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Samsung Plans A Massive R&D Centre In Silicon Valley 
(Solid State Technology, Dec 31)

Fewer Than 250,000 Make All US Semiconductors, Trade Group Says
(International Business Times, Dec 12)

STMicroelectronics is ready to manufacture 28-nm FD-SOI tyechnology at Crolles fab in France 
(EE Times Europe, Dec 11)

SEMI Reports Third Quarter 2012 Worldwide Semiconductor Equipment Figures; Billings US$ 9.06 Billion 
(Solid State Technology, Dec 11)

China FPD Conference and ASID -- Concurrent in Shanghai for the First Time in 2013 
(Solid State Technology, Dec 11)

Take on GaN measurement challenges 
(EDN, Dec 10)

IBM makes photonic chip on 100nm process 
(Electronics Weekly, Dec 10)

SEMI Announces 'Call for Presenters' for SEMICON West 2013 
(TMCnet.com, Dec 07)

Crocus and SMIC sign strategic manufacturing agreement 
(EE Times Europe, Dec 07)

Semi equipment spending 12% down this year 
(Electronics Weekly, Dec 07)

Semiconductor Equipment Sales to Hit $38.2B in 2012 
(PCB007 IConnect007, Dec 05)

Intel progressing in development of 14nm technology, says CTO 
(Digitimes, Dec 05)

KLA-Tencor intros new LED wafer inspection system 
(Digitimes, Dec 05) 

Chinese display suppliers flex muscles
(EE Times, Dec 03)

US launches new project to develop electric-vehicle batteries
(Business News & Financial News - Reuters, Nov 30)

Taiwan to help boost photovoltaic sector
(PennEnergy, Nov 29)

University of Pennsylvania claim flexible electronics breakthrough
(Evertiq, Nov 28)

PV researchers get a training network
(EE Times, Nov 27)

Chip market to fall in 2012, rise in 2013
(EE Times, Nov 27)

A day without MEMS
(EE Times Blogs, Nov 27)

CAST Elects New Leadership to Address Future of Semiconductor Test
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Nov 27)

Tower asked to expand Indian fab project 
(EE Times, Nov 26)

TSMC breaks ground for FinFET fab 
(EE Times, Nov 26)

Europe plots three pilot wafer fabs 
(EE Times, Nov 21)

We must keep manufacturing in Europe, says Neelie Kroes 
(Electronics Weekly, Nov 21)

Plastic electronics in the spotlight: VIDEO 
(+Plastic Electronics, Nov 21)

Wild's Dream 
(Electronics Weekly, Nov 20)

Brewer Science Introducing New Conductive CNT Inks for Printed Electronics Applications 
(Printed Electronics Now, Nov 19)

Carbon nanotubes 'cloned' by USC researchers 
(EE Times, Nov 19)

Telefunken doubles U.S. wafer fab capacity 
(EE Times, Nov 19)

Slideshow: Researchers explore bio, nano frontiers 
(EE Times, Nov 16)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts October 2012 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 0.75 
(TMCnet.com, Nov 16)

Plastic Logic, Epson push electrophoretic displays towards new applications
(EE Times Europe, Nov 16)

China: New leadership in Beijing and plenty of promise for distributed PV in Guangdong 
(PV Magazine, Nov 15)

ASML Doesn’t Need More EUV-System Acquisitions, CFO Says 
(Bloomberg Businessweek, Nov 15)

New technology for semiconductor film production on highly liquid-repellent surfaces 
(Phys.Org, Nov 15)

Advantest expects 28nm-based ICs to drive business growth in 2013-2014 
(Digitimes, Nov 15)

Samsung forges ahead on flexible mobile devices, report says  
(CNET News.com, Nov 14)

Chip market to shrink in 2012, says Gartner 
(EE Times, Nov 14)

TSMC board approves US$3 billion for advanced process capacity expansion 
(Digitimes, Nov 14)

When will bulk GaN be price-competitive with silicon? 
(Solid State Technology, Nov 12)

Japan expects solar market to grow rapidly 
(Solar Plaza, Nov 12)

Qualcomm overtakes Intel in market capitalization 
(EE Times, Nov 09)

SMC 2012: Supply chain opportunities in OLEDs, energy storage, and power semiconductors 
(Solid State Technology, Nov 09)

TSMC's sales stay strong in October
(EE Times, Nov 09)

MEMS growth outpacing competitors 
(EE Times, Nov 08)

TSMC 16nm FinFET rollout to come earlier than expected, says Digitimes Research analyst
(Digitimes, Nov 08)

At IHS-Sponsored Webcast, NASA Identifies Counterfeiting as One of Greatest Challenges 
(Electronic Products Magazine, Nov 07)

Strengthening American tech industry; Recovery requires national commitment to business 
(Solid State Technology, Nov 07)

EE Times 40th anniversary: Celebrating Gordon Moore 
(EE Times, Nov 06)

Imec reports customized lenslet array for KLA-Tencor's advanced e-beam tool 
(Phys.Org, Nov 06)

X-Fab takes control of another MEMS foundry 
(EE Times, Nov 05)

ITRI and Corning developed a full roll-to-roll process for flexible glass substrates 
(OLED-Info, Nov 05)

US semiconductor industry employs nearly 250,000 workers 
(Solid State Technology, Nov 05)

Solution-processed OLEDs printing enables virtually any color
(EE Times Europe, Nov 02)

Flat panel display equipment market expected to recover substantially in 2013, says DisplaySearch
(Digitimes, Nov 02)

Air Products Introduces New Gas Converter Mobile App
(NewsBlaze, Nov 01)

Solar trade war escalates as China launches EU probe 
(Pv Tech, Nov 01)

Applied Materials Introduces New Technologies for Next Era of LCD and OLED Displays
(Nanowerk, Oct 31)

Brewer Science New-Generation Debonder for High-Temperature Slide-off of Thinned Compound Semiconductor Substrates
(Solid State Technology, Oct 30)

After worst-ever 2012, FPD equipment to see a brighter 2013
(Solid State Technology, Oct 30)

Communications to pass computers as top market for ICs
(EE Times, Oct 29)

Slideshow: 'MEMS Inside the Machine'
(Design News, Oct 29

Process Control Key to 450mm Wafer Transition Success
(Chip Design, Oct 25)

The Power of 3D Integration: SEMI European 3D TSV summit to confront the tough issues with exceptional lineup of experts
(Display Plus, Oct 25)

IC Manufacturing Challenges
(Chip Design, Oct 24)

Combating fake chips by controlling supply chain
(EE Times, Oct 24)

China's semiconductor industry needs to create Chinese Intel
(Solid State Technology, Oct 24)

Why node shrinks are no longer offsetting equipment costs
(Solid State Technology, Oct 24)

TSMC to build pilot line for development of 18-inch wafer and 7nm process, says paper
(Digitimes, Oct 24)

SEMICON Japan 2012: Focus on Next-Generation Technology Challenges -- with Keynotes from Toshiba, Intel, Xilinx and TSMC
(Solid State Technology, Oct 23)

PVJapan 2012 Addresses Critical Challenges as Japan Moves to Large-Scale PV Power Generation
(TMCnet.com, Oct 23)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts September 2012 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 0.81 
(EMS Now, Oct 22)

Japan Semi Equipment Industry Post 0.65 Book-to-Bill Ratio 
(PCB007 IConnect007, Oct 19)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts September 2012 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 0.81 
(TMCnet.com, Oct 19)

European consortia, ASML, supplier network plan for 450mm transition 
(Solid State Technology, Oct 18)

$7B bet on next chip 
(TMCnet.com, Oct 18)

Intel offers muted optimism in 3Q12 results, but cutting capex 
(Solid State Technology, Oct 17)

SEMI adds session, extends abstract deadline for China chip conference 
(Solid State Technology, Oct 16)

SEMI Announces Silicon Wafer Shipment Forecast 
(EMS Now, Oct 16)

What does Silicon Valley Want From Washington? 
(Forbes.com, Oct 16)

Digitimes Research: Taiwan foundry growth to reach 6.2% in 2013 
(Digitimes, Oct 16)

Another advance on the road to spintronics: Researchers unlock ferromagnetic secrets of promising materials
(Phys.Org, Oct 15)

Futaba displays flexible OLED watch
(+Plastic Electronics, Oct 15)

Japan set to save Renesas
(EE Times, Oct 15)

ATMI announces plans for new manufacturing facility in South Korea
(Pv Tech, Oct 12)

'Invisibility' could be a key to better electronics
(Nanowerk, Oct 12)

Nanium ramps wafer-level packaging
(EE Times, Oct 11)

Yoshida in China: Why Huawei hasn’t gone public
(EE Times, Oct 11)

SEMI Announces Silicon Wafer Shipment Forecast
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Oct 11)

Taiwan panel makers face more losses, say observers
(Digitimes, Oct 11)

London Calling: How to save Moore's Law
(EE Times, Oct 10)

Silicon Europe: a cluster of clusters to boost the European micro- and nanoelectronics industry
(EE Times Europe Analog, Oct 10)

Europe must not exit chip business, says SEMI
(EE Times, Oct 10)

SEMI: Wafer Shipments to Remain Flat in 2012 
(PCB007 IConnect007, Oct 09)

LED Celebrates 50th Anniversary 
(LEDInside, Oct 09)

System-on-Chip technology comes of age 
(EETE Power Management Design, Oct 09)

Europe to unite research efforts in Silicon Europe cluster alliance 
(Solid State Technology, Oct 08)

Globalfoundries' 14-nm is 'low-shrink' node
 (EE Times, Oct 08)

PV Taiwan: China, Japan and EPC hold the key 
(PV Magazine, Oct 05)

EUV lithography delays slowing Moore's Law 
(EE Times, Oct 05)

Semiconductor Foundries Enjoyed Strong Q2, But Slowdown Looms 
(Solid State Technology, Oct 05)

Analyst: Fab spending softness 2012 extending into 2013 
(Solid State Technology, Oct 04)

Applied Materials cutting 1300 jobs, reallocating funds to "key growth initiatives" 
(Solid State Technology, Oct 04)

PV Taiwan: Oversupply remains an issue 
(PV Magazine, Oct 04)

Semi industry fab costs limit industry growth 
(EE Times, Oct 03)

Lithographic breakthrough with laser spike anneal to create higher fidelity circuit patterns 
(Phys.Org, Oct 03)

Researchers Reveal New Method of Monitoring Semiconductor Etching 
(PCB007 IConnect007, Oct 03)

X-FAB put $50 Million into MEMS operations

(Display Plus, Oct 02)

Laser-spike annealing could boost litho 
(EE Times, Oct 01)

PV industry looks to a bright future 
(EE Times, Oct 01)

Semi Equip Spending To Drop 13.3% In 2012, Gartner Says 
(Forbes.com, Oct 01)

Graphene may replace silicon (w/video)
(Nanowerk, Sep 28)

TSMC 3Q12 sales likely to grow over 10%
(Digitimes, Sep 28)

Taiwan researchers make breakthrough in LED packaging technology
(Solid State Technology, Sep 27)

China IC foundries move toward specific process manufacturing, says Digitimes Research
 (Digitimes, Sep 27)

Taiwan embeds ReRAM in 28-nm logic process
(EE Times, Sep 26)

TSMC's schedule for 450mm mass production -- and lithography is the key
(Solid State Technology, Sep 26)

Sharp reportedly close to bailout deal
(EE Times, Sep 25)

New LED packaging technology improves performance
(Phys.Org, Sep 25)

London Calling: Europe offers security to the world
(EE Times, Sep 25)


Fujitsu said to want out of chip business 
(EE Times, Sep 24)

Semi Equipment Orders Fall in August 
(Printed Circuit Design & Fab Magazine, Sep 21)

Chip manufacturing race between Intel, ARM tightening 
(InfoWorld, Sep 21)

Researchers develop printable lasers 
(EE Times, Sep 20)

Globalfoundries to offer 14-nm process with FinFETs in 2014 
(EE Times, Sep 20)

TSMC's 2013 Capex Expected to Surpass Samsung's 
(EMS Now, Sep 20)

Fab lite, fewer startups could fuel IC growth rate 
(EE Times, Sep 19)

What’s At Stake In China-Japan Trade Dispute? 
(International Business Times UK, Sep 19)

Plastic electronics conference in Dresden 
(Electronics Weekly, Sep 19)

Global chips sales slipped in August, says Diesen 
(EE Times, Sep 19)

Group takes shortcut in quest for electronic brain 
(EE Times, Sep 17)

Will EUV Miss Another Node? 
(Chip Design, Sep 17)

ARM TechCon exploring road to 14-nm ICs 
(EE Times, Sep 17)

iPhone 5: Which semiconductor suppliers are the big winners? 
(Solid State Technology, Sep 14)

Intel continues move into smartphones with 3G system-on-a-chip 
(TMCnet, Sep 14)

SEMI delegation discusses SSL policy with DOE 
(LEDs Magazine, Sep 14)

London Calling: Toshiba offers foundry 
(EE Times, Sep 14)

Compound semiconductor component sales to grow at 11.9% from $27bn in 2012 to $47.5bn in 2017 
(Semiconductor Today, Sep 13)

Researchers work to improve mechanical stability of nanofilms 
(Phys.Org, Sep 13)

Industrial Semiconductor Market Forecast to Grow to USD 55 billion in 2017 says Semicast Research 
(Press Release Point, Sep 13)




(EE Times, Sep 12)



(+Plastic Electronics, Sep 12)



(EE Times Europe Analog, Sep 12)



(PCWorld, Sep 12)



(+Plastic Electronics, Sep 12)



(NewsBlaze, Sep 12)



(EE Times Europe, Sep 12)



(Solid State Technology, Sep 11)



(EE Times, Sep 11)



(Evertiq, Sep 11)



(Semiconductor Packaging News, Sep 10)



(EE Times, Sep 10)



(EE Times, Sep 07)


Fab spending to jump in 2013, says SEMI 
(EE Times, Sep 06)

TSMC: 18-Inch Chip Plant into Mass Production 6 Years Later 
(TMCnet, Sep 06)

European semi industry a triathlon, says Kundert 
(Electronics Weekly, Sep 06)

Global chip R&D spending on the climb 
(EE Times, Sep 05)

KLA-Tencor aims below 20-nm 
(EE Times, Sep 05)

TSMC said to plan 450-mm production for 2018 
(EE Times, Sep 05)

New, Less Expensive Nanolithography Technique Developed 
(Science Daily, Aug 31)

FlexTech Alliance to Support Medical Market
(PCB007 IConnect007, Aug 29)

Soaking up the Sun: Drexel-Penn Partnership to Develop More Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar Panels
(Nanotechnology Now, Aug 29)

Chinese government awards LED makers with LED lighting subsidies
(Display Plus, Aug 29)

Backend firms expect orders for 28nm chips to pick up
(Digitimes, Aug 29)

Report: TSMC rebuffs Apple, Qualcomm
(EE Times, Aug 29)

STATS ChipPAC advances TSV capabilities with qualification of mid-end manufacturing
(Digitimes, Aug 29)

TSMC joins multibeam mask-writing club
(EE Times, Aug 28)

'Samsung invests in ASML'
(Solid State Technology, Aug 28)

Brooks Automation updates vacuum monitoring equipment
(Solid State Technology, Aug 28)

SEMI Launches '450 Central' for Wafer Transition Information
(TMCnet, Aug 28)

Russia backs e-beam lithography firm
(EE Times, Aug 28)

Samsung to take 3% stake in ASML
(EE Times, Aug 27)

Photovoltaics from any semiconductor
(Solid State Technology, Aug 27)

Applied Materials appoints new president
(Solid State Technology, Aug 24)

TSMC joins <10nm lithography mask writer project
(Solid State Technology, Aug 24)

European And Japanese Chip Suppliers Hit Hardest By Weak Q2 Semiconductor Market Growth
(Solid State Technology, Aug 24)

World's smallest semiconductor laser created by University of Texas scientists 
(Solid State Technology, Aug 23)

LedWiser Wants to Change Your Light Bulb (to LEDs) 
(Greentech Media, Aug 22)

SEC Approves Detailed Disclosure On 'Conflict Minerals' 
(Forbes.com, Aug 22)

UMC to close semiconductor foundry in Japan, dissolve subsidiary 
(Solid State Technology, Aug 22)

Dynamic changes impacting advanced electronic materials industry 
(Solid State Technology, Aug 22)

Samsung upgrades Austin chip fab, invests $4B 
(EE Times Europe, Aug 22)

Present on semiconductor metrology and more at ASMC 2013 
(Solid State Technology, Aug 22)

Samsung spending $4B to update Austin semiconductor factory 
(Solid State Technology, Aug 21)

Top 12 semiconductor foundries of 2012 
(Solid State Technology, Aug 21)

Apple’s iPhone 5: Implications for the semiconductor supply chain 
(Solid State Technology, Aug 21)

TSMC 28nm process yields break 80%, says report 
(Digitimes, Aug 21)

Focus on MEMS at SEMICON Taiwan
(ElectroIQ, Aug 20)

North American semiconductor fab tool orders tracked flat Y/Y in July
(ElectroIQ, Aug 17)

German researchers push for spintronic readout
(EE Times Europe, Aug 17)

DisplaySearch: OLED displays sales to reach $44 billion by 2019
(OLED-Info, Aug 16)

MEMS Developments and Trends Converge in Taiwan
(TMCnet.com, Aug 16)

Silicon wafer shipments increase in 2Q12, says SEMI
(Digitimes, Aug 16)

TSMC approves capex spending at board meeting
(ElectroIQ, Aug 15)

Sematech makes EUV mask progress
(EE Times, Aug 15)

SEMATECH reports EUV lithography mask defect and cleaning breakthroughs
(ElectroIQ, Aug 14)

ARM, GLOBALFOUNDRIES collaborate on 20nm and FinFET semiconductor technologies
(ElectroIQ, Aug 14)

Bruker improves AFMs for semiconductor metrology with KPFM mode
(ElectroIQ, Aug 14)

Semiconductor silicon demand grew in Q2, expect flat 2012
(ElectroIQ, Aug 14)

FlexTech Alliance Seeks Papers on Flex & Displays
(PCB007 IConnect007, Aug 13)

SolarCon India 2012 India, Bangalore September 5, 2012 - September 3, 2012
(Solar Plaza, Aug 13)

ARM, GlobalFoundries agree FinFET path
(EE Times, Aug 13)

Report: Semi Industry on Track for Significant Upturn through 2016
(Printed Circuit Design & Fab Magazine, Aug 10)

VDMA Photovoltaic Equipment: PV equipment suppliers are concerned about EU ProSun’s anti-dumping action
(PV Magazine, Aug 10)

Supply chain readiness in an era of accelerated change
(ElectroIQ, Aug 10)

Bendable battery and LED make up the first functional all-flexible electronic system
(Phys.Org, Aug 10)

Chip market growth rate to double, says analyst
(EE Times, Aug 10)

TSMC, the world's largest contract chip maker, to invest 276 million euro in Dutch chip machine developer ASML
(ElectroIQ, Aug 10)

FlexTech Alliance Opens 2013 Flexible Electronics & Displays Conference Call For Papers
(PR Newswire, Aug 09)

Focus of LED lighting market shifting to Asia during European debt crisis
(Semiconductor Today, Aug 09)

Taiwan needs to loosen restrictions against cross-straight investment in panel industry, says minister
(Digitimes, Aug 09)

SEMICON Taiwan 2012 to Spotlight Growing Market Opportunities in Taiwan
(EMS Now, Aug 09)

SEMICON Taiwan to Spotlight Growing Market Opportunities in Taiwan
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Aug 08)

SIA: 'Slight Decrease' in Global Semiconductor Sales for June
(ElectroIQ, Aug 08)

Reports: Wafer discounts, rush orders from MediaTek, Nvidia
(EE Times, Aug 07)

Aixtron introduces a new R&D tool for flexible organic thin film deposition
(OLED-Info, Aug 07)

Enabling Sub-22nm With New Materials And Processes
(ElectroIQ, Aug 06)

SEMICON Taiwan 2012 Highlights Growing Market Opportunities
(PCB007 IConnect007, Aug 06)

TSMC to invest $1.4 bn in ASML
(EE Times, Aug 06)

Global Semiconductor Sales Remain Steady In June
(ElectroIQ, Aug 06)


Secondary semiconductor equipment: Turnkey services offer a fab-centric approach 
(ElectroIQ, Jul 23)

China to expand LED lighting subsidies 
(Digitimes, Jul 23)

ARM, TSMC sign deal to ease FinFET process introduction 
(EE Times, Jul 23)

The Week In Review: July 20 
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Jul 20)

Power semi market worth $20bn in 2012, says Yole 
(EE Times, Jul 20)

North American semiconductor fab tool book-to-bill drops below parity in June 
(ElectroIQ, Jul 20)

ASML outlines a FinFET process 'two-step' 
(EE Times, Jul 20)

Semiconductor IP myths and revenue growth 
(ElectroIQ, Jul 19)

Panel defines strategy for U.S. advanced manufacturing 
(EE Times, Jul 19)

3D TSV packages outgrow semiconductor industry by 10X 
(ElectroIQ, Jul 19)

STATS ChipPAC rewards top suppliers of 2011 
(ElectroIQ, Jul 18)

Semiconductor Capital Spending Trend Update 
(PCB007 IConnect007, Jul 18)

FlexTech Alliance, Polyera Collaborate on PE Project 
(PCB007 IConnect007, Jul 18)

Major semiconductor players increase capex in 2012, total capex falls 3% 
(ElectroIQ, Jul 18)

Will GloFo Buy IBM's Semiconductor Division? 
(Mannerisms - Electronics Weekly Blog, Jul 18)

Semiconductor test terminology guide aims to clarify docking and handling ops 
(ElectroIQ, Jul 17)


Intel pumps billions into computer chip tool maker Times of Oman
(TMCnet.com, Jul 16)

The brave new world of tomorrow's tablets
(Business News & Financial News - Reuters, Jul 16)

Interviews with CEA-Leti researchers at SEMICON West
(ElectroIQ, Jul 12)

Fabless keynote: Xilinx on programmability @ SEMICON West
(ElectroIQ, Jul 12)

Semiconductor fab tool capex trends gleaned @ SEMICON West
(ElectroIQ, Jul 12)

SEMICON West Day 2: DSA lithography and CMP meetings
(ElectroIQ, Jul 12)

Semicon West 2012
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jul 12)

Solid State Technology and SEMI Announce 2012 'Best of West' Award Winner
(TMCnet.com, Jul 12)

Ecosystem emerges for new moble chip tech
(EE Times, Jul 11)

LED insights from SEMICON West 2012
(ElectroIQ, Jul 11)

EVG's wafer bonder passes SEMATECH/ISMI 3D integration tool assessment
(ElectroIQ, Jul 11)

Semicon West Day 1: FDSOI and TSV R&D with CEA-Leti
(ElectroIQ, Jul 11)

Intel keynoter: Power consumption hurdles litter path to exascale computing
(EE Times, Jul 11)

SEMI announces mid-year consensus forecast for chip equipment industry
(Display Plus, Jul 11)



Intel invests $2.1 billion in tools maker ASML to enable smaller chip circuits
(ElectroIQ, Jul 10)

KLA-Tencor Announces Installation of First 450mm-Capable Surfscan® SP3 Systems
(Nanotechnology Now, Jul 10)

CEA-Leti at SEMICON West
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jul 10)

SEMI Announces Results of Board Elections and Leadership Appointments
(TMCnet.com, Jul 10)

IBM, Tokyo Electron Unit To Join Hands On Next-Gen Chips
(Nikkei.com, Jul 06)

New technologies help robots make inroads on daily life 
(Phys.Org, Jul 06)

Deconstructing the most complex semiconductors layer by layer 
(EE Times Blogs, Jul 05)

Report: TSMC's Chang says no to buying Renesas fab 
(EE Times, Jul 04)

PV billings drop for third quarter running 
(Electronics Weekly, Jul 04)

Chip market still shrinking versus 2011, says SIA 
(EE Times, Jul 04)

UMC licenses IBM’s 20nm, FinFET semiconductor technology 
(ElectroIQ, Jul 03)

UPDATE 1-Toshiba hit with $87 mln US verdict on LCD prices 
(Business News & Financial News - Reuters, Jul 03)

Renesas to sell or shut fabs, says report 
(Digitimes, Jul 02)

GET to expand crystal growing capacity in 4Q12 
(Digitimes, Jul 02)

Commentary: China panel makers need to improve production technology 
(Digitimes, Jun 29)

Six charged with leaking OLED television data
(+Plastic Electronics, Jun 27)

SEMICON West preview: MEMS manufacturing changes with HV consumer apps 
 (ElectroIQ, Jun 27)

SEMICON West 2012 exhibits preview: Lithography focus 
 (ElectroIQ, Jun 27)

Plastics Electronics Conference Announces Prestigious Conference Committee of Industry and Academic Leaders 
(TMCnet.com, Jun 26)

North American semiconductor fab tool makers see 4th month of positive book-to-bill ratio 
(ElectroIQ, Jun 22)

Analysis: Search for rare earth substitutes gathers pace 
(International Business Times, Jun 22)

On the pulse of wearable electronics 
(+Plastic Electronics, Jun 22)

SuVolta positions DDC as node life extender 
(EE Times, Jun 21)

Germany Urged to Come Up With Debt Crisis Solution 
(Bloomberg Businessweek, Jun 21)

Applied Materials introduces new Applied Varian VIISta Trident system 
(TMCnet.com, Jun 21)

Sony, Panasonic to Announce OLED Tie-Up Next Week, Officials Say 
(Bloomberg Businessweek, Jun 21)

New York state unveils new PV initiative 
(PV Magazine, Jun 20)

Rudolph receives order for 14 NSX Inspection Systems from OSAT Company 
(TMCnet.com, Jun 20)

High-tech job-building goes on Times Union, Albany, N.Y. 
(TMCnet.com, Jun 20)

Chinese officials visit Taiwan to boost panel collaboration 
(Digitimes, Jun 20)

3D IC to bring business opportunities for Taiwan semiconductor equipment makers 
(Digitimes, Jun 19)

SEMICON West preview Maturing MEMS sector looks at ways to work together 
(ElectroIQ, Jun 19)

Solar Boom Heads to Japan Creating $9.6 Billion Market: Energy 
(Bloomberg, Jun 17)

Imec presents breakthrough results in resistive-switching (R)RAM
(Phys.Org, Jun 15)

Digitimes Research: China raises 12th Five-Year Plan LED industry targets
(Digitimes, Jun 15)

ITC, CAST, IEEE, and Test Vision Team Up on Test Programs at SEMICON West 
(TMCnet.com, Jun 14)

Panasonic extends imec deal to include flexible electronics 
(New Electronics, Jun 14)

AUO proposes new market strategies to make up for net losses in 2011
(Digitimes, Jun 14)

TI details TSV integration in 28-nm CMOS 
(EE Times, Jun 13)

Semiconductor fab tool makers see sequential increase in Q1 
(ElectroIQ, Jun 13)

Jenoptik demonstrates highly flexible manufacturing capabilities for DUV microoptics 
(ElectroIQ, Jun 13)

SEMI Reports First Quarter 2012 Worldwide Semiconductor Equipment Figures; Billings US$ 10.6 Billion 
(Business Exchange, Jun 12)

Taiwan government to buy land for TSMC 18-inch plant, says paper 
(Digitimes, Jun 12)

Conquering behemoth designs 
(EE Times, Jun 11)

LED wafer prices stabilize with more suppliers and steadier demand
(ElectroIQ, Jun 11)

Report: Taiwan approves TSMC's 450-mm fab plan 
(EE Times, Jun 11)

Why organic electronics is better 
(OLED-Info, Jun 11)

2012 to be a turning point, says IC Insights CEO 
(EE Times, Jun 08)

Insights From Gordon Moore 
(Mannerisms - Electronics Weekly Blog, Jun 08)

Energy Department Announces Investments to Accelerate U.S. Manufacturing of Energy Efficient Lighting Technologies 
(TMCnet.com, Jun 08)

UPDATE 1-Japan PM says two reactors must restart to protect jobs 
(Reuters Global Markets News, Jun 08)

Semiconductor makers increase inventories ahead of higher demand 
(ElectroIQ, Jun 07)

World’s largest flexible OLED successfully manufactured 
(Electronic Products Magazine, Jun 07)

SEMI Strategic Materials Conference to Explore New Opportunities and Trends in Advanced Electronics Materials
(ElectroIQ, Jun 07)

SIA expects flat 2012 
(Electronics Weekly, Jun 07)

Global capital spending of wafer foundries to hit US$40 b. in 2012 
(ElectroIQ, Jun 06)

ConFab interview: ISMI’s Bill Ross on managing legacy fabs and supply obsolescence 
(ElectroIQ, Jun 06)

Record semiconductor fab spending on tap for 2013 
(ElectroIQ, Jun 06)

European report considers 450-mm More-than-Moore fab 
(EE Times, Jun 06)

Flexible glass enables development of thinner displays and lighting objects
(EETE Power Management Design, Jun 05)

The ConFab: Turning the technology knobs for system scaling
(ElectroIQ, Jun 05)

Nanocones could be key to making inexpensive solar cells
(Phys.Org, Jun 05)

Chip shaker: TSMC, Samsung to flex foundry muscle Times of Oman
(TMCnet.com, Jun 04)

IEEE continues buildout of portfolio of standards for solar-generation market
(PV Magazine, Jun 04)

U.S. Multinationals Lobby to Alter Foreign Tax Rules
(Bloomberg Businessweek, Jun 04)

MEMS isn't NEW 
(ElectroIQ, May 30)

Largest flexible OLED display fabbed with mixed-oxide TFT 
(ElectroIQ, May 30)

Phosphor market expands as LEDs move into lighting applications 
(ElectroIQ, May 30)

'Invisible' bike helmet protects with air-bag shell 
(EE Times, May 30)

AUO, CMI to gear up shipments of 4Kx2K panels in 2H12 
(Digitimes, May 30)

Semiconductor packaging house orders 14 Rudolph Technologies inspection tools 
(ElectroIQ, May 29)

ASE opens Phase 3 semiconductor packaging and test facility in Weihai 
(ElectroIQ, May 29)

Getting Ready For 20nm 
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, May 29)

Options And Hurdles Come Into Focus For 3D Stacking 
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, May 29)

ASMC: TSVs Needed as Scaling Challenges Mount 
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, May 29)

Experts At The Table: IP Subsystems 
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, May 29)

Renesas extends MCU work with TSMC to 40-nm 
(EE Times, May 28)  

China retaliates, finds US in violation of free-trade rules 
(PV Magazine, May 25)

Leaders Call Advanced Manufacturing Driver of U.S. Economy at GLOBALFOUNDRIES Symposium
(PR Newswire, May 25)

One Counterfeit Part Every 15 Seconds
(EMS Now, May 25)

Chip execs big on area Times Union, Albany, N.Y.
(TMCnet.com, May 25)

10 MEMS applications will top $100 million in 2017; thank mobile devices
(ElectroIQ, May 24)

Advantest Captures Highest Distinction in Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey
(ElectroIQ, May 24)

Renesas still struggling with restructuring plan 
(EE Times, May 24)

Packaging Sessions at SEMICON West Expand to Reflect Latest Innovations in Mobile, 3D IC, Cost Reduction, MEMS, LEDs and More
(ElectroIQ, May 24)

Renesas to tie up with TSMC, cut jobs, say report 
(EE Times, May 24)

UMC breaks ground for $8-billion fab expansion 
(EE Times, May 24)

Texas Instruments Drives Adoption of Copper Wire Bonding Technology, Delivering Nearly 6.5 Billion Units to Customers
(EE Times, May 23)

TI says copper wire bonding momentum growing
(EE Times, May 23)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts April 2012 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.10
(TMCnet.com, May 23)

IHS: One counterfeit part every 15 seconds 
 (Evertiq, May 22)

Imec Technology Forum welcomes global industry executives 
 (Nanowerk, May 22)

Semicon West preview: Changing LED manufacturing economics 
 (LEDs Magazine, May 21)

Cloak of Invisibility: Engineers Use Plasmonics to Create an Invisible Photodetector 
 (Science Daily, May 21)

Europe's eco-chip project has 10% energy-cut target 
 (Electronics Weekly, May 21)

OLED – raising lighting to a new level 
 (EE Times, May 21)

Japan-US smart grid demonstration project announced 
(PV Magazine, May 21)

Dow Electronic Materials Expands its LED Technologies’ Portfolio to Include Specialty Phosphor Technology 
(Nanotechnology Now, May 16)

Dow Electronic Materials Expands its LED Technologies' Portfolio to Include Specialty Phosphor Technology
(TMCnet.com, May 16)

At new Austin quarters, Intel exec says, there are 'huge opportunities going forward' 
(TMCnet.com, May 16)

SMIC branch signs agreement for 2 phase construction project in Beijing 
(TMCnet.com, May 15)

Long-lifetime electronic shelf label in development 
(+Plastic Electronics, May 15)

New 'metamaterial' practical for optical advances 
(Phys.Org, May 15)

German organizations launch long-term research project on safety of nanomaterials 
(Nanowerk, May 15)

German Environment Ministry seeks solar subsidy compromise
(PV Magazine, May 14)

New ultra-thin electronic films offer greater capabilities 
(EETE Power Management Design, May 14)

CEA-Leti and Arkema set up a platform for lithography based on nanostructured polymers 
(EE Times Europe Analog, May 14)

EU project improving plastic electronics yields in R2R production 
(+Plastic Electronics, May 11)

TI gives $2.2 million to re-energize introductory electronics courses at UC Berkeley 
(Electronic Products Magazine, May 11)

Exploding the myths of manufacturing 
(Phys.Org, May 11)

Silicon Ventures tips plan to stem fabless VC drought 
(EE Times, May 11)

GlobalFoundries chips away at top spot National, The (United Arab Emirates) 
(TMCnet.com, May 10)

Counterfeit-part risk expected to rise as semiconductor market shifts into higher gear, says IHS 
(EETE Power Management Design, May 10)

UPDATE 1-Applied Materials to shift solar wafer making unit to Asia 
(Business News & Financial News - Reuters, May 10)

GlobalFoundries chips away at top spot National, The (United Arab Emirates) 
(TMCnet.com, May 10)


(EETE Power Management Design, May 10)



(Business News & Financial News - Reuters, May 10)



(International Business Times UK, May 09)



(Mannerisms - Electronics Weekly Blog, May 09)



(TMCnet.com, May 09)



(PV Magazine, May 09)



(Semiconductor Today, May 08)



(ElectroIQ, May 08)



(EE Times, May 08)


Micron Wins Japan’s Elpida To Boost DRAM Lines To Asia 
(International Business Times UK, May 07)


(ElectroIQ, May 07)



(EE Times, May 07)



(Nanotechnology Now, May 07)



(EE Times, May 07)



(ElectroIQ, May 04)



(TMCnet.com, May 04)



(+Plastic Electronics, May 03)



(ElectroIQ, May 03)



(ElectroIQ, May 03)



(TMCnet.com, May 03)



(Digitimes, May 03)



(Digitimes, May 03)



(EE Times, May 02)



(ElectroIQ, May 02)



(TMCnet.com, May 02)



(EE Times, May 01)



(ElectroIQ, May 01)



(ElectroIQ, May 01)



(ElectroIQ, May 01)


TriQuint wins $12.3 million DARPA contract
(EE Times, May 01)

GlobalFoundries, Infineon, IBM, ST linked to Indian fab plan
(EE Times, May 01)

Insight: As chip plants get pricey, U.S. risks losing edge
(International Business Times UK, May 01)

Worldwide Chip Sales May Grow at Faster Pace, IDC Says
(Bloomberg, Apr 30)

United States : GLOBALFOUNDRIES Fab 8 Adds Tools To Enable 3D Chip Stacking at 20nm and Beyond TendersInfo (India)
(TMCnet.com, Apr 27)

United States : GLOBALFOUNDRIES Fab 8 Adds Tools To Enable 3D Chip Stacking at 20nm and Beyond
(ElectroIQ, Apr 27)

Wearable electronics:Transparent, Lightweight, Flexible Conductor Could Revolutionize Electronics Industry
(Science Daily, Apr 27)

LED manufacturer Lumichip expands in Finland, opens development center
(ElectroIQ, Apr 27)

Cisco Wants 2.5D/3D Chips Sooner than Later
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Apr 27)

Denso To Take Over Fujitsu Semiconductor's Iwate Plant
(Nikkei.com, Apr 27)

AUO accelerates OLED production plans, sets up an R&D 6G line
(OLED-Info, Apr 27)

Intersolar North America launches new PV Production and Technology exhibition and program
(PV Magazine, Apr 27)

TSMC raises capex to record $8.5 billion, pulls in 20-nm
(EE Times, Apr 26)

MIT Researchers Invent 'Perfect Glass' [VIDEO]
(International Business Times, Apr 26)

GlobalFoundries Enters 2.5D/3D Chip Foundry Market 
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Apr 26)

Japan semiconductor equipment firms gain share in 2011, says The Information Network
(Digitimes, Apr 25)

Applied Materials acquires new solar technology
(Digitimes, Apr 24)

KLA-Tencor tips new defect inspection system 
(EE Times, Apr 23)

TI's sales top estimates as orders, inventory swell 
(EE Times, Apr 23)

Semiconductor subsystems see record revenues thanks to 32nm and below 
(ElectroIQ, Apr 23)

Equipment book-to-bill ratios diverge in U.S., Japan 
(EE Times, Apr 23)

PV manufacturing equipment recovers from record low 
(Pv Tech, Apr 23)

Semicon Europa sets out call for technical papers 
(EE Times, Apr 23)

Japan: 51-cent FIT mooted 
(PV Magazine, Apr 23)

North American semiconductor fab tool makers see March book-to-bill hike 
(ElectroIQ, Apr 20)

TSMC's Chang Tips Hiking 2012 Capital Expenditure 
(EMS Now, Apr 20)

PV Manufacturing Equipment Book-to-Bill Increases from Record Low, Reports SEMI 
(EMS Now, Apr 20)

Texas Instruments (TI, TXN) names top suppliers
(ElectroIQ, Apr 19)

DRAM, foundry logic in race to use EUV, says ASML
(EE Times, Apr 19)

ASMC will focus on productivity and technology challenges
(ElectroIQ, Apr 18)

Intel, Micron on sub 20-nm and insatiable thirst for memory
(EE Times, Apr 18)

PV Manufacturing Equipment Book-to-Bill Improves in 4Q12
(PCB007 IConnect007, Apr 18)

Gartner: Worldwide semiconductor sales up $5.4 billion in 2011
(Information Technology World, Apr 17)

U.S.-based Companies Held 12 of the Top 25 Fabless Spots in 2011
(EMS Now, Apr 17)

TSMC 28nm ramp-up within expectations, says Digitimes Research
(Digitimes, Apr 17)

Intel awards 9 elite suppliers in 2011
(ElectroIQ, Apr 13)

Abu Dhabi, Saxony invest in 'twin labs' 3-D IC project
(EE Times, Apr 13)

Top 25 fabless IC companies in 2011
(ElectroIQ, Apr 12)

New frontier: Chips transfer data at light speed
(Nanowerk, Apr 12)

Pure-play foundry market to grow 12% in 2012, says IHS
(EE Times, Apr 12)

TSMC capex budget hike to benefit equipment and materials suppliers, say sources
(Digitimes, Apr 12)

Intel Honors 21 Companies with Preferred Quality Supplier and Achievement Awards
(TMCnet.com, Apr 11)

Semiconductor foundries expect double-digit growth through 2015 
(ElectroIQ, Apr 11)

SEMI India re-iterates its commitment to skill development for the solar industry 
(PRLog, Apr 11)

SEMI Calls for Papers for Symposium in Japan 
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Apr 10)

Semiconductor wafer fab equipment trends: Deposition 
(ElectroIQ, Apr 10)

Global Semiconductor Industry to Grow Significantly 
(ElectroIQ, Apr 10)

Cambridge researchers claim plastic electronics breakthrough 
(New Electronics, Apr 10)

India Semiconductor Spending To Reach $9.2 Billion In 2012: Gartner 
(ElectroIQ, Apr 10)

Tackling GaN Measurement Challenges 
(EE Times, Apr 09)

TSMC begins further expansion of Fab 14 
(Digitimes, Apr 09)

ISPD: Semiconductors aim for 8-nm node 
(EE Times, Apr 06)

On Semi, Qualcomm, Infineon shine in chip rankings 
(EE Times, Apr 06)

Top 5 Most Counterfeited Parts Represent a $169 Billion Potential Challenge for Global Semiconductor Market 
(EMS Now, Apr 06)

How to corner the MEMS market 
(Phys.Org, Apr 05)

How to corner the MEMS market
(PhysOrg.com, Apr 05)

Global Semiconductor Sales Post $22.9 Billion in February
(EMS Now, Apr 05)

Costly shift to new wafers Times Union, Albany, N.Y.
(TMCnet.com, Apr 05)

Commentary: Diversifying a must for DRAM firms
(Digitimes, Apr 05)

Counterfeit electronic components hit record level in 2011
(New Electronics, Apr 04)

MEMS packaging market to reach USD2.3B by 2016, says Yole Developpement
(EE Times Europe Analog, Apr 04)

Scientists develop ultra-thin solar cells
(PhysOrg.com, Apr 04)

Report: Semiconductor IP market to double in five yearsl
(EE Times, Apr 03)

Chip sales slipped 1.3% in February, says SIA
(EE Times, Apr 03)

Samsung is betting on China with $7b semiconductor plant
(ElectroIQ, Apr 03)

SEMI Reports Record Revenues for the Global Semiconductor Materials Market -- $47.86 Billion in 2011
(ElectroIQ, Apr 03)

Samsung Spins Off Display Operations
(Twice, Apr 02)

Bend-it e-books get real with EPD in factory mode
(PhysOrg.com, Mar 30)

IC foundry market grows 5.1% in 2011, says Gartner
(Digitimes, Mar 30)

Cell equipment purchases to hit 35GW by 2017
(PV Magazine, Mar 30)

Breakthrough in semiconductor structuring
(Nanowerk, Mar 29)

TI adds bare die to small-quantity semiconductor packaging options
(ElectroIQ, Mar 27)

Intel semiconductor market share surges to more than 10 year high in 2011, IHS says
(Digitimes, Mar 27)

Interview: 450mm wafers key for Europe, says Imec chief
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Mar 26)

DNS Ponders Ice as New Wafer Cleaning Agent
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Mar 26)

Top MEMS suppliers near $1 billion in sales
(ElectroIQ, Mar 26)

Synopsys Unveils 3D-IC Initiative
(EE Times, Mar 26)

Fab tool book-to-bill above parity for first time in 16 months
(EE Times, Mar 23)

SEMI Statement on Department of Commerce Findings in Solar Trade Case
(EMS Now, Mar 23)

China hikes import tariffs for LCD panels
(Digitimes, Mar 23)

Analysis: China's IC industry likely to recover in Q2
(TMCnet.com, Mar 23)

United States : GLOBALFOUNDRIES Dresden Fab Ships 250,000th 32nm HKMG Wafer
(ElectroIQ, Mar 22) 

Nvidia: Intel Should Build Our Chips In Its Factories
(Forbes.com, Mar 22) 

TSMC, Altera team on 3-D IC test vehicle
(EE Times, Mar 22) 

Applied Materials readies DRIE machine for MEMS
(EE Times, Mar 22) 

Japan's aging semiconductor industry revealed by 2011 earthquake
(ElectroIQ, Mar 20) 

Japan February 2012 chip-gear orders down 5.7%, says SEAJ
(Digitimes, Mar 20) 

New AIXTRON MOCVD Technology Center Supports China's Global LED Ambitions
(TMCnet.com, Mar 19) 

AIXTRON opens MOCVD training center in China
(ElectroIQ, Mar 16) 

TEL acquires advanced packaging tool supplier NEXX
(ElectroIQ, Mar 16) 

Japanese Earthquake Disaster Strengthens Global MEMS Industry
(EMS Now, Mar 16) 

Axcelis to Showcase Enabling Implant and Plasma Cleaning Solutions at SEMICON China 2012
(NewsBlaze, Mar 16) 

Globalfoundries expects sales to AMD to increase
(EE Times, Mar 15)

TSMC and UMC Will Invest NT$200 B. in Southern Science Park
(EMS Now, Mar 15)

AU Optronics to appeal US price-fixing verdict
(PhysOrg.com, Mar 15)

Applied Materials losses top equipment supplier bragging rights
(Fabtech, Mar 14)

Semi Gear Spending Rose 9% in 2011
(Printed Circuit Design & Fab Magazine, Mar 14)

SEMI to Address Packaging of 450mm Wafers and Panel Scale Technologies
(TMCnet.com, Mar 14)

Heliatek starts €14 million a roll-to-roll OPV production plant
(Pv Tech, Mar 13)

Heliatek opens organic solar panel production facility
(PV Magazine, Mar 13)

SEMI to Address Packaging of 450mm Wafers and Panel Scale Technologies
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Mar 13)

SEMI Releases Policy White Paper on U.S. Solar Manufacturing
(PCB007 IConnect007, Mar 12)

Without China, the global PV market would be less advanced
(PV Magazine, Mar 12)

Chip-making equipment spend flat in 2012, says SEMI
(EE Times, Mar 12)

ASML Becomes Leading Semi Equipment Vendor
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Mar 09)

Tablets to boost semiconductor use to fourth place
(EE Times, Mar 09)

Digitimes Research: AMOLED shifts into spotlight in 2012
(Digitimes, Mar 09)

TSMC plans hiring spree in Taiwan
(Digitimes, Mar 08)

Printed and potentially printed electronics could reach $9.4 Billion in 2012
(EETE Power Management Design, Mar 08)

Hard mask development taps use of nanocrystals
(EE Times, Mar 07)

Fab Equipment Spending Growth Flat in 2012
(PCB007 IConnect007, Mar 07)

Applied Materials, IME open Singapore 3-D packaging lab
(EE Times, Mar 07)

Global January chip sales down 3%, says SIA
(Digitimes, Mar 06)

GSA concerned over WSTS, may seek sales data role
(EE Times, Mar 06)

Is grid parity "just around the corner"?
(PV Magazine, Mar 06)

Foxconn Launches CNY22bn LTPS LCD Panel Project in Chengdu
(TMCnet.com, Mar 05)

Independence Day for Globalfoundries
(Fabtech, Mar 05)

Oerlikon sells solar business
(PV Magazine, Mar 05)

ASML updates EUV progress 
(Digitimes, Mar 01)

Air Products Agrees to Acquire DuPont's Stake in DuPont Air Products NanoMaterials
(Nanowerk, Mar 01)

Opinion: Did Intel just break my glasses?
(EE Times, Mar 01)

Why it’s wrong for Intel and AMD to abandon WSTS
(EE Times, Feb 29)

SEMI acquires Plastic Electronics Conference and Exhibition
(+Plastic Electronics, Feb 29)

Taiwan seeks merger with restructured Elpida
(PhysOrg.com, Feb 29)

Initiative on 450-mm moves gets Europe's full attention
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Feb 29)

Initiative on 450-mm moves gets Europe's full attention
(EE Times, Feb 28)

Intel lays out strategic mobile roadmap
(Computer World, Feb 28)

SEMI acquires Plastic Electronics for special interest play
(EE Times, Feb 28)

Solving a Spintronic Mystery: Researchers Resolve Controversy Over Gallium Manganese Arsenide That Could Boost Spintronic Performance 
(Science Daily, Feb 27)

Chinese Manufacturers Cement Their Hold On Global Solar Market 
(Forbes.com, Feb 27)

Researchers to develop new energy storage device based on water 
(PhysOrg.com, Feb 27)

Employees, Leaders Honor late Micron CEO 
(International Business Times, Feb 24)

Tool Order: Applied Materials and Novellus rewarded with further purchases from TSMC 
(Fabtech, Feb 24)

N.A. Semicon Equipment Industry’s January B2B Ratio 0.95 
(PCB007 IConnect007, Feb 24)

Japan Semi Gear B2B Tops 1.0 for 2d Straight Month 
(Printed Circuit Design & Fab Magazine, Feb 24)

A new EU project aims to speed up the commercialisation and adoption of organic and large area electronics
(OLED-Info, Feb 24)

PV Balance of System Market to Reach $24 Billion in 2016, According to New IMS Research Report
(Solar Plaza, Feb 23)

SEMICON China to Focus on Technology Challenges and New Opportunities in Semiconductor and Emerging Markets
(TMCnet.com, Feb 23)

ISSCC: Voltage regulators stacked in 3-D
(EE Times, Feb 22)

Tiny, Implantable Medical Device Can Propel Itself Through Bloodstream
(Science Daily, Feb 22)

NREL unveils largest OPV module produced in-house
(+Plastic Electronics, Feb 22)

A New Twist On Nanowires
(Science Daily, Feb 22)

Global Industry Leaders Converge on SOLARCON China 2012
(TMCnet.com, Feb 22)

Samsung Spins Off Its Display Business, Shifts Focus From LCD to OLED
(International Business Times, Feb 20)

Applied Materials expects wafer fab equipment spending above US$30 billion
(Fabtech, Feb 20)

Transistor Made Using a Single Atom May Help Beat Moore’s Law
(Bloomberg Businessweek, Feb 20)

KLA-Tencor shipping next-node wafer inspection tools
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Feb 20)

EUV Misses 14nm Node and Now Aims for 10nm
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Feb 20)

Fundamentals: Advanced semiconductor processes
(Electronic Products Magazine, Feb 17)

"Highly competitive" pricing from Tier 2 Chinese PV module manufacturers
(PV Magazine, Feb 16)

Cymer reports major progress on EUV power source
(EE Times, Feb 16)

ISMI convenes 200mm semiconductor fab tool obsolescence forum
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Feb 16)

Tower bids to build 300-mm wafer fab in India
(EE Times, Feb 16)

Possible Micron-Elpida merger could rock DRAM market to its core, says IHS
(Digitimes, Feb 16)

Report: Chip makers closed 49 fabs in three years
(EE Times, Feb 15)

Samsung Electronics Announces Possible Spin Off of Their LCD Division
(TMCnet.com, Feb 15)

Darkhorse litho technologies stay in NGL race
(EE Times, Feb 15)

Opportunities for China's IC Supply Chain Development Showcased at Upcoming SEMICON China 2012
(TMCnet.com, Feb 15)

LED News: SemiLEDs, Intematix, Plessey, GT Advanced Technology, Rubicon
(LEDs Magazine, Feb 14)

TEL joins CEA-Leti programs on DSA, maskless litho
(EE Times, Feb 14)

Samsung Says Considering Options for LCD Business
(International Business Times, Feb 14)

Korean firms leading mobile DRAM market
(Digitimes, Feb 14)

Top R&D achievements in energy-saving lighting honored at DOE workshop
(LEDs Magazine, Feb 13)

South Korea Moves Closer to Setting Limits on Carbon Emissions
(Bloomberg Businessweek, Feb 13)

Chip stocks have room to grow
(EE Times Europe, Feb 13)

NAND flash market to expand surpassing DRAM in 2012, says IC Insights
(Digitimes, Feb 13)

Upcoming SEMI Europe Symposium to Confront IC Industry Challenges
(EMS Now, Feb 13)

IMEC announces directed self-assembly process line
(EE Times, Feb 10)

IMS Research: PV manufacturing equipment replacement cycle a US$25 billion revenue opportunity
(Pv Tech, Feb 10)

Upcoming SEMI Europe Symposium to Confront IC Industry Challenges
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Feb 10)

European research project to boost solar cell efficiency 
(EE Times, Feb 10)

IMEC announces directed self-assembly process line 
(EE Times, Feb 10)

IMS Research: PV manufacturing equipment replacement cycle a US$25 billion revenue opportunity 
(Pv Tech, Feb 10)

Upcoming SEMI Europe Symposium to Confront IC Industry Challenges 
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Feb 10)

SIL report: LED cost reduction to come from manufacturing
(LEDs Magazine, Feb 09)

Upcoming SEMI Europe Symposium to Confront IC Industry Challenges 
(TMCnet.com, Feb 09)

The Semiconductor Industry Has Lost a Hero 
(EMS Now, Feb 09)

The Semiconductor Industry Has Lost a Hero
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Feb 08)

Federal research lab concludes China’s costs to produce and deliver solar to US market exceed those of US producers
(PV Magazine, Feb 08)

SIA makes public technology roadmap
(EE Times, Feb 07)

Viewpoint: How will the chip wars be won? -- Part 1
(EE Times, Feb 07)

LED market grew almost 10% in 2011, with 44% growth in lighting
(LEDs Magazine, Feb 07)

Silicon Wafer Revenues Up in 2011
(TMCnet.com, Feb 07)

Plessey buys LED technology firm, aims at drastically lower HB LED costs
(EE Times Europe, Feb 07)

Semiconductor Industry Hits $299.5 Billion Sales in 2011
(PCB007 IConnect007, Feb 06)

Successful Adoption of DFM
(EE Times, Feb 06)

Q4 2011 surge in North American PV installations
(PV Magazine, Feb 06)

Micron CEO Steve Appleton dies in plan crash
(Electronics Weekly, Feb 06)

Strong semi growth - except for DRAM, says ESIA
(Electronics Weekly, Feb 03)

Collaboration Models
(Chip Design, Feb 03)

TSMC plans 3-D IC assembly launch early in 2013
(EE Times, Feb 02)

U.S., S.Korea, and Japan have 85.3% of semiconductor IC revenue share, as per a study
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Feb 02)

CEA-Leti opens 3-D IC packaging service
(EE Times, Feb 01)

Organic solar cells and OLEDs - A comparison of two competing approaches
(EE Times Europe, Feb 01)

Semiconductor industry revenue targets $323.2B in 2012
(ElectroIQ, Jan 31)

Progress in Printed Electronics: An Interview with PARC’s Janos Veres
(ElectroIQ, Jan 31)

MOCVD cools down, LED downstream processing heats up
(ElectroIQ, Jan 30)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts December 2011 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 0.88
(EMS Now, Jan 30)

LG Display to start making OLED TV panels in July, capacity will be 48,000 units a month
(OLED-Info, Jan 27)

Fab's 'ripple effect' grows Times Union, Albany, N.Y.
(TMCnet.com, Jan 27)

TSMC returns fire over 28-nm process issues
(EE Times, Jan 26)

Physicists develop single-photon emitting light source
(Nanowerk, Jan 26)

KLA-Tencor introduces three new wafer defect inspection systems
(ElectroIQ, Jan 25)

Holst and Imec to collaborate on flexible OLEDs
(+Plastic Electronics, Jan 25)

Electronics: launch of a new offer
(PV Magazine, Jan 25)

SEMATECH and Soitec Partner to Advance Next-Generation Transistors and Metrology Techniques
(TMCnet.com, Jan 25)

Japan Manufacturing Exodus ‘Large’ Cause for Trade Concern
(Bloomberg Businessweek, Jan 25)

MEMS Industry Group Launches MEMS Executive Congress Europe
(News Blaze, Jan 25)

Soitec, Sumitomo Electric scale GaN engineered wafers to 6"
(ElectroIQ, Jan 24)

With Highest Fab Equipment Capex Forecasted for 2012, Korea is Ready for SEMICON Korea- Slated for February 7-9
(EMS Now, Jan 24)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts December 2011 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 0.88
(TMCnet.com, Jan 24)

TI beats estimates; plans to close two fabs
(EE Times, Jan 23)

North American semiconductor equipment ends 2011 with another book-to-bill climb
(ElectroIQ, Jan 23)

Mask writer collaboration announced: IMS Nanofabrication, DNP, Intel and Photronics
(ElectroIQ, Jan 23)

Intel, Samsung, TSMC semiconductor capex in 2012 signal market dominance
(ElectroIQ, Jan 23)

Intel, Samsung 2012 Capex Budgets in a League of Their Own
(EMS Now, Jan 23)

QD Vision recipient of 2011 SEMI Award for North America
(EE Times, Jan 20)

KLA-Tencor uncrates metrology line-up for leading-edge semiconductor wafers
(ElectroIQ, Jan 20)

TSMC's 28-nm process in trouble, says analyst
(EE Times, Jan 20)

With Highest Fab Equipment Capex Forecasted for 2012, Korea is Ready for SEMICON Korea-- Slated for February 7-9
(TMCnet.com, Jan 20)

Intel says 2012 capex will top $12 billion
(EE Times, Jan 19)

Chang predicts 2% growth. Others disagree
(Electronics Weekly, Jan 19)

QD Vision Receives 2011 SEMI Award for North America for its Pioneering Quantum Dot Research
(Nanowerk, Jan 18)

US Department of Energy to invest in OLED lighting
(+Plastic Electronics, Jan 18)

QD Vision Receives 2011 SEMI Award for North America for its Pioneering Quantum Dot Research
(TMCnet.com, Jan 18)

TSMC's Chang cuts 2012 chip market growth forecast to 2%
(EE Times, Jan 18)

Germany: New proposals for solar subsidies
(PV Magazine, Jan 18)

Analyst honored by fab tool trade group
(EE Times, Jan 17)

Analyst warns of chip downturn in 2013
(EE Times, Jan 17)

ISS day 2: Cloud computing to drive 450mm, closer collaboration
(ElectroIQ, Jan 17)

Counterfeit chip R&D launched for DoD suppliers
(EE Times, Jan 17)

ISS: Top Ten Economic Trends in 2012
(ElectroIQ, Jan 17)

Samsung plans $41 billion logic, OLED investment spree
(EE Times, Jan 17)

Holst, IMEC work on flexible OLED displays
(EE Times, Jan 17)

ISS kicks off with IC industry reality talks
(ElectroIQ, Jan 16)

Organic printed electronics roadmap recognizes market entry
(ElectroIQ, Jan 16)

The Fast Track to 3D-IC Testin
(EE Times, Jan 16)

New installed wafer capacity leader: Taiwan took over in 2011
(ElectroIQ, Jan 16)

IBM reports on atomic magnetic memory
(EE Times, Jan 13)

Taiwan now the world's leading chip maker
(EE Times, Jan 13)

Cooling computer chips with interface-enhanced carbon nanotubes
(Nanowerk, Jan 13)

Solar Slump Ending, Says Axiom Analyst Who Predicted Armageddon
(Bloomberg Businessweek, Jan 12)

Packaging Community Takes on New Challenges through Industry Collaboration
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jan 12)

Stanley Myers Named Director Emeritus of SEMI 
(TMCnet.com, Jan 12)

President Obama Issues Call to Action to Invest in America at White House 'Insourcing American Jobs' Forum
(TMCnet.com, Jan 12)

SEMI names Stanley Myers a director emeritus
(ElectroIQ, Jan 11)

SEMI forms Chinese PV standards committee
(ElectroIQ, Jan 11)

Report: Chip Package Substrate Demand to Grow 5% This Year
(Printed Circuit Design & Fab Magazine Online, Jan 11)

Semicon Fab Equipment Spending to Drop 11% in 2012
(PCB007 IConnect007, Jan 11)

IBM and GLOBALFOUNDRIES Begin First Production At New York's Latest Semiconductor Fab
(TMCnet.com, Jan 11)

Not Quite The $1,000 Genome, But Maybe Close Enough
(Forbes.com, Jan 10)

CVD Equipment is Among the Companies in the Semiconductor Equipment Industry With the Highest Sales Growth (CVV, MEMS, RBCN, UTEK, ASYS)
(TMCnet.com, Jan 10)

Crystal LED, a new self-emitting LED TV technology from Sony
(OLED-Info, Jan 10)

Marvell Launches Breakthrough Smart Energy Management Platforms for Appliances and LED Lighting Solutions
(EE Times, Jan 09)

Why the semiconductor industry will rise again
(EE Times, Jan 09)

Marvell and One Laptop per Child unveil the XO 3.0 Tablet
(EE Times Europe, Jan 09)

CES 2012: Trends to Watch – Morphing, Personalization, Interfaces, LED TVs
(International Business Times, Jan 09)

Tool Order: KLA-Tencor receives multiple orders from Taiwan’s top foundries
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jan 09)

CES: For The Chip Sector, A Focus On Ultrabooks, ARM
(Forbes.com, Jan 06)

Fab-lite exports brains, says Harvard professor
(Electronics Weekly, Jan 06)

MEMS Will Set the World on Fire
(Design News, Jan 06)

Ten Events that will Transform the Technology Industry in 2012
(EMS Now, Jan 06)

S. Korea Approves Samsung's Flash Chip Plant in China
(International Business Times, Jan 04)

LCD TV Shipment Growth to Improve in 2012, Driven by 40" and Larger Sizes
(EMS Now, Jan 04)

Intel Maintained No. 1 Rank in Chips; Samsung, Texas Instruments Follow: Gartner
(International Business Times, Jan 03)

CES 2012: 5 trends to watch
(InfoWorld, Jan 03)

Sharp, Samsung Agree on $539 Million to End Antitrust Cases
(Bloomberg Businessweek, Jan 03)

Will 22nm need a mid-node?
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jan 03)

Graphene mixer could speed up future electronics
(EE Times Europe Analog, Jan 03)

3D integration key to 22nm semiconductor devices
(ElectroIQ, Jan 02)

20nm mask technology relies on SMO and DPT
(ElectroIQ, Jan 02)

SIL 2012 Preview #4: Solid-State Lighting Investor Forum
(LEDs Magazine, Jan 02)

CES 2012: Top New Technology Trends to Look For
(International Business Times, Jan 02)

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