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Taylor Sholler U.S. Imposes High Duty on PV Products from China
By Taylor Sholler, SEMI
On December 16, 2014, the U.S. Commerce Department announced a final determination in the antidumping duty and countervailing duty investigations related to imports of certain crystalline silicon PV products from China. (Read More)

Solyndra's Fall was Great for Solar, Just Ask Henry Ford
By Brad Mattson, Siva Power
In case you haven't heard, February is the month to buy a solar company. There have been recent acquisitions by Enphase, Canadian Solar, and Trina Solar. From the utilities, both Duke and NRG have made massive solar investments. (Read More)

Why a Roadmap for PV?
By Stephan Raithel, SEMI
What is always needed, will be more and more advanced, and sets the baseline for sustainable success? Technology! That's why SEMI established and maintains the International Technology Roadmap for PV (ITRPV). (Read More)

New Solar Jobs Report Shows Impressive Gains
By Rhone Resch, SEIA
Solar energy continues to be one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. The latest state-by-state breakdown of solar jobs in the U.S. shows impressive growth and encouraging trends. (Read More)

PV Equipment: Business is Improving - Still Challenges to Cope With
By Dr. Florian Wessendorf, VDMA
Manufacturers of photovoltaic machines, components and equipment have noticed rather positive economic impulses in the last quarters. Investment went mainly into retro-fit and up-grades of existing production lines. (Read More)

SEMI PV Standards Update from China
By Kris Shen, International Standards, SEMI China
In total, the China PV Technical Committees have published 11 standards, with 17 standards in the pipeline. Four PV standards have been published in the first quarter of 2015 (Read More)

Boost for Solar Energy - "Make in India" In Action
By Naveen Kumar, SEMI India
Optimism in India about renewed momentum in the solar sector is spreading among industry stakeholders and renewable energy advocates. SEMI PV members in the region have reason to expect significant business opportunities. (Read More)

Quality Management: An Effective Recipe for a QM System
By Werner Bergholz, QTEAM and Jacobs University Bremen
Quality cannot be "tested into" PV cells and/or modules but must be "made" at every single production step along the whole value chain, starting with materials, and ending with the installation of the PV system. (Read More)

E.ON to Split into Two Entities; New Focus
By Dean Frankel, Lux Research
This new E.ON will focus on three core divisions, namely renewables, distribution, and "customer solutions" spread across Germany, the United Kingdom, Turkey, and Sweden, among others. (Read More)

Task Force Update
By Sarah Kurtz, NREL
Update on efforts of the International PV QA Task Force (PVQAT) and Associated Standards Work by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) (Read More)

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