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Total Cost of Ownership Guide

PV Modules in 2030 More Technologically Diverse

SEMI PV Materials Forum


Oct 30-Nov 1, 2013
PV Taiwan 2013

Fall PV Standards Meetings in North America and China


Total Cost of Ownership Guide for PV Manufacturing Closes Communication Barrier
By Stephan Raithel, Director, SEMI Europe

Stephan Raithel When purchasing or selling new equipment it is important to understand that acquisition costs alone only contribute to a fraction of the total costs that accrue across the entire lifetime of investment goods. Operating costs and their proportion to the acquisition costs must be taken into account to get the full Cost of Ownership (COO) picture. While SEMI has already published over 40 standards for the PV industry to ensure more accurate and transparent manufacturing --enforcing an industry-wide effort on "calculating the real cost of ownership" has been not successful in the past. However, in the last 12 months SEMI was more frequently contacted and asked to apply gained semiconductor expertise towards the PV industry. After implementing workshops and conferences, SEMI and VDMA announced the release of the Total Cost of Ownership in PV Manufacturing Guide. (More...)

PV Modules in 2030 Will be More Technologically Diverse Than Today
By Fatima Toor, Lux Research
With the gloomy solar venture capital (VC) funding for startups, the combination of large corporations and academic and government research institutions will provide the impetus for innovation in the photovoltaic (PV) landscape.

SEMI PV Materials Forum
By DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions and Linx Consulting
Drivers for standardization in all aspects of an installation continue, with the expectation of reduced overall costs, improved quality, and reduced cycle times.

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