SEMI® Global Update - December 2013
SEMI Global Update
2013 Public Policy: SEMI Supports Opportunity for Members
Equipment Spending Down; 33% Growth in 2014 Forecast
Semiconductor New Equipment Market: $32B for 2013; Growth in 2014
3D TSV without Limits
Path to Widespread Adaptive Test (CAST Workshop summary)
Flexible, Printed Electronics -- At the Tipping Point
New Taiwan Exhibition Co-Location Bridges LED Supply Chains
Critical Assembly & Test Issues Addressed
EHS Regulations to Watch

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January 12-15, 2014
Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) US
May 19-21, 2014
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December 4-6, 2013
February 12-14, 2014
LED Korea
March 18-20, 2014
April 23-25, 2014
SEMICON Singapore
January 20-22, 2014
European 3D TSV Summit
February 23-25, 2014
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2013 Public Policy: SEMI Supports Opportunity for Members

Jamie GirardWhile Congress finds itself with a historically low approval rating as the clock winds down on 2013, there is widespread public perception that the abandonment of regular order and legislative activity has resulted in a complete suspension of work on all policy matters.

However, despite the talk of all the bad things in Washington this year, progress has been made on key issues that impact SEMI members. As a key member benefit, SEMI maintains and office in Washington, D.C. so that the industry has "boots on the ground" when it comes to representing concerns that members face with regard to the federal government. These issues include export control regulations, international trade, federal R&D funding, high-skilled immigration reform, taxes, and solar PV, amongst others. (more)

Jamie Girard

ISS US 2014

Fab Equipment Spending Down; 33% Growth in 2014 Forecast
By Christian Gregor Dieseldorff, Industry Research & Statistics

SEMI's World Fab Forecast report, published in November, predicts that fab equipment spending, including new, used and in-house equipment, is down in 2013 but is expected to grow almost 33% (to US$39.5B) in 2014 -- with Taiwan, Korea and the Americas highest in spending.

Semiconductor New Equipment Market: $32B for 2013; Growth in 2014 and 2015
By Lara Chamness, SEMI Industry Research & Statistics

SEMI projects that worldwide sales of new semiconductor manufacturing equipment will reach $32B in 2013, with growth forecasted for both 2014 and 2015.

3D TSV without Limits
By Yann Guillou, SEMI Europe

SEMI offered a webinar entitled "3D TSV without Limits" which featured speakers from imec, CEA-LETI and Fraunhofer-IZM introducing topics that they will present in depth at the European 3D TSV Summit (Jan 20-22).

SEMICON Korea 2014 LED Korea 2014

Path to Widespread Adaptive Test Revealed at CAST Workshop
By Tom Morrow, SEMI

Adaptive test is the most essential test process and methodology change needed to achieve lower test costs. But massive changes must occur in the fragmented test ecosystem where diverse data formats, transport protocols and database accessibility now amount to a vast "Tower of Babel."

Flexible, Printed Electronics -- At the Tipping Point
By Heidi Hoffman, FlexTech Alliance

SEMI members are the infrastructure upon which the modern microelectronics (IC) industry is built. Over the past 50 years the IC revolution led to unprecedented growth in information technology and information services.

Critical Assembly & Test Issues Addressed by Experts at Malaysia Forum
The SEMI Malaysia Forum addressed key Assembly & Test issues on November 20 with 200+ participants from over 50 companies. Featured experts from 15+ companies -- including MIDA, GfK, Equvo, ASM Technology, LTX-Credence, and more. Five presentations are summarized.

Complimentary Webinar Recording: Trace Ionic Contamination Monitoring in Semi. & Electronics Fabrication
Learn about how contaminants in ultrapure water (UPW) can undermine process yield. Sponsored by Thermo Scientific.

New Taiwan Exhibition Co-Location Bridges LED Manufacturing and Lighting Supply Chains
In 2014, LED Taiwan will co-locate with the Taiwan International Lighting Show (TILS). Taiwan has 41 LED fabs representing over 21% of the world's capacity -- more than any other region.

EHS Regulations to Watch
Brief updates on EU Reach, Taiwan Reach, and EU Market Surveillance regulations. 450mm Central

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