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Making the Connection for Teachers

SEMI High Tech U Teacher Edition

To reinforce the concepts students learn at High Tech U, the Foundation presents a version of SEMI High Tech U for middle and secondary school teachers. In most cases, continuing education unit credits (CEU's) are available to those who participate. Many of the classroom modules are the same as those presented to students. As with students, the goal is to help teachers make the connection between classroom instruction and the path to high tech careers.

SEMI High Tech U Teacher Edition gives classroom educators the unique opportunity to have a two-day, hands-on learning experience about microelectronics and the alternative energy industry. It provides practical applications of math, science and technology for classroom instruction and curriculum. Modules are taught by industry professionals who volunteer their time and present research-based curriculum.

Teacher programs are also sponsored by industry and local educational organizations. In areas such as the Capital Region of New York State, New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) has encouraged teachers to attend HTU to support their professional development goals.

Teachers who participate in HTU programs are always surveyed. One hundred percent of participants say the program met or exceeded their expectations, and their average knowledge of microelectronics nearly doubled. They now understand the courses their students should take in high school to lead them to a science or engineering career. All participating teachers and counselors say they would recommend a career in the high tech industry to their students.

To find out more about a SEMI HTU Teacher Edition in your region, please check our High Tech U Calendar. If you would like to receive a sample agenda from a recent program, please send your request to If you have questions, please contact the SEMI Foundation at 1-408-943-7860

What Teachers Are Saying

“High Tech U enables students to see science and math concepts in action and learn how they are applied in a collaborative effort among teams to solve real life issues. What an amazing idea! In addition, students learn from, and are inspired by, professionals who take time to mentor them. I am sold on the impact of High Tech U and intend to champion this exceptional program going forward.”

— John Biera, Principal, Coronado High School Scottsdale, Arizona

Teachers Talk About HTU Teacher Edition

“High Tech U reaffirmed the relevance of what I do in the classroom, preparing my students for high tech jobs. It opened my eyes to the wealth of resources that are available through the businesses in our own community. I had several students attend the High Tech U program last year and they came back fired up about engineering.”

— Carol Gaumond, Science and Engineering Teacher
Glencoe High School, Hillsboro, Oregon

“This is the best professional development program I have ever experienced in my 16 years of teaching.”

— Mark Kaercher, Grade 9 and 11 Mathematics Teacher
Shaker High School, Latham, New York

“I have had several students change their schedule for the following semester. They started to take courses for a pupose and not just because they had to.”

— Rick Spears, Industrial Education
Gilbert HIgh School, Gilbert, Arizona