SEMI® Global Update - April 2015
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SEMI Global Update
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April 22-24
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June 17-18
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June 18
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June 25
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Apr 15
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May 3-6
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June 2
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50 Years of Moore's Law: A Lesson in (R)Evolution

Bettina WeissThis month marks the 50th anniversary of Moore's Law, an amazing milestone for the semiconductor industry. Looking back through our industry's history, we must marvel at the speed, growth, technical sophistication and transformative changes computer chips have made over the past few decades. None of this would have been possible without semiconductor equipment and materials - the founding companies of SEMI. (Read More)

Bettina Weiss

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Moore's Law at 50 and the Rice-and-Chessboard Fable

By Peter Gillespie, SEMI
Fifty years ago, Gordon Moore published a paper in Electronics Magazine that was the genesis for what we now call Moore's Law.

2014: A Year in Review -- Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Market and Outlook

By Lara Chamness, SEMI
2014 was the second record breaking year in a row in terms of semiconductor device revenues with growth totaling $336 billion.
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LED Investment Resurgence: China Leads the Pack

By Clark Tseng, SEMI
The LED industry is geared toward another phase of capacity expansion.

How Emerging IoT Impacts the Semiconductor Sector -- from SoC Volumes to Fab Efficiency

By Paula Doe, SEMI
The scaling of chips' cost and performance that has changed our world over the last 50 years will change it even more through the IoT.

SEMICON Southeast Asia

Industry Luminaries Outline China's Semiconductor Growth Prospects (Part 1)

By Jonathan Davis, SEMI
Industry and government luminaries at SEMICON China 2015 reviewed the expanding business opportunities and the key domestic policies aimed at growing...

SEMI Members: Majority of Intel Supplier Awards

The majority of Intel supplier awards went to SEMI Member companies.

Innovation Village: Connecting Startups and Investors

SEMICON Europa 2015 will connect early-stage companies with strategic investors, venture capitalists and other relevant stakeholders.
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SEMI Japan Standards Award Winners 2014

By Junko Collins, SEMI

Five outstanding contributors to the SEMI Standards program in Japan are recognized.
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SEMI Supports High-Skilled Immigration Reform

By Jamie Girard, SEMI

SEMI supports renewed efforts to reform the rules governing high-skilled workers in 2015.

U.S./EU Propose Banning Fluorinated Substances

Proposals pending in the U.S. and EU seek to restrict or ban some critical fluorinated substances used by semiconductor manufacturers and the supply chain.

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