SEMI Expands Metrics Webinar Education Series

SEMI Expands Metrics Webinar Education Series on SEMI E10, E79, and other Metrics Standards

By David L. Bouldin, chair, North America Chapter of the Metrics Global Technical Committee; principal consultant, Fab Consulting

SEMI has recently released the next two educational webinars with a detailed overview of SEMI E10 equipment state/substate tracking and a high-level overview of the entire SEMI E79. These join the suite of metric-related webinars that also include high-level overviews of SEMI E10, E79, E58, and E116 (and how they work together) and a high-level overview of the entire SEMI E10.

These on-demand webinars are free to stream from the SEMI Standards website to facilitate the application and correct usage of these existing Standards.

SEMI E10 is one of the most widely used equipment performance metrics Specification Standards in the semiconductor and other related high-tech industries. SEMI E10 provides the methodologies needed for measuring and evaluating equipment reliability, availability, and maintainability (RAM) and utilization performance. This Standard plays a critical role in the everyday operations in manufacturing facilities, such as wafer fabs, around the world. SEMI E79 provides the additional methodologies needed for measuring and evaluating equipment productivity performance including overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and throughput.

The E10-related webinars are intended for everyone interested in tracking and improving equipment performance (e.g., equipment and process engineers) by complying with the latest versions of SEMI E10 and E79, especially for multi-path cluster tools. 

Developed by the Equipment Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Productivity (RAMP) Task Force of the North America chapter of the Metrics Global Technical Committee, this newly launched detailed overview webinar of SEMI E10 has two parts:

  • Part 1 of a two-part webinar combination will provide a detailed explanation of SEMI E10’s Related Information 2.  This webinar provides a detailed overview of an example scenario focusing on how to properly use the basic equipment states/substates to track equipment performance.
  • Part 2 webinar, planned for release in late 2016, will focus on using the data obtained from Part 1 to demonstrate how to calculate all of the E10 metrics (e.g., uptime, MTBF, MTTR) for individual equipment modules, the intended process sets, and the multi-path cluster tool.



The next SEMI North America Metrics Technical Committee Chapter Meeting is scheduled for November 9, 2016 at SEMI HQ in San Jose, California. To get involved, please register at or contact your local Standards staff.

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This article first appeared in the SEMI Global Update on October 4, 2016