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SEMI Grenoble Tackles Member Expectations

Fearless into a "Doomsday" Year

Substrates for Semiconductor Packaging

LED Fab Equipment Spending to Decline 18% in 2012

Packaging Community Takes on New Challenges through Industry Collaboration

Printed Electronics Start to Show Up in Volume Hybrid Products

Large Screen OLED TVs Debut at CES

Official Establishment of SEMI China Photovoltaic Standards Committee



14-15 February
Metal Bulletin's Minor Metals Conference

26-28 February
ISS Europe 2012

25-27 March
PV Fab Managers Forum

27-28 March
Europe PV Standards Mtgs

24-25 April
The Future World Symposium 2012


7-9 February
SEMICON Korea 2012

7-9 February
LED Korea 2012

8-9 February
Korea Standards Meetings

20-22 March
SEMICON China 2012

20-22 March
FPD China 2012

20-22 March
SOLARCON China 2012


15-18 January
Industry Strategy Symposium 2012

7 March
SEMI Northeast Forum: Wafers to Wall Street

MEMS Executive Congress


Heinz Kundert, SEMI Europe PresidentSEMI Grenoble Tackles Member Expectations

Over two years ago, SEMI Europe acquired JEMI France. Building on the strengths of the two associations, the goal was to further promote the industry in the southern part of Europe. Locating the new combined organization in France allowed for stronger ties with its major micro-electronics cluster in Grenoble. The new office called "SEMI Europe Grenoble Office" has come a long way since then.

The new executive team is now fully operational. Led by Anne-Marie Dutron, the business model focuses on developing membership in Southern Europe and developing local events. (more)

Heinz Kundert

Fearless into a "Doomsday" Year: Examining Fab Spending and Capacity into 2012 and Beyond
By Christian Dieseldorff, SEMI Industry Research & Statistics
The Mayan "Long Count" calendar marks the end of a 5,126-year era. According to some interpretations of the ancient Mayan calendar, the world is going to end on December 21, 2012. The worldwide economy and, therefore, the semiconductor industry depend more upon consumer sentiment and confidence. Will a new "fear factor" affect 2012?

Substrates for Semiconductor Packaging: 2012 Market Outlook for Laminate/Leadframe Materials
By Jan Vardaman, TechSearch International, and Dan Tracy, SEMI
Combined, laminate substrates and leadframes will represent an estimated US$ 13.3 billion market in 2011 and is forecasted to reach $14 billion in 2012.

LED Fab Equipment Spending to Decline 18% in 2012
Following a massive 36% increase in equipment spending in 2011 (up to US$ 2.42 billion), worldwide LED manufacturing equipment spending is projected to decline 18% in 2012 to $1.97 billion according to the latest SEMI Opto/LED FabWatch and Forecast. Worldwide LED manufacturing capacity is expected to reach two million wafers in 2012 (4" equivalent per month), a 27% increase over 2011.


Packaging Community Takes on New Challenges through Industry Collaboration
As the semiconductor industry responds to increasing demands for lower power, higher performance and reduced form factor, packaging technologies are increasingly important. This enhanced importance in the micro-electronics food chain is mirrored in a growth of the different segments of the packaging market.

Printed Electronics Start to Show Up in Volume Hybrid Products
By Paula Doe, SEMI Emerging Markets
Despite its huge potential for making low-cost large-area lighting, solar panels, and displays, printed electronics has struggled to find commercial applications. So far, it's been hard to match the cost or performance of vacuum deposition on wafers or glass.

Large Screen OLED TVs Debut at CES
Capital Spending Expected To Ramp to Meet Next Generation Display Technology

Large-size OLED displays from LG and Samsung are expected to debut at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, ushering in what some predict will be major transformation of the LCD display industry. Merrill Lynch estimates OLED displays will grow from US$ 4 billion in 2011 to $20B in 2015 and as high as $35B in 2017.

Official Establishment of SEMI China Photovoltaic Standards Committee
During the SEMI International Standards Committee (ISC) meeting held at PVJapan 2011, formation of the SEMI China Photovoltaic Standards Committee was officially approved by the ISC.

European Commission invites Member States and interested parties to submit input on the EU state aid rules for supporting R&D&I. Fill out the Commission's questionnaire: 24 February 2012 deadline.

Digital Agenda: Commission consults on massive expansion of LED lighting in Europe: The EC has adopted a Green Paper and launched a public consultation on the future of LED-based lighting (deadline: February 29). Click here for more info.

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