SEMI® Global Update - June 2014
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SEMI Global Update
All Together Now!
Two Years of Strengthening Recovery
SEMICON West: Chip-to-Chip Optical Connections
Down to 5nm: Scaling -- Performance, Cost
GaN-on-Silicon Power Devices -- Packaging Key to LED Market
SEMI Welcomes New Leader of SEMI Japan
Test Issues Up for Debate: Test Vision 2020
3D-IC Standards at SEMICON Singapore
Standards Preview for SEMICON West 2014
Advocating for Member Company Interests

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June 25
Northeast Tech Talk
July 7-10
NA Standards Mtgs at SEMICON West
July 8-10
Intersolar North America
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June 17-19
Display Taiwan
June 3
SEMI Brussels Forum
June 4-6
Intersolar Europe

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All Together Now!

Karen savalaConsolidation is changing the face of our industry. It is tempting to think that a narrower more consolidated industry is easier to navigate and might require less facilitated coordination and collaboration. However, it turns out the reverse is true. With fewer, but much bigger companies, the bets become exponentially bigger. At the same time technical challenges such as advanced transistor formation, adoption of new critical layer materials, and 3D IC architectures are exploding while cost and technology enabling industry transitions such as next generation lithography and wafer size timing have recently become far less certain.

Additionally, the drivers for new chip design have become extremely diverse as mobility, consumer electronics, and Internet of Things (IoT) increasingly displace a historically more predictable, sequential, and monolithic PC-centric based silicon driver. Looking out from 2014, there is a fragmentation of the paths forward as the industry rethinks scaling solutions in the wake of EUV and 450 mm availability changes. (more)

Karen Savala

Particle Measuring Sys

Two Years of Strengthening Recovery
By Christian Gregor Dieseldorff, Industry Research & Statistics, SEMI
According to the IMF and predictions by many other market research firms, 2014 and 2015 are expected to be growth years, comparable to or even better than the past few years.

SEMICON West Preview: Chip-to-Chip Optical Connections Get Close to Market

By Paula Doe, SEMI
The demand for bandwidth is driving telecomm and data center user interest in moving high-speed optical connections closer to the chips; recent advances in packaging technology now make it possible.

Down to 5nm: Scaling with the Usual Suspects: Performance, Cost

By Debra Vogler, SEMI
The semiconductor industry never lacks for controversy as it forges ahead. Lithography is always a challenge and while there may be a non-EUV roadmap to 7nm, what will happen by 5nm is not clear.

Solid State Technology=Electronics Manufacturing
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GaN-on-Silicon Power Devices Ship -- Innovation in Packaging Key to Adoption beyond LED Market
By Paula Doe, SEMI
As sales of compound semiconductor devices other than LEDs look to pass $2 billion by 2020, SEMICON West looks at volume manufacturing technology issues for these RF and power devices.

Osama Nakamura: New President of SEMI Japa
SEMI announces the appointment of Osamu Nakamura to the position of president of SEMI Japan effective July 1, 2014.

Test Issues Up for Debate: Test Vision 2020

Test Vision 2020 at SEMICON West will feature speakers from Qualcomm, Gartner, AMD, Mentor Graphics, and GLOBALFOUNDRIES, along with speakers from semiconductor test industry suppliers.

3D-IC Standards Workshop: SEMICON Singapore

By Tim Linehan, TechSearch International, Inc.
SEMICON Singapore 2014 featured a workshop about SEMI 3D IC Standards to determine local needs for standardization for 3D integration activities.

SEMICON West 2014

Standards Preview for SEMICON West 2014

At SEMICON West, SEMI International Standards will host SEMI North America Standards meetings, workshops and other standards-related activities.

Advocating for Member Company Interests

By Jamie Girard, SEMI
Much important work is pending in Washington which stands to have a significant impact on the SEM industries.

450 Central--for Wafer Transition Information

450 Central helps keep the industry informed of important news and perspectives on 450mm.
Related: 450mm Technology Development Update Session at SEMICON West 450mm Central

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