PV Taiwan 2015 Wrap-up

PV Taiwan 2015 Wrap-up

By Vicky Ho, SEMI Taiwan

While photovoltaics (PV) is still a heavily-subsidized industry, Taiwan’s PV industry is expected to report a US$5.63 billion output for 2015. Although the market has turned sluggish as subsidies are cut in many countries, a survey by SolarPower Europe (formerly EPIA) showed that PV installations increased significantly in Japan, China, and the U.S. in 2014, with global PV installations exceeding 40GW and expected to reach 85GW within the next five years. Clearly, the PV industry will continue to maintain its momentum for growth. Taiwan, as one of the world’s major PV manufacturing centers, has become a key partner for the world. The three-day annual event—PV Taiwan 2015—attracted nearly 10,000 visitors from the world and created tremendous business opportunities for Taiwan’s PV vendors, hosting over 400 one-on-one procurement meetings with invited buyers of sixteen countries.

Five theme pavilions and ten seminars: Opportunities for the latest industrial trends and business opportunities

This year, PV Taiwan attracted 126 exhibitors including Neo Solar Power, Giga Solar Materials, Win Win Precision, TSEC, AUO, Inventec Solar Energy, CSI Technology, GCL-Poly, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Sinogreenergy, and DuPont Taiwan to showcase their products and solutions in 365 booths. The exhibition floor was organized into five theme pavilions, including Equipment & Materials, PV System, HCPV, Testing & Certification, and Innovative Technology & Products of PV System. In addition, a dedicated technology showcase area—iCorner—was set up for invited vendors and researchers to talk about hot topics like rooftop PV systems, future trends, and more. Posters featuring academic presentations could be seen everywhere at the event. Information from visionary researches was also abundant for attendants to absorb during their quiet moments.

While the exhibition was running on the first floor, the PV Taiwan Forum 2015 was held on the fourth floor. More than 55 executives from the world’s key PV players—including Motech, SAS, Tongwei Group, Neo Solar Power, GCL-Poly, Applied Materials, LONGi, and Win Precision—gathered at the forum to share their insights on the future opportunities and challenges facing the PV industry, as well as the latest market updates and technology roadmaps. The sheer volume of information available at the forum and the exhibition embodied the magnificence of PV Taiwan 2015.

PV System Pavilion

The focus of the PV System Pavilion was on "rooftop PV" solutions. Statistics show that roughly 30 percent of all typhoons pass through Taiwan each year, causing significant impact to rooftop PV systems. Exhibitors this year showcased a number of high-efficiency PV modules, monocrystalline silicon solar cells, and real-time power generation monitoring systems to counter the impact of storms with increased system efficiency and robustness.

HCPV Pavilion

Featuring PV vendor Green Source Technology and Taiwan’s Institute of Nuclear Energy Research (INER), the HCPV Pavilion showcased various forms of applications using solar trackers, gear trains, and prototypes for agricultural solar trackers, portraying the ultimate vision of solar farms.

Equipment & Materials Pavilion

This pavilion boasted the largest number of exhibitors, featuring 40 leading vendors in total. Products and technologies exhibited include metallization pastes, PVF film-based backsheets, CIGS PV modules, electroluminescence microscopy inspection of solar cells, and high-efficiency solar cells. The pavilion also displayed a solar-powered aquaponics system to add a little more touch of green, sustainable technology to the show.

Innovative Technology & Products of PV System Pavilion

Set up by Taiwan’s Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs (BOE/MOEA) and ITRI, this pavilion featured PV system integrators and products to promote both technologies and products. Thirteen exhibitors showcased manufacturing equipment, dye sensitized solar cell (DSSC) application implementations, PV system integrated solutions, building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) products, energy storage systems, innovative key components, and other PV-related products and technologies.

Testing & Certification Pavilion

As PV systems are gaining market traction and entering home environments, installation inspection & verification, ongoing maintenance, performance testing, and international certification of PV module manufacturers are now receiving increased attention. In light of this, this pavilion featured some of the leading testing and certification organizations, including Intertek Taiwan, TÜV SÜD Taiwan, TÜV Rheinland Taiwan, and BURGEON, which help ensure the quality of solar-powered lifestyles.

Taiwan Excellent PV Award 2015

In order to encourage Taiwan’s PV vendors to focus on raising the value and competitive edge of their products in global markets, the BOE/MOEA has been giving the "Taiwan Excellent PV Award" since 2013 to the best PV products (chosen by IRTI) with the highest performance, safety, and reliability. This year, four winners received the award in the PV module category: AU Optronics, Neo Solar Power Corporation, TSEC Corporation, and WINAICO. Two winners received the award in the solar cell category: Neo Solar Power Corporation and TSEC Corporation.

For more information about the event, please stay tuned to the official website of PV Taiwan. See you in 2016!

December 21, 2015