SEMI® Global Update - April 2013
Russia is On the Move
Southeast Asia Sees Improving Semiconductor Investment into 2014
Equipment & Materials Market/Outlook
Growing MEMS Markets by Rethinking Manufacturing
Speeding 3D-IC: Update on SEMI Standards
Breakthroughs in LED Packaging Technology
New International PV Technology Roadmap
Computational Lithography: How does it Keep Moore's Law Alive?
EHS White Paper: LSIT and RoHS
SEMI Members Push for Immigration Reform

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Russia is On the Move

Beat MuellerRussia's plan to revive the industry is shaping up and local as well as foreign companies are preparing themselves for the next cycle of investment. It is imperative for the Russian government that a higher percentage of key components including Microelectronic devices will be locally produced to avoid excessive imports.

On another positive note, Russian accession to the WTO reduced import taxes to close to zero by the end of 2012. There is also a noticeable sense of urgency about removing trade barriers, especially for high-tech products. Russian companies are looking for alliances to catch up with Western companies as quickly as possible. (more)

Beat Mueller

The New GF135 PTI MFC for Increased Wafer Yield
Brooks Instrument's pressure transient insensitive MFC provides real-time, integrated rate-of-decay flow measurement. It verifies accuracy, checks valve leak-by and monitors sensor drift without stopping production. The result is improved uptime. Read more

Southeast Asia Sees Improving Semiconductor Investment into 2014
By Clark Tseng, SEMI Industry Research & Statistics
The industry started out quite strong in 2012 but declined in the second half of the year. For the SE Asia region, capital equipment investment should pick up in the second half of 2013 followed by a strong recovery in 2014.

2012 Review: Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Market and Outlook
By Lara Chamness, SEMI Industry Research & Statistics
2012 started out quite promising, but ended up with decreased bookings, billings, and shipment activity. Semiconductor revenues declined, along with new equipment and semiconductor materials markets.

Growing MEMS Markets by Rethinking Manufacturing
By Paula Doe, SEMI
Leading MEMS technologists at the Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center recently argued that enabling big future growth of sensors would require disruptive lower-cost manufacturing technologies.

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Speeding 3D-IC to Commercialization: Update on SEMI Standards
By James Amano, SEMI International Standards
The industry is poised to jump from concept to commercialization with 3-D technologies, but multiple manufacturing challenges must be resolved to move forward.

Leading Companies Discuss Breakthroughs in High-Power LED Packaging Technology
By SEMI Taiwan
Advances in high-power LED packaging technology are significant but many challenges such as heat dissipation, materials and structure, still exist-- hindering use of LEDs for many applications.

New Int'l PV Technology Roadmap Updates Path towards Continuous Solar Cost Reduction
The 4th edition of ITRPV is now available, focusing on key technology trends in the field of crystalline silicon (c-Si) photovoltaic technology and identifying critical areas for R&D and process improvements.

European Pavillion at SEMICON West 2013

What is Computational Lithography and How does it Keep Moore's Law Alive?
By Paul Werbaneth
Historically, semiconductor device scaling was enabled by the continuous development and implementation of optical lithography innovations.

White Paper: Impact of "LSIT" under EU RoHS
EHS white paper recommends criteria so suppliers of semiconductor and PV manufacturing equipment can determine whether their equipment meets the "large-scale" qualification for Large-Scale Stationary Industrial Tools per the European RoHS Directive.

SEMI Members Urge Obama and Congress to Enact High-Skilled Immigration Reform
More than 100 executives from the technology sector, including SEMI member companies, called on President Obama and Congress to approve legislation this year to reform America's high-skilled immigration system.

SEMICON Russia 2013 450mm Central

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