SEMI® Global Update - November 2015
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SEMI Global Update
Event Calendar
November 24-25
Adv Packaging and Matl Characterization Seminar
December 16-18
SEMICON Japan 2015
January 27-29
SEMICON Korea 2016
November 9
SEMI Brussels Forum
January 18-20, 2016
European 3D Summit
November 1-5
North America Standards Fall 2015 Meetings
November 10-11
The Great Miniaturization: Systems & Packaging
November 10-12
South America Strategy Summit
November 10
SEMI Texas Tech Tuesday at UT Dallas
November 11-12
CAST 2015 Workshop
December 9-10
Tsensors Summit
January 10-13, 2016
Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS US)
- Combating Aggressive Supply Chain Mgmt
- Key Semi Account Selling and Mgmt

ASMC 2016
Abstract Due: Nov. 11



3D InCites

  It's All about Packaging. In this Material World That We Are Dealing With, Who Is Your Partner?
By Dan Tracy, SEMI
Advanced packaging is clearly the enabling technology providing solutions for mobile applications and for semiconductor devices fabricated at 16 nm and below process nodes.

Continued Annual Growth for Silicon Shipment Volumes
Wafer Shipments Forecast to Increase in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

IRS Monthly Indicator
SEMI market data products/subscriptions are the benchmark in the industry -- data referenced by financial communities around the world. CLICK HERE for more information.

China's New Rare Earth Policy and Industry Consolidation after the WTO Ruling
By Yu Bibby, Ph.D., TECHCET CA, LLC., October 20, 2015
On January 1, 2015, after losing its battle in the final ruling in the World Trade Organization (WTO), China ended its 16-year -old rare earth export quota system.

EU 10/100/20 Strategy - Shifting Gears and Keeping Europe in the Race
By Rania Georgoutsakou, SEMI
Significant developments in Europe's 10/100/20 strategy took place during SEMICON Europa 2015.


Power Electronics Manufacturing - from Concept to Production
By Paul Werbaneth, Intevac, Inc.
Great things are happening in New York State at the Northeast Forum on Power Electronics Manufacturing.

SEMI China Delegation Visits Japan
SEMI hosted a delegation that brought together several of the leading semiconductor equipment and materials companies from China with hosts from the leading companies in Japan.

GLOBAL SMT & PACKAGING --the only true Global Magazine that delivers solution-packed print and digital editions to over 100,000 industry professionals in the electronics manufacturing and advanced packaging communities across the globe.

Secondary Equipment Market Driven by IoT- 200mm Alive and Well
By Peter Connock, memsstar and Eduard Hoeberichts, FabMax
We may associate the Internet of Things (IoT) with a brave new world of connectivity, but much of this new world will be built on devices manufactured in mature 200mm fabs.

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