SEMI® Global Update - August 2013
SEMI Global Update
Diving Deep -- because Materials Matter
Japan: Latest Semi Investment Activities
450mm Standards Update
Board Elections and Leadership Appointments
LED Equip. Spending on Track for a 2014 Rebound
Adv. Electronics Materials to be Explored at SMC
Protecting the Global Environment
Three New EHS Regulations to Watch
SEMICON West 2013: Presentation Links
Silicon Innovation Forum
SEMI Global IP Summit
Ajit Manocha Receives SEMI EHS Award
EU Invests €4.8B; France €3.5B "Nano2017"

Event Calendar

August 22
Silicon Valley Lunch Forum
September 11
SEMI Northeast Forum
September 19
SEMI Austin Golf Classic
September 25
A Tech Talk with Nantero
October 11
SEMI Prof Dev Seminar-Arizona
October 16-17
Strategic Materials Conference
October 25
SEMI Prof Dev Seminar-Oregon
October 28-31
North America Standards Fall Meetings
October 29
Pacific Northwest Breakfast Forum

- Innovation Management

August 7-9
September 4-6
September 4-6
LED Taiwan
September 9-10
Vietnam Semiconductor Strategy Summit
September 26
SEMI Korea Members Day
October 30-November 1
PV Taiwan
September 26
SEMI MEMS Tech Seminar
October 7-10
SEMICON Europa Standards Meetings
October 8-10
October 8-10
Plastic Electronics Exhibition and Conf


Solid State Technology


Diving Deep -- because Materials Matter

Karen SavalaWe hope you had a productive and enjoyable time at SEMICON West. Despite the lackluster marketplace, this year's SEMICON West achieved a 15 percent increase in unique visitors and over an 18 percent increase in R&D titles. We were also happy to see such strong attendance at the keynotes, executive panels and TechXPOT stages, confirming our claim that SEMICON West delivers the most well-informed and influential speakers (and audience) in the industry.

One of the strongest programs at SEMICON West 2013 was the CGMG Materials program which attracted over 450 people, more than any dedicated materials session we've ever had at SEMICON West. And it's no surprise. Innovations in materials are driving leading-edge semiconductor development. (more)

Karen Savala


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Japan: Latest Semiconductor Investment Activities
By Yoichiro Ando, SEMI Japan, and Dan Tracy, SEMI

Restructuring and consolidation has led to a new focus for the semiconductor manufacturers in Japan. As a result, the semiconductor equipment market in Japan will experience double-digit growth in 2013 and 2014.

450mm Standards Update
By James Amano, SEMI International Standards
While a wafer notch is useful for alignment and orientation, it impacts both yield and cost. The most notable new 450mm standards proposal concerns development of a specification for a notchless 450mm wafer.

Related: 450 Central features new 450 presentations from SEMICON West plus many 450 articles.

SEMI Announces Results of Board Elections and Leadership Appointments
André-Jacques Auberton-Hervé, chairman, CEO and president of Soitec, will serve as SEMI chairman and YH Lee, chairman of Wonik, as SEMI vice-chairman. New directors to the Board of Directors were also announced.

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LED Equipment Spending on Track for a 2014 Rebound
By Tom Morrow, SEMI
The LED industry is working through its over-capacity problems. The SEMI Opto/LED Fab Forecast forecasts that LED wafer fab equipment spending will rise 17% in 2014.

Advanced Electronics Materials to be Explored at Strategic Materials Conference
The 2013 SEMI Strategic Materials Conference (SMC) will be held Oct. 16-17 in Silicon Valley. Electronic device manufacturers, materials suppliers, market analysts, and other industry experts will convene.

A Collaborative Approach to Protecting the Global Environment
At the SEMICON West 2013 Global Care Luncheon, Ajit Manocha, president and CEO of GlobalFoundries, spoke about energy/water conservation, emissions reduction, zero-incident culture, and the conflict-free supply chain policy.

Three Pending EHS Regulations to Watch
SEMI members should be aware of three new EHS regulations originating from Taiwan, Korea, and Europe.


Updates from SEMICON West 2013

-- Packaging: Generation Mobile (TechXPOT)
-- Wafer Processing (multiple sessions)
-- Semiconductor Test: Smarter, Faster (TechXPOT)
-- HB-LEDs: Looking Ahead to Next Generation
-- Ajit Manocha, GlobalFoundries, Keynote
-- 450 Transition Forum: G450C, Nikon Precision, PwC

Other Highlights
-- Silicon Innovation Forum
-- SEMI Hosts Global IP Summit
-- SST and SEMI Announce "Best of West" Winner
-- Ajit Manocha Receives SEMI EHS Award

-- ->See MEDIA Coverage of SEMICON West 2013

EU Invests €4.8B into Semiconductors; France Announces €3.5B "Nano2017" Program
By Rania Georgoutsakou, SEMI Europe
Investment in semiconductor manufacturing in Europe is picking up speed. Following the launch of the new EU 10/100/20 strategy, the EC has announced a new EU funding instrument for nanoelectronics with a total budget of €4,8B.

Call for Papers
SEMICON Korea 2014 -- Due: September 30
LED Korea 2014 -- Due: September 30 450mm Central

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