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New technologies harvest energy from movements, sound and more
(Phys.Org, Dec 31)

3D Printing Could Help Drive IoT
(PCB007, Dec 31)

10 Energy Breakthroughs of 2014 That Could Change Your Life
(National Geographic News, Dec 31)

Power/Performance Bits: Dec. 30
(Semiconductor Engineering, Dec 30)

Silky substrate makes flexible solar cells biocompatible
(Nanowerk, Dec 30)

South Korea and Japan to Sign Intel-Sharing Deal on North Korea
(Bloomberg, Dec 25)

Big year for holograms to fight counterfeiters in 2015
(Electronics Weekly, Dec 24)

Europe's 300mm IC manufacturing falls below 1% of world output
(EE Times Europe, Dec 23)

A new hardmask process, Saphira
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Dec 23)

Global semiconductor market set for strongest growth in four years in 2014
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Dec 23)

Internet of Things stimulates MEMS market
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Dec 23)

BRIEF-Taiwan's UMC orders equipment for T$611.8 mln from Applied Materials
(Reuters Global Markets News, Dec 22)

Ten deals that shaped analog, MEMS and sensors in 2014
(EE Times Europe, Dec 22)

IoT’s divergent needs will drive different types of technologies
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Dec 19)

True 3-D Chips Harness Nanotubes
(Electronic Engineering Times, Dec 19)

SEMI book-to-bill goes positive
(Electronics Weekly, Dec 19)

Process Watch: Fab managers don’t like surprises
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Dec 18)

Plastic displays bringing flexible smartphones and wearables to market – new whitepaper
(+Plastic Electronics, Dec 18)

And the Winner is…
(Semiconductor Engineering, Dec 18)

14nm process to bring healthy competition among foundries: Q&A with Globalfoundries senior VP Chuck Fox
(Digitimes, Dec 18)

Can Multinationals Innovate In China?
(, Dec 17)

NREL demonstrates 45.7% efficiency for concentrator solar cell
(Phys.Org, Dec 17)

TSMC chairman disagrees with Alibaba chairman on lack of entrepreneurs in Taiwan
(Digitimes, Dec 17)

SMIC Shenzhen 8-inch fab goes into operation
(Digitimes, Dec 16)

Blog review December 16, 2014
(Blogs - Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community, Dec 16)

Power/Performance Bits: Dec. 15
(Semiconductor Engineering, Dec 15)

Obama Launches Contest to Spur Mfg Innovations
(PCB007, Dec 15)

Top 15 news articles on analog, MEMS and sensors in 2014
(EE Times Europe, Dec 15)

IoT will give 'embedded' a shot in the arm
(EE Times Europe, Dec 12)

Now that’s ink jet – technology that paints planes
(Business Weekly, Dec 12)

Solid Years: Cautious Optimism Drives Equipment Spending Into 2015
(Semiconductor Engineering, Dec 11)

Tech Talk: Inverse Lithography
(Semiconductor Engineering, Dec 11)

IoT’s Potential In Japan
(Semiconductor Engineering, Dec 11)

Fab Tool Biz Faces Challenges In 2015
(Semiconductor Engineering, Dec 11)

10 amazing tech innovations in 2014: invisibility cloaks, smart lenses and mind readers
(International Business Times UK, Dec 10)

SEMI reports third quarter 2014 worldwide semiconductor equipment figures
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Dec 09)

Security Risks Grow Worse
(Semiconductor Engineering, Dec 09)

What’s Holding Back The IoT
(Semiconductor Engineering, Dec 09)

SEMI Symposium Tackles Riding the Wave of Silicon Magic
(PCB007, Dec 08)

Foundry sales growing faster than chip market
(EE Times Europe Analog, Dec 08)

Tokyo Electron Chairman, President & CEO Tetsuro Higashi receives the SEMI Sales and Marketing Excellence Award
(Press Release Point, Dec 08)

US chip giant Intel set for $1.6bn China investment
(International Business Times UK, Dec 04)

Problems Lurk In SoC Boundaries
(Semiconductor Engineering, Dec 04)

SEMI Industry Strategy Symposium to focus on changing supply chain ecosystem and directions for growth
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Dec 03)

Green meets nano: Scientists create multifunctional nanotubes using nontoxic materials
(Phys.Org, Dec 03)

Taking self-assembly to the limits
(Nanowerk, Dec 03)

Semiconductor equipment sales forecast: $38B in 2014 to nearly $44B in 2015
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Dec 02)

Advantest to Exhibit at SEMICON Japan 2014 in Tokyo, Japan December 3-5
(Investing & Stock Research - Businessweek, Dec 02)

SEMICON Korea Focuses on Breaking through the Limitations of Semiconductor Technology
(Display Plus, Dec 01)

Nanoimprint lithography: try before you buy
(EE Times Europe, Dec 01)

Advantest Announces Newest Handler for Testing Advanced Memory ICs
(Investing & Stock Research - Businessweek, Dec 01)

EU support for first production facilities is missing, says ST COO
(Electronics Weekly, Nov 28)

EC IC Manufacturing Boost May Need Foreign Investment
(Electronics Weekly, Nov 26)

SEMICON Japan 2014 開催直前情報:EVGがパワーデバイス製造など向けの常温ウエハー接合装置を発表
(EE Times Japan, Nov 25)

Soitec, SK Innovation team up for semiconductor materials
(Digitimes, Nov 25)

ASML lands EUV tool orders from TSMC
(Digitimes, Nov 25)

Applied Materials Introduces New Hardmask Process, Saphira
(Blogs - Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community, Nov 24)

Magnetic fields and lasers elicit graphene secret
(Phys.Org, Nov 24)

Soitec and SKI to collaborate on semiconductor materials
(Evertiq, Nov 24)

Blog Review – Monday November 24, 2014
(Chip Design Blogs, Nov 24)

SPTS Technologies’ Versalis fxP multi-technology system is selected by Mapper Lithography's new Russian fab
(Display Plus, Nov 24)

ASML Sets Goal to Triple Chipmaker’s Earnings Per Share by 2020
(Bloomberg Businessweek, Nov 24)

New semiconductor device could lead to better photodetectors
(Phys.Org, Nov 21)

US fab tool book-to-bill ratio stays below parity, says SEMI
(Digitimes, Nov 21)

Tomorrow's degradable electronics
(Phys.Org, Nov 20)

European 3D TSV Summit 2015: Keynote speakers announced
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Nov 19)

Globalfoundries' Fab 8 Has Come A Long Way, Baby
(, Nov 19)

Automotive industry drives chip demand
(EE Times Europe, Nov 19)

Rudolph Gains Traction in Mobile Device Market with Multi-System Orders for Its MetaPULSE G Metrology System
(Investing & Stock Research - Businessweek, Nov 17)

North Carolina researchers transfer atomic-scale thin films to arbitrary substrates
(Semiconductor Today, Nov 17)

EU semi sales on track for a healthy 2014
(New Electronics, Nov 17)

Photoresist Problems Ahead
(Semiconductor Engineering, Nov 14)

Chip makers hope to give IoT a push with power-efficient components
(Computer World Singapore, Nov 14)

New way to move atomically thin semiconductors for use in flexible devices (w/video)
(Nanowerk, Nov 13)

Re-Engineering The FinFET
(Semiconductor Engineering, Nov 13)

Transistor Options Narrow For 7nm
(Semiconductor Engineering, Nov 13)

IoT Sees Real Adoption In Industry, Driving Development Of Ecosystem
(Semiconductor Engineering, Nov 13)

China, US Strike Tech Trade Deal
(Electronic Engineering Times, Nov 12)

U.S. and China Agree to Tariff-Free Technology Trade
(, Nov 11)

$1,000,000 “Challenge Grant” goal achieved for SEMI high tech industry workforce development
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Nov 11)

Slight Increase in Third Quarter 2014 Silicon Wafer Shipments
(EMS Now, Nov 11)

Indium opens regional tech hub in Penang, expands team
(Computer World Singapore, Nov 11)

Silicon wafer shipments increase in 3Q14, says SEMI
(Digitimes, Nov 10)

More Things Are Critical Systems
(Semiconductor Engineering, Nov 10)

TSMC Predicts Next Big Thing
(Electronic Engineering Times, Nov 10)

Construction begins on 71 MW Argentinean PV fab
(PV Magazine, Nov 10)

Applied Materials Develops Advanced Patterning Solution for Memory Devices
(Nanowerk, Nov 10)

Nine of the Top 20 Semiconductor Suppliers are Forecast to Register Double-Digit Growth in 2014
(EMS Now, Nov 07)

China, Japan Agree to Overcome Political Obstacles, Improve Ties
(Bloomberg, Nov 07)

Taiwan makers focus on improving product mix, high-profit production in 2015
(Digitimes, Nov 05)

Thomson Reuters Names the 2014 Top 100 Global Innovators
(Investing & Stock Research - Businessweek, Nov 05)

Tetsuro Higashi to receive the SEMI Sales and Marketing Excellence Award
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Nov 05)

Quantum Materials Scales Up Quantum Dot Production for Solar, Display and Lighting Markets
(Printed Electronics Now, Nov 05)

Chips for IoT market to grow 36% in 2015, says Gartner
(EE Times Europe, Nov 05)

Smart light bulb market to reach 223m by 2020
(EE Times Europe, Nov 05)

South America: Bright New Market for Semicon Industry
(PCB007, Nov 05)

BRIEF-Taiwan's TSMC orders equipment for T$1.4 bln
(Reuters Global Markets News, Nov 04)

Manufacturing Bits: Nov. 4
(Semiconductor Engineering, Nov 04)

Imec presents back-side illuminated CMOS image sensor with UV-optimized antireflective coating
(Phys.Org, Nov 04)

Semicon Market to Greatly Benefit from IoT
(PCB007, Nov 03)

ESIA: Semi sales line with worldwide development
(Evertiq, Nov 03)

Chinese PV glass maker sets up shop in Dubai
(PV Magazine, Nov 03)

Panel makers continuing to eye opportunities in vehicle industry
(Digitimes, Nov 03)

Semiconductor Manufacturing: Present at ASMC 2015 -- 'Call for Papers' Deadline Extended to November 10
(, Oct 31)

SEMICON Japan 2014: New Venue and New Ideas for Rebounding Industry
(EMS Now, Oct 30)

SEMICON Japan 2014: New venue and new ideas for rebounding industry
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Oct 29)

UMC Takes Bigger Slice of 28nm Business
(Electronic Engineering Times, Oct 29)

Imaging of electrons moving around at 80,000m per second in semiconductor
(Nanowerk, Oct 29)

Fact Sheet: President Obama Announces New Actions to Further Strengthen U.S. Manufacturing
(, Oct 28)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts September 2014 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 0.94
(EMS Now, Oct 28)

Windowless Planes: The Future of Flight or Fright?
(Design News, Oct 28)

Is China Interested in FD-SOI? You Bet.
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Oct 27)

Rebranding the revolution: the future of IoT is embedded
(EE Times Europe, Oct 27)

Three-dimensional metamaterials with a natural bent
(Phys.Org, Oct 24)

STMicroelectronics tops five billion MEMS sensors shipped
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Oct 23)

Redefining A System…And Why It Matters
(Semiconductor Engineering, Oct 23)

Europe set to decide energy future
(Pv Tech, Oct 23)

China's 5-Year Plan Revealed
(Electronic Engineering Times, Oct 23)

Intel, IBM dueling 14nm FinFETS
(EE Times Europe, Oct 22)

Materials for the next generation of electronics and photovoltaics
(Phys.Org, Oct 21)

North America semiconductor equipment industry posts book-to-bill ratio of 0.94 in September, says SEMI
(Digitimes, Oct 20)

GlobalFoundries: No layoffs in IBM chip units
(Bloomberg Businessweek, Oct 20)

IBM preps for a post-silicon world
(, Oct 20)

European Chipmakers: Fighting Back
(The Economist, Oct 20)

Why IBM Paid Globalfoundries $1.5B to Take Chip Unit
(Bloomberg Businessweek, Oct 20)

Adoption of flip-chip LEDs and chip-scale packaging changing material/equipment market and supply chain
(Semiconductor Today, Oct 17)

TSMC to start production of 16nm process products in 2Q15
(Digitimes, Oct 16)

Volume 16nm Production Next Year.
(Electronics Weekly, Oct 16)

Albert Theuwissen of Harvest Imaging Honored with European SEMI Award 2014
(EMS Now, Oct 16)

Semiconductor Materials Market to Surpass $46 Billion in 2015
(Semiconductor Engineering, Oct 16)

Is Multi-Patterning Good for You?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Oct 16)

A breeding ground for French startups
(EE Times Europe, Oct 14)

Nobels Should Celebrate Invention and Optimization
(Electronic Engineering Times, Oct 14)

French startup to consumerize the sense of smell
(EE|Times Europe, Oct 13)

EUV and mask complexity
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Oct 13)

Counterfeit electronic components in weapons systems, platforms cost lives
(Electronic Products Magazine, Oct 09)

Counterfeit electronic components in weapons systems, platforms cost lives
(Electronic Products Magazine, Oct 09)

UMC Joins $6.2B China Foundry
(Electronic Engineering Times, Oct 09)

Chip Options Sought as Costs Rise
(Electronic Engineering Times, Oct 08)

SEMI announces rising annual silicon wafer shipment forecast
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Oct 07)

Chip market growth slows but Europe stays strong
(EE Times Europe, Oct 07)

SEMICON Europa 2014 in Grenoble Expands by 40%: Increasing Opportunities as Supply Chain Complexity Grows
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Oct 07)

Wrap-up: SEMI’s Strategic Materials Conference
(Blogs - Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community, Oct 07)

Chip Makers Face Scaling Hurdles
(Electronic Engineering Times, Oct 07)

SEMICON Europa 2014 in Grenoble Expands by 40%: Increasing Opportunities as Supply Chain Complexity Grows
(EMS Now, Oct 07)

SEMI announces rising annual silicon wafer shipment forecast
(Display Plus, Oct 07)

SEMICON Europa 2014 in Grenoble Expands by 40%: Increasing Opportunities as Supply Chain Complexity Grows
(, Oct 06)

Albert Theuwissen of Harvest Imaging Honored with European SEMI Award 2014
(, Oct 06)

Air Products Vice President Helps Simplify Complexities of New Material Development in Semiconductor Industry
(Investing & Stock Research - Businessweek, Oct 06)

Europe: Strong growth in chip equipment spending in 2015
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Oct 06)

Air Products to Supply Technology and Hydrogen for 19 FirstElement Fuel California Fueling Stations
(PR Newswire, Oct 06)

Samsung to invest $14.7 billion in new chip facility
(Evertiq, Oct 06)

European 3D TSV Summit to add business focus
(EE Times Europe Analog, Oct 02)

SEMICON Japan Features “World of IoT” – a New Show-within-a-Show
(EMS Now, Oct 02)

SEMICON Japan features “World of IoT”
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Oct 01)

IFTLE 211 Semicon Taiwan part 2: Unimicron, Yole, Micron
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Oct 01)

Investments in hardware start-ups signals shift from research to HVM for plastic electronics
(+Plastic Electronics, Oct 01)

European 3D TSV Summit: 'Smarter System Integration' Theme to Focus on Both Business and Technology
(, Oct 01)

More Than Moore
(Semiconductor Engineering, Oct 01)

Media Alert: Advantest to Exhibit at SEMICON Europa 2014 in Grenoble, France October 7-9
(Investing & Stock Research - Businessweek, Oct 01)

European 3D TSV Summit: “Smarter system integration” theme to focus on both business and technology
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Sep 30)

IBM Conquers Wafer-Scale Graphene
(Electronic Engineering Times, Sep 30)

Manufacturing Bits: Sept. 30
(Semiconductor Engineering, Sep 30)

Vietnam to build two IC plants
(Electronics Weekly, Sep 29) 

The Real Numbers: Redefining NRE
(Semiconductor Engineering, Sep 26)

TSMC to Lead Wafer Revenue in 2014
(PCB007, Sep 26)

Nanotechnology and 3D-printing
(Nanowerk, Sep 26)

A prison for photons in a diamond-like photonic crystal
(Nanowerk, Sep 25)

Challenges Increase for IP At Advanced Nodes
(Semiconductor Engineering, Sep 25)

Dow Builds Korean Quantum Dot Manufacturing Operation
(PCB007, Sep 24)

SEMI forms new Tablet Working Group
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Sep 24)

HP Develops New Materials for Flexible Printed Electronics
(Printed Electronics Now, Sep 24)

'Greener,' low-cost transistor heralds advance in flexible electronics
(Phys.Org, Sep 24)

IFTLE 210 IBM Global Foundries reaching closure?; Semicon Taiwan 2014 part 1: Hitachi Chem & SPIL
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Sep 23)

Innovative semiconductor image sensor for analysis of blood samples for early diagnosis of diabetes and Alzheimer's
(Nanowerk, Sep 23)

Taiwan establishes ties with EU countries on IoT
(, Sep 23)

System Bits: Sept. 23
(Semiconductor Engineering, Sep 23)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts August 2014 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.04
(EMS Now, Sep 23)

Blog review September 22, 2014
(Blogs - Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community, Sep 22)

N.A. Semicon Equipment Industry's August B2B Ratio at 1.04
(PCB007, Sep 19)

SEMI releases second quarter 2014 worldwide PV equipment market statistics report
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Sep 18)

7nm EUV could ease 10nm squeeze, says ASML
(EE Times Europe, Sep 18)

18 Views of the Silicon Horizon
(Electronic Engineering Times, Sep 17)

ASML on EUV: Available at 10nm
(Blogs - Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community, Sep 17)

German PV equipment suppliers continue business recovery, says VDMA
(Pv Tech, Sep 17)

7nm EUV Could Ease 10nm Squeeze
(Electronic Engineering Times, Sep 16)

Harvard finds material to challenge silicon
(Electronics Weekly, Sep 16)

China promoting development of MEMS industry
(Digitimes, Sep 16)

35 Major European Start-ups Emerge at SEMICON Europa’s Innovation Village
(EMS Now, Sep 16)

U.S. foundry agrees to help expand China's MEMS ecosystem
(EE Times Europe, Sep 15)

Intel using IoT to improve efficiency of its chip fab facilities
(Computer World Singapore, Sep 15)

NASA's Mars rover begins its major scientific mission
(Computer World Singapore, Sep 12)

Two years of plenty coming for chip industry, says analyst
(EE Times Europe, Sep 11)

Intel Opens Door on 7nm, Foundry
(Electronic Engineering Times, Sep 11)

Europe: Strong Growth in Chip Equipment Spending in 2015; SEMICON Europa Expands by 40%
(, Sep 11)

Glass wafers and interposers: What new Corning semiconductor technology means for the market
(Digitimes, Sep 11)

China panel makers increase large-size shipments by 42.8% in 1H14
(Digitimes, Sep 11)

Collaboration Accelerates Moore’s Law
(Semiconductor Engineering, Sep 11)

Gas Applications in Lithography
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Sep 10)

SEMICON Taiwan 2014 Highlights Advanced Packaging Technology
(Display Plus, Sep 10)

Outlook: Healthy equipment spending into 2015
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Sep 10)

Beautiful, brilliant people
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Sep 10)

The semiconductor industry: Out in front, but lagging behind
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Sep 10)

Equipment spending shows strong growth for 2014 and 2015
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Sep 10)

A review about resistless nanofabrication by stencil lithography
(Nanowerk, Sep 10)

SMIC Introduces Independently Developed 38nm NAND Process Technology
(Investing & Stock Research - Businessweek, Sep 10)

MEMS industy is facing a paradox
(Display Plus, Sep 09)

The next 'smart thing'
(Electronic Products Magazine, Sep 09)

Second quarter 2014 semi equipment billings 28% higher than 2013 second quarter
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Sep 09)

Two-dimensional phosphorus a promising semiconductor
(Nanowerk, Sep 08)

Edwards Brings the Future of Sub-Fab Technology to SEMICON® Europa 2014
(Investing & Stock Research - Businessweek, Sep 08)

Following Real Money On The IoT
(Semiconductor Engineering, Sep 04)

Moore's lag shifts paradigm of semi industry
(EE Times Europe, Sep 04)

Can China Buy Its Way Into Global IC Industry?
(Electronic Engineering Times, Sep 04)

SEMICON Taiwan 2014 Opens Today with Spotlight on 3D-IC, Sustainable Manufacturing, and MEMS
(, Sep 04)

University Researchers Make Headway on Flexible and Printed Electronics
(Printed Electronics Now, Sep 03)

SEMICON Taiwan 2014 opens today with spotlight on 3D-IC, sustainable manufacturing, and MEMS
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Sep 03)

SUNY CSNE to use yield management software from Rudolph Technologies
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Sep 02)

Europe leads world in chip market growth
(EE Times Europe Analog, Sep 02)

Major IDMs Increasingly Rely on Foundries for Logic Production
(EMS Now, Sep 02)

KLA-Tencor introduces key systems for 5D™ patterning control solution
(Display Plus, Sep 01)

Utility-scale projects driving Japan’s PV module demand
(Pv Tech, Sep 01)

Interview: Sir Peter Bonfield on how Europe can compete
(EE Times Europe Analog, Sep 01)

Keynotes, Highlights for Vietnam Semicon Summit Revealed
(PCB007, Aug 29)

Deeper Dive – Intel’s 14nm – August 29, 2014
(Chip Design Blogs, Aug 29)

Keynotes, Highlights for Vietnam Semicon Summit Revealed
(PCB007, Aug 29)

Deeper Dive – Intel’s 14nm – August 29, 2014
(Chip Design Blogs, Aug 29)

Vietnam Semiconductor Strategy Summit — Keynotes and highlights announced
(Electronic Products Magazine, Aug 28)

Using materials other than silicon for next generation electronic devices
(Phys.Org, Aug 28)

Intel Announces New Packaging and Test Technologies for Foundry Customers
(Investing & Stock Research - Businessweek, Aug 27)

KLA-Tencor Introduces Key Systems for 5Dâ„¢ Patterning Control Solution
(Silicon Valley Business Journal, Aug 26)

Scientists craft atomically seamless, thinnest-possible semiconductor junctions
(Phys.Org, Aug 26)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts July 2014 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.07
(EMS Now, Aug 26)

Scaling III-V integration to 300mm-diameter silicon and beyond
(Semiconductor Today, Aug 25)

The Week in Review: August 22, 2014
(Blogs - Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community, Aug 22)

SEMI’s July book-to-bill is 1.07
(Electronics Weekly, Aug 22)

New ClassOne Electroplater a "Sellout" at SEMICON
(EDN, Aug 22)

New ClassOne Electroplater a "Sellout" at SEMICON
(Investing & Stock Research - Businessweek, Aug 22)

Energy Efficiency Electrifies SEMICON Europa: Low Power and Power Electronics
(Press Release Point, Aug 21)

Ready To Pounce
(Semiconductor Engineering, Aug 21)

Infineon Buys International Rectifier
(Electronic Engineering Times, Aug 21)

More Than Moore
(Semiconductor Engineering, Aug 21)
China Wants to Be No. 1
(Electronic Engineering Times, Aug 20)

Infineon Negotiating $2 Billion US Semiconductor Purchase: Report
(International Business Times, Aug 20)

FlexTech Alliance Announces 2015 FLEX Conference Theme, Call for Papers and Advisory Committee
(Printed Electronics Now, Aug 18)

Germany leads demand as sales of semiconductors grow by 5.3%
(New Electronics, Aug 18)

China closes polysilicon import loophole
(Display Plus, Aug 18)

Kateeva coating could finally give us bendable displays
(Phys.Org, Aug 15)

The Week In Review
(Semiconductor Engineering, Aug 15)

Signoff Intensity On The Rise
(Semiconductor Engineering, Aug 15)

China Seeks to Close Loophole on Solar Polysilicon Import Duties
(Bloomberg, Aug 14)

Applied Materials' EES revenues suggest very modest recovery in PV equipment industry
(PV Magazine, Aug 14)

Change the Channel Like a Jedi: The Latest Force Behind Mind Control
(Bloomberg, Aug 14)

Why The Next Couple Process Nodes Are So Critical
(Semiconductor Engineering, Aug 14)

The growing semiconductor market in India
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Aug 14)

Strong Growth in Second Quarter 2014 Silicon Wafer Shipments
(EMS Now, Aug 14)

This Is What 450mm Wafers Look Like
(Semiconductor Engineering, Aug 14)

More Problems Ahead
(Semiconductor Engineering, Aug 14)

Plasma-Therm Leads Taiwan Plasma Workshop
(EMS Now, Aug 13)

Blog Review: Aug. 13
(Semiconductor Engineering, Aug 13)

Strong growth in second quarter 2014 silicon wafer shipments
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Aug 12)

'Spin' technology boon for future electronic devices
(, Aug 12)

Rudolph Receives Volume Purchase Order from Major Taiwan OSAT for 2D/3D Inspection Systems
(, Aug 11)

SMIC and JCET Establish a Joint Venture in Jiangyin National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone
(EMS Now, Aug 11) 

MEMS leaders under pressure, says Yole
(EE Times Europe Analog, Jul 31)

There’s Light At The End Of The Tunnel, says IBM
(Electronics Weekly, Jul 30)

New Benchmark Established for EUV
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Jul 29)

IoT: sensor fusion or confusion?
(EE Times Europe, Jul 29)

A call to provide advanced equipment to growth companies
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jul 28)

Superfast stress inspection for overlay control
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jul 28)

Building an advanced silicon MEMS chip just became faster and more affordable
(Display Plus, Jul 28)

Existence of two-dimensional nanomaterial silicene questioned
(Phys.Org, Jul 25)

Life After 28nm: Think Network-on-Chip
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jul 25)

China aims for semiconductor industrial output of CNY350 billion in 2015
(EMS Now, Jul 25)

Google and IEEE launch $1m Little Box Challenge to create smaller power inverter
(Semiconductor Today, Jul 24)

China aims for semiconductor industrial output of CNY350 billion in 2015
(Digitimes, Jul 24)

Singapore invests $200m in semiconductor R&D
(New Electronics, Jul 23)

SEMI Announces New South America Semiconductor Strategy Summit
(EMS Now, Jul 23)

Solid State Equipment wins 2014 3D InCites Award for WaferEtch TSV Revealer
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jul 22)

NA Semiconductor Equipment Industry 's June B2B Ratio 1.09
(PCB007, Jul 22)

Blog review July 21, 2014
(Blogs - Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community, Jul 21)

Resentment, Jealousy, Feuds: A Look at Intel’s Founding Team
(HBR Blog Network, Jul 21)

5 takeouts from Intersolar North America
(PV Magazine, Jul 18)

Edwards Honoured at SEMICON® West 2014 for Driving New Industry Standards
(Investing & Stock Research - Businessweek, Jul 17)

Imaging Without Limits: Phones Lead Growth but Innovative Applications Expanding the Market
(, Jul 17)

EE Times Silicon 60: Hot Startups to Watch
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jul 15)

IFTLE 200 Semicon West Suss Workshop: Laser Debonding and KLA Tencor platform for WLP inspection
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Jul 14)

KLA-Tencor launches inspection and review portfolio for leading IC technologies
(Semiconductor Today, Jul 11)

13 Things I Heard at Semicon West
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jul 11)

ClassOne launches electroplating tool for smaller-substrate users
(Semiconductor Today, Jul 11)

2-Year Chipmaking Equipment Spending Boom Coming
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jul 10)

USHIO Exhibits Lithography Tools For Next-Generation Packaging at Semicon West
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jul 10)

Solid State Technology and SEMI Announce the 2014 'Best of West' Award Winner
(, Jul 10)

IBM to spend $3 bn aiming for computer chip breakthrough
(Phys.Org, Jul 10)

Global chip equipment spending looks to double-digit growth in 2014, says SEMI
(Digitimes, Jul 10)

Applied Materials introduces CVD, CMP systems for 3D architectures
(Digitimes, Jul 10)

Standards Industry Leaders Honored at SEMICON West 2014
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jul 09)

Slideshow: Inside Google's Modular Phone
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jul 09)

James C. Morgan announces $1,000,000 “Challenge Grant” for high tech industry workforce development
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jul 08)

SEMI and Solid State Technology announce the 2014 “Best of West” Award finalists
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jul 08)

What’s next for semiconductor packaging?
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jul 08)

Printed, flexible, and organic electronics: A growing opportunity
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jul 08)

Air Products is Advancing Sustainability at SEMICON West
(, Jul 08)

James C. Morgan Announces $1,000,000 'Challenge Grant' for High Tech Industry Workforce Development
(, Jul 08)

SEMI Announces Results of Board Elections and Leadership Appointments
(, Jul 08)

Applied Materials and Tokyo Electron Unveil New Company Name - Eteris
(Nanowerk, Jul 08) 

Light in, light out: the rock that breaks the rules
(Nanowerk, Jun 26)

Fab Owners Association (FOA) Expands Membership to Include Packaging and Test

Leti to Present Technological Platforms for the Future at Semicon West
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jun 26)

R&D Crisis Ahead?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jun 26)

Edwards Presents at SEMICON West on Sustainable Manufacturing Practices
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Jun 25)

GlobalFoundries presents first global Supplier Awards
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jun 23)

Bookings and billings maintain a consistent pace in May 2014
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jun 20)

KLA-Tencor Announces Analyst Briefing At SEMICON West 2014
(Silicon Valley Business Journal, Jun 19)

Will 7nm And 5nm Really Happen?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jun 19)

SEMICON West Preview: Test
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jun 19)

From The Whiteboard: David Lam
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jun 19)

The Next Wave of Solar Technologies: Silicon Evolution, Not Revolution
(Greentech Media, Jun 18)

Exhibitors Forge Critical Business Leads at Intersolar North America
(Silicon Valley Business Journal, Jun 18)

PV equipment bookings in recovery mode
(Pv Tech, Jun 18)

Qualcomm Calls for Monolithic 3D IC
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jun 17)

200mm equipment market gaining new lease on life
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jun 16)

China's IC Industry: Opportunity for All
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jun 13)

Industry sustainability efforts mount with III-Vs and other advanced technologies
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jun 12)

SEMI Reports First Quarter 2014 Worldwide Semiconductor Equipment Figures; Billings US$10.15 Billion
(, Jun 11)

Blog Review: June 11
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jun 11)

SEMI: Q1 2014 Billings at $10.15 Billion
(PCB007 IConnect007, Jun 10)

SIA: April Chip Sales Reached $26.3 Billion
(, Jun 09)

On the recovery: Semiconductor growth expected for the next two years
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jun 09)

Semicon West Preview: Packaging
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jun 09)

Analysts Expect Sustained Semi Growth
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jun 06)

Intel, Taiwan Target Tablets
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jun 05)

EUV Nudges Toward 10nm
(Electronic Engineering Times, Jun 05)

Fab Equip Spending to See 24% Jump in 2014, Record 2015
(PCB007 IConnect007, Jun 04)

Osamu Nakamura named President of SEMI Japan
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jun 03)

The Materials scramble from 10nm down to 5nm
(EE Times Europe, Jun 03)

Applied Materials enables cost-effective vertical integration of 3D chips
(Digitimes, Jun 03)

Alternatives to EUV lithography for sub-10nm patterning
(Nanotechnology Now, Jun 02)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts April 2014 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.03
(EMS Now, Jun 02)

Down to 5nm: Scaling with the usual suspects – performance, cost
(Solid State Technology (Blog), May 29)

Strategic Investors to Connect with Startups at SEMICON West Event — Bob Metcalfe to Keynote
(Press Release Point, May 28)

How chip makers can regain control of their value chain
(EE Times Europe, May 28)

GaN to grow at 9% CAGR to over 18% of RF device market by 2020
(Semiconductor Today, May 28)

IFTLE 194 More on IBM / GF ; SEMI Singapore part 3: Nanium, Fujitsu, EVG
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, May 27)

Three’s Company, Two’s a Crowd: Meet the Efimov Effect
(Scientific American Blog, May 27)

Graphene sheet production method promises to advance solar cell technology
(EE Times Europe, May 26)

Sales of semiconductor equipment in North America continue to demonstrate strong growth
(Solid State Technology (Blog), May 23)

A new way to make sheets of graphene
(Phys.Org, May 23)

Materials Hunt on for 10-5 nm Chips
(Electronic Engineering Times, May 23)

How Hard Can It Be To Make 3D NAND Flash Chips?
(, May 22)

Reducing test costs for silicon photonics
(EDN, May 22)

Brewer Science commercializes megasonic developer for MEMS and compound semiconductors
(Solid State Technology (Blog), May 22)

Toshiba and Sandisk to scrap 2D NAND fab for 300mm 3D NAND
(EE Times Europe, May 22)

Brewer Science commercializes megasonic developer for MEMS and compound semiconductor applications
(Semiconductor Today, May 21)

Photons Coming Down Cloudy Path
(Electronic Engineering Times, May 16)

Applied Materials sets cobalt on path to future chips
(Phys.Org, May 15)

Samsung's fabs to back adoption of ST’s 28nm FD-SOI
(EE Times Europe, May 15)

TSMC, Samsung competing to roll out more advanced processes
(Digitimes, May 14)

New Pentagon Policy Helps Combat Counterfeit Semiconductors
(Investing & Stock Research - Businessweek, May 14) 

Fabless Chip Companies Ranked by 2013 Sales
(Electronic Engineering Times, May 12)

The end of silicon as material of reference for power electronics devices
(Nanowerk, May 12)

Researchers Probe Graphene Alternatives with SHG
(, May 07)

High-performance DACs reduce board space and lower system costs, while increasing accuracy
(PR Newswire, May 07)

'Inventor of the Year' recognition for work harnessing nanoscale self-assembly
(Nanowerk, May 06)

iPhone 6 Release Date Soon as Production Already Underway in China
(International Business Times, May 05)

Global Semiconductor Industry Hits Record Sales in Q1
(PCB007 IConnect007, May 05)

Air Products Again Named to CR Magazine's 100 Best Corporate Citizens List
(, May 01)

The Biggest Problem Facing Semiconductors
(, Apr 30)

SEC's Conflict-Mineral Rules Are in Limbo a Month Before Deadline
(Bloomberg Businessweek, Apr 29)

Can Legacy Fabs Keep Up With IoT Demand?
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Apr 28)

Researchers able to watch phase transition in 2D semiconductors using STEM
(Phys.Org, Apr 28)

Russia to invest $4.2 billion in solar sector by 2020
(PV Magazine, Apr 28)

Capex forecasts differ widely
(Electronics Weekly, Apr 28)

EV Group's UV nanoimprint lithography system provides 60 wafer/hr throughput for LED manufacturing
(LEDs Magazine, Apr 25)

SEMICON Southeast Asia to Launch in 2015
(PCB007 IConnect007, Apr 24)

New technology symposium at SEMICON West 2014 to spotlight critical issues in semiconductor manufacturing
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Apr 22)

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts March 2014 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.06
(EMS Now, Apr 22)

EUV cost is $14bn and counting
(Electronics Weekly, Apr 22)

Executive Insight: CH Wu
(Semiconductor Engineering, Apr 21)

Happy 60th Anniversary to the Modern Solar Cell
(Greentech Media, Apr 21)

Samsung and GLOBALFOUNDRIES Collaborate on 14nm FinFET Semiconductor Technology
(Nanowerk, Apr 21)

SEMI announces 2nd Vietnam Semiconductor Strategy Summit
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Apr 18)

Samsung and GLOBALFOUNDRIES Forge Strategic Collaboration to Deliver Multi-Sourced Offering of 14nm FinFET Semiconductor Technology\
(Investing & Stock Research - Businessweek, Apr 17)

What If EUV Fails?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Apr 17)

Time To Revisit 2.5D And 3D
(Semiconductor Engineering, Apr 17)

Searching For Rare Earths
(Semiconductor Engineering, Apr 17)

Gaps In Metrology Could Impact Yield
(Semiconductor Engineering, Apr 17)

Applied Materials testing superconducting fault current limiter technology
(Pv Tech, Apr 15)

SEMI Reports 2013 Semiconductor Photomask Sales of $3.1 Billion
(EMS Now, Apr 15)

SEMI Reports 2013 Semiconductor Photomask Sales of $3.1 Billion
(Press Release Point, Apr 14)

Favorite Forecast Fallacies
(Semiconductor Engineering, Apr 14)

The Sustainable Manufacturing Imperative
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Apr 11)

LED front-end equipment market leaders continue to dominate
(EE Times Europe, Apr 10)

Developing phosphor-free white light from nanopyramid LEDs
(Semiconductor Today, Apr 10)

Intel Honors 18 Companies with Preferred Quality Supplier and Achievement Awards
(Investing & Stock Research - Businessweek, Apr 10)

SEMI Releases 4th Quarter 2013 Worldwide Photovoltaic Equipment Market Statistics Report
(, Apr 10)

SEMICON Singapore 2014 Gears Up for the Future with a Focus on Advanced Technology Developments
(Semiconductor Packaging News, Apr 10)

Pain Management
(Semiconductor Engineering, Apr 10)

SEMI announces Innovation Village at SEMICON Europa 2014
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Apr 09)

SEMI releases fourth quarter 2013 worldwide photovoltaic equipent market statistics report
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Apr 09)

Japan's chipmaking equipment vendors fall in 2013 ranking
(EE Times Europe Analog, Apr 09)

Innovation Village at SEMICON Europa 2014: Come Innovate with Us
(, Apr 09)

SUSS MicroTec Publishes its First Report on Sustainability
(, Apr 09)

Interesting Moves in the PE Industry
(Printed Electronics Now, Apr 08)

Samsung claims breakthrough in graphene commercialisation
(Computerworld Malaysia, Apr 08)

Innovation Village at SEMICON Europa 2014: Come Innovate with Us
(Press Release Point, Apr 08)

SEMI Reports 2013 Global Semiconductor Materials Sales of $43.5 Billion
(, Apr 08) 

2013: A year in review
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Apr 04)

The Week In Review: Manufacturing
(Semiconductor Engineering, Apr 04)

A Chinese City Goes After Silicon Valley
(Silicon Valley Business Journal, Apr 03)

Perovskite, a New Meta Material, Turns Light Into Power, Lasers
(Electronic Engineering Times, Apr 03)

Edwards opening US service center
(Semiconductor Today, Apr 03)

Critical milestone for Global 450mm Consortium announced
(Nanowerk, Apr 02)

Smaller microchips that keep their cool
(Phys.Org, Apr 02)

IC Insights Shows Big Changes to 2013 Top 20 Semi Supplier Ranking
(EMS Now, Apr 02)

MEMS, Magnetics Set to Lead Sensor Market Rebound in 2014
(Electronic Engineering Times, Apr 01)

FD-SOI: Back to Basics For Best Cost, Energy Efficiency and Performance
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Mar 31)

Tech Talk: Multipatterning, Take Two
(Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 31)

Camtek receives $4 million in orders from semiconductor manufacturer
(Evertiq, Mar 27)

MEMS – Enter with Care
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Mar 27)

Samsung leads chip capex ranking
(EE Times Europe Analog, Mar 27)

How Much Will That Chip Cost?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 27)

Samsung, Intel, TSMC to Dominate Semicon Capex in 2014
(PCB007 IConnect007, Mar 26)

Mixing silicon with other materials improves the diversity of nanoscale electronic devices
(Phys.Org, Mar 26)

UK should look to France for tech policy
(Electronics Weekly, Mar 26)

Blog Review: March 26
(Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 26)

China to Blow $10B a Year on Chips
(Electronic Engineering Times, Mar 25)

IC market for personal computing systems to jump 6% in 2014, says IC Insights
(Digitimes, Mar 25)

Scientists develop 3D SEM metrology for 10nm structures
(Phys.Org, Mar 24)

EUV Reaches A Crossroads
(Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 20)

Advanced Lithography: Moore’s Law Moves On
 (Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 20)

450mm Standards Update
 (Semiconductor Engineering, Mar 20)

SMIC CEO is awarded SEMI Outstanding EHS Achievement Award
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Mar 19)

SEMICON Singapore 2014 to Highlight IoT
 (PCB007 IConnect007, Mar 19)

Silicon Innovation Forum to Expand in 2014
 (EMS Now, Mar 18)

Japan rebalances its solar market
(PV Magazine, Mar 17)

AIXTRON puts demo cluster for OLED production processes into operation
(, Mar 17)

Advantest launches semiconductor industry's highest density power supply with greater voltage range
(Display Plus, Mar 17)

STATS ChipPAC introduces breakthrough manufacturing method for wafer level packaging
(Display Plus, Mar 17)

An exotic phase to manipulate spin
(Nanowerk, Mar 14)

Silicon Innovation Forum to expand in 2014
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Mar 13)

Fab productivity and process technologies addressed at upcoming semiconductor manufacturing conference
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Mar 12)

SEMI reports 2013 global semiconductor equipment sales of $31.6 billion
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Mar 12)

SEMICON Russia Unveils Microelectronics Market Opportunities
(PCB007 IConnect007, Mar 12)

20 Freescale Semiconductor employees missing in Malaysia Airlines Flight
(Electronic Products Magazine, Mar 10)

Wafer Fab ancillaries in Guj will create jobs for 10,000 engineers [DNA : Daily News & Analysis (India)]
(, Mar 06)

Fab Equipment Spending to Grow 30% in 2014
(PCB007 IConnect007, Mar 06)

Fab equipment spending to rise 20-30% in 2014, says SEMI
(Digitimes, Mar 06)

State of EUVL – Challenges of HVM Introduction
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Mar 04)

Facilities 450mm Consortium Strengthens Capabilities Portfolio With New Member Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems
(, Mar 04)

New SEMICON Europa in Grenoble to Emphasize Innovation and Applications
(EMS Now, Mar 04)

Advantest VOICE 2014 Conference to Feature Robust Technical Program With More Than 100 Papers
(Investing & Stock Research - Businessweek, Mar 04)

January Chip Sales Top $26 Billion
 (Electronic Engineering Times, Mar 03)

New SEMICON Europa in Grenoble to emphasize innovation and applications
 (Solid State Technology (Blog), Mar 03)

Slideshow: Twelve shakers and movers in MEMS
 (EE Times Europe, Mar 03) 

The Final Deadline For EUV
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 27)

Top Ten Semi R&D Spenders
(Electronics Weekly, Feb 26)

Call for Papers Open for SEMICON Europa 2014 and Plastic Electronics 2014
(, Feb 26)

President Obama Announces Two New Public-Private Manufacturing Innovation Institutes and Launches the First of Four New Manufacturing Innovation Institute Competitions
(Press Release Point, Feb 25)

North American semiconductor equipment industry posts January 2014 book-to-bill ratio of 1.04, says SEMI
(Digitimes, Feb 24)

New Challenges For Post-Silicon Channel Materials
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 21)

N.A. Semiconductor Equipment Book-to-Bill Ratio at 1.04
(PCB007 IConnect007, Feb 21)

EUV Start-Up Backed By Intel, Samsung and Applied
(Electronics Weekly, Feb 21)

Executive Insight: Luc Van den hove
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 20)

Driving Innovation: From Talk to Action
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 20)

No technical barriers seen for 450mm
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Feb 19)

Next-Generation Lithography
(Semiconductor Engineering, Feb 19)

GlobalFoundries turns up the tech [The Post-Star, Glens Falls, N.Y. :: ]
(, Feb 17)

Europe’s Plan For 20% World Semiconductor Market Share
(Electronics Weekly, Feb 17)

Potentially revolutionnary material: Novel form of artificial graphene
(Science Daily, Feb 14)

ST central to Europe’s future in microelectronics
(Electronics Weekly, Feb 14)

Device that listens to bacteria
(, Feb 12)

The Will o’ the IC Wisp
(Electronics Weekly, Feb 11)

Exploring the MEMS-Enabled Life: A Preview of MEMS Executive Congress Europe 2014
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Feb 10)

Air Products Receives Gold Level Boeing Performance Excellence Award
(Investing & Stock Research - Businessweek, Feb 10)

Obama State of the Union Calls for a “Year of Action”— Highlighting Multiple Industry Priorities
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Feb 07)

A square peg in a round hole: The economics of panel-based lithography for advanced packaging
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Feb 07)

IBM exploring sale of chip operations, making Intel, Global Foundries potential shoppers
(Silicon Valley Business Journal, Feb 07)

Silicon reclaim wafer market increased 14% in 2013
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Feb 06)

MEDIA ALERT: Advantest to Exhibit at SEMICON Korea 2014 in Seoul COEX February 12-14
(, Feb 06)

Executives debate innovation drivers and cost reduction in microelectronics supply chain
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Feb 05)

SEMI ISS: scaling innovation
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Feb 03)

3D IC ramp up: what can we learn from MEMS?
(EE Times Europe, Feb 03)

Sales record ends chip industry's year
(EE Times Europe Analog, Feb 03)

Europe Leaders to Examine EC's Ambitious Goal  20% Market Share of Global Semiconductor Manufacturing by 2020
(EMS Now, Feb 03)

2014 Capital Spending Up in Korea; SEMICON Korea 2014 to Address Mobile Innovation
(, Jan 31)

Is graphene a real opportunity or just hype?
(EE Times Europe, Jan 31)

Top-13 foundries account for 91% of total foundry sales in 2013, says IC Insights
(Digitimes, Jan 29)

Europe leaders to examine EC’s ambitious goal
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jan 27)

Paradigm shift: Semi equipment tells the future
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jan 27)

Faltering 450mm?
(Electronics Weekly, Jan 27)

Book-to-bill ratio continues to improve
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jan 24)

2014 Outlook: An era of unprecedented change
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jan 24)

What’s After CMOS?
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 24)

Intel vs. TSMC: An Update
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jan 21)

GDP forecasts improving.
(Electronics Weekly, Jan 21)

Besi and Imec collaborate on thermocompression technology for high-accuracy narrow-pitch bonding of 3D ICs
(Display Plus, Jan 20)

With President Announcement in North Carolina Today, Sen. Brown's Bill to Create Network of Manufacturing Innovation Gains Momentum
(, Jan 20)

Semiconductor plastic packaging materials market to approach $21B by 2017
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jan 15)

Economic recovery and pervasive computing to propel semiconductor manufacturing supply chain
(Solid State Technology (Blog), Jan 14)

The magic behind the gadget and the need for innovation
(Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design, Jan 13)

2014 will be a ‘more than stunning’ growth year for equipment sales, says SEMI.
(Electronics Weekly, Jan 13)

Mixed Signals Seen For Fab Tool Industry
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 13)

Memory boom drives global semi sales
(New Electronics, Jan 06)

Memory Sector Drives Semiconductor Sales Recovery in 2013
(PCB007 IConnect007, Jan 03)

NY's GlobalFoundries chip plant to get up to $10B boost
(CNET News, Jan 03)

Kroes’ 20% plan for Europe’s semis is on track
(Electronics Weekly, Jan 03)

Taiwan panel makers expected to maintain profits in 2014
(Digitimes, Jan 02)

Printed electronics gets serious about manufacturing
(Semiconductor Engineering, Jan 01)