Peterson, Ph.D., Director, Emerging Products Program, JSR Micro   
3:15-4:00Keynote: Hybrid Films in Nanoscience and Bioscience Technologies
Reinhold H. Dauskardt, Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Materials Science and Engineering,
Stanford University
4:00-4:05Closing Remarks - Jeff Anderson, VP, Business Development, Eminess Technologies