LED Taiwan 2015 closes on a perfect note with estimated business opportunities of US$13 million!

LED Taiwan 2015 closes on a perfect note with estimated business opportunities of US$13 million!

LED Annual Event Promises Great Business Opportunities

LED Taiwan Image 1Taiwan’s most important LED tradeshow, LED Taiwan, once again cooperated with Taiwan International Lighting Show in 2015. The events, which were simultaneously held at Taiwan World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall, ended on March 28, 2015. The two shows saw a total of 337 exhibitors occupying 898 booths, and recorded almost 17,000 visitors – a scale larger than those of previous years. In particular, more than 1,000 international buyers from 68 different countries visited the shows, bringing business opportunities estimated at around US$13 million. What a fruitful achievement!

This year’s LED Taiwan featured both domestic and international industry leaders such as Wei Min Industrial, AST Taiwan, Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment, Harbin Aurora Optoelectronics, Crystalwise, Smooth & Sharp, C Sun, Galaxy, Alinc Taiwan, Disco, Shanghai Micro Electronics Equipment, Meyer Burger, Baiyun Chemical, Dow Corning, Tytech, Monocrystal, Rubicon, and Taiyo Nippon Sanso Engineering.

During the four-day events, firms from upstream, midstream and downstream of the LED industry showcased Taiwan’s full supply chain from equipment, materials, epitaxy, packaging solutions to lighting applications. At the same time, international forums and three major networking events were organized for visitors to understand the current development of the LED industry and market trend. Activities were also arranged for buyers and exhibitors to meet and explore cooperation opportunities. This is one of the most important annual events for Taiwan’s LED industry!

Industry Heavyweights Gather to Discuss Market Trends

LED Taiwan Executive Summit ImageThis year’s LED Executive Summit featured major industry players such as Epistar, Cree, Philips Lumileds, and Osram in talks about the latest and future process technology. Biing-Jye Lee, chairman of Epistar, noted that the growth of LED backlighting products this year is being driven mainly by larger-size and higher resolution TVs, as 4K2K sets promise to become the mainstream. This means the number of LED chips per package is lower and yet they feature higher brightness, commanding higher prices. On the other hand, growth in the LED lighting market will be better than that in the backlighting market, and the LED lighting market is expected to see demand double in 2015. The main growth momentum comes from reductions in LED light bulb retail prices to less than US$5/unit, which is expected to drive up LED light bulb sales by 100% in 2015, according to Lee.

LED Taiwan 2015 also held a series of TechXPOT innovative technology launches, ranging from key equipment, materials, sapphire and pattern sapphire substrates (PSS), advanced process technology, smart technology and automotive lighting. There were 31 sessions with more than 1,400 participants. Wen-ching Hung, president of Rigidtech Microelectronics, pointed out during one of the sessions that the market has a bright future, and his firm has been running in full capacity. Michael Zahn, business manager of ASM, an internationally well-known packaging equipment supplier, predicts the LED industry will be growing more mature in the next 20 years with the prospects of having a market value even higher than the semiconductor market’s current level.

Multiple Networking Events – A Great Platform for Firms to Explore Cooperation Opportunities

To facilitate the exchange and collaboration between firms in the supply chain, the organizers of LED Taiwan 2015 seized this great opportunity, arranging networking events such as LED VIP Luncheon. The luncheon facilitated discussions between executives from major domestic and international LED firms such as Nichia, Optotech, Liteon, Unity Opto, Cree, Depo Auto Parts, Philips Lumileds, Jan Cheng Lighting, Epistar, HC Semi Tek, Lextar, Osram, Monocrystal and Rubicon. The organizers also set up the Industry Networking Banquet to provide multiple opportunities for managers, engineers and procurement staff to get acquainted with one another. The International LED Advanced Process and Equipment Technology Business Matching event also saw buyers from seven different countries conduct a total of 42 one-on-one talks with Taiwan-based firms!

Register for LED Taiwan 2016 before July 31, 2015 and Enjoy Early Bird Specials

The LED Taiwan 2016 and Taiwan International Lighting Show will be held at the Taiwan World Trade Center Nangang Hall from April 13-16, 2016. The scale of the shows has been growing and more focused on market demand. The events will set up special areas for sapphire and patterned sapphire substrates, high brightness LEDs, smart lighting and OLED technologies. The 2016 shows will once again provide the best and most effective ways for domestic firms and international buyers to explore the opportunities for cooperation, and they will continue to be one of the most important platforms to connect Taiwan’s LED sector with international markets.

LED Taiwan 2016 is open for registration now. Register before July 31, 2015 and enjoy early bird specials! Firms are welcome to register as soon as possible! For more details, please visit our official website www.ledtaiwan.org or call SEMI +886-3-560-1777 ext. 105 for Ms. Wen Lu. 

LED Taiwan 2015 attracted large numbers of visitors, with business opportunities estimated at US$13 million.

Participants of the LED Executive Summit: (From left to right) Yun-Li Li, CEO of PlayNitride; Walter Chen, general manager of marketing of Cree APAC; Biing-Jye Lee, chairman of Epistar; Michael Schmitt, APAC marketing director of Osram; and Sean Zhou, Asia regional marketing director, Philips Lumileds.

For more information contact Sean Luo, SEMI Taiwan by phone at: +886 3 360-1777 ext. 207, or by email at: sluo@semi.org

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