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Information for Volunteers 

Is This Program for You?

This internationally acclaimed career exploration program offers secondary school students a life changing experience. It also gives teachers who sign up for the SEMI High Tech U Teacher Edition an opportunity to interface with people who have careers in high tech companies. Typically hosted at a high tech industry site and taught by industry instructor volunteers, activities are engaging, exciting and relevant to real world applications. Students who attend SEMI HTU report they enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to connect with people who work in industry.

What Can I Volunteer To Do?

There are three ways to volunteer at SEMI HTU.

  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Instructor
  • Interviewer

Master of Ceremonies (MC)

The role of the MC at a student program:

  • Welcome students and facilitates transitions between activities each day
  • Explain and motivate students to fulfill the SEMI HTU “Desired Behaviors” that are an important part of our curriculum
  • Help students with activities as needed
  • Fill in any gaps in time slots with additional activities
  • May serve as a chaperone for the off-site tour

Ideally, the profile of the “MC” would include the following characteristics:

History in and knowledge of the semiconductor and/or high tech industry

  • Outgoing and engaging personality
  • Clear communication style
  • Sense of humor; has fun with the materials
  • Imparts excitement about industry careers to students
  • Accessible to students
  • Behavior reflects the Vision and Mission of the SEMI Foundation
  • Models the “Desired Behaviors” of the SEMI HTU program

Volunteer Instructor

As a volunteer instructor, you will teach interesting and fun hands-on math- and science-based activities and work with students to solve real world problems. There is very little preparation time required. You will also interact with secondary school students who have an interest and aptitude for math and science and have an interest in a high tech career
You could change their lives!

What Kind of Activities Do Instructors Teach?

Having fun, working in teams and learning by doing are all part of the SEMI HTU experience. At HTU, you can teach:

  • how microchips and solar chips are made. Students pattern and layer their own wafer.
  • how statistics are important in quality control decisions by launching hacky sacks using statapults.
  • how electronics really work using the HTU electronic circuit board.
  • a unique feet-on HTU activity where students become the inside of a calculator.
  • problem solving based on real world problems in third world countries.
  • students how to prepare for an interview in preparation for their one-on-one interview with an industry professional.

Volunteers Talk About HTU

What Volunteers Are Saying

“The spontaneous, enthusiastic response I get from students keeps me coming back as a volunteer instructor. I can see what I do is playing a role in shaping the future of many of our High Tech U students. Knowing this gives me a great sense of satisfaction.”

— Brad Houser, Automation Manager, Intel

Ideally, the profile of HTU instructors would include the following characteristics:

  • A member of industry related to a high tech field
  • An interesting, dynamic and vibrant person
  • Willing to participate in a Train-the-Trainer session (Train-the-Trainer sessions are generally conducted via teleconference and last  30 to 60 minutes)
  • Knowledgeable about the subject matter
  • A good presenter that will engage students
  • Able to present for approximately an hour depending on the activity and show up 10-15 minutes early

What Does an Interviewer Do?

Interviewers are asked to participate in a mock interview session with two or more students. This typically takes about one hour with a half hour preparation time prior to the activity. All students who attend HTU are given an opportunity to interface with an industry professional. Once the interview is completed, each student receives a feedback form that highlights their strengths and weaknesses. Mock interviews are one of the most popular modules for interviewer and interviewee.

Who Should Volunteer?

You should if:

  • you enjoy teaching and relate well  to kids and adults
  • your job involves engineering, math or science
  • you are a human resources professional or manager
  • you want to share your story with students and make a difference in their lives

How to Volunteer

Please contact the SEMI Foundation for more information at 408.943.7860, or contact: