SEMI® Global Update - September 2013
SEMI Global Update
Momentum in Europe Building
Will 2014 be the Next Golden Year?
Looming IC Industry Changes Mean New Materials Needs
European 3D TSV Summit: "Application Ready"
Impacts of the Mobile Market Revolution
Faster, Smaller, Cooler: GaN & SiC Face Off: Market Domination?
Next Level of MEMS Industry Development at SEMICON Europa
Collaboration Needed on 3D-IC
450 Central: Wafer Transition Information
Advanced Manufacturing Legislation

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September 18
Unlock Your Global Potential Webinar

September 26
SEMI MEMS Tech Seminar
October 7-10
SEMICON Europa Standards Meetings
October 8-10
October 8-10
Plastic Electronics Exhibition and Conf
September 4-6
September 4-6
LED Taiwan
September 4-6
SiP Global Summit
September 9-10
Vietnam Semiconductor Strategy Summit
September 26
SEMI Korea Members Day
October 30-November 1
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September 11
SEMI Northeast Forum
September 19
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September 24
MEPTEC Semiconductor Roadmaps Symposium
September 25
A Tech Talk with Nantero
October 11
SEMI Prof Dev Seminar-Arizona
October 16-17
Strategic Materials Conf.
October 18
SEMI Arizona Breakfast Forum
October 25
SEMI Prof Dev Seminar-Oregon
October 28-31
NA Standards Fall Mtgs
October 29
Pacific Northwest Breakfast Forum
October 30
SEMI Texas Fall Outlook

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Silicon Semiconductor


Momentum in Europe Building
EU 10/100/20 Strategy Investment Wave -- Access and Opportunity at SEMICON Europa

Heinz Kundert, SEMI Europe President
The momentum is building as plans roll out regarding Europe's ambitious new semiconductor manufacturing strategy. The new European Union (EU) industrial goal for micro- and nanoelectronics, dubbed the EU 10/100/20 strategy, was launched the end of May 2013. It anticipates 10 billion public/private investment in research and manufacturing over the next seven years, with the European semiconductor manufacturing industry committing 100 billion investment to support the strategy. The goal: Europe holding 20 percent of the global chip production market by 2020. (more)

Heinz Kundert



Will 2014 be the Next Golden Year?
By Christian Gregor Dieseldorff, SEMI Industry Research & Statistics

Next year could be a golden year for the industry. Semiconductor companies have adjusted their capital expenditure, with fab equipment spending for 2014 expected to reach historic highs.

Looming IC Industry Changes Mean Proliferation of New Materials Needs
By Paula Doe, SEMI Emerging Markets

The onslaught of next generation technologies coming to the semiconductor industry will bring demand for a host of new materials, but also an increasingly fragmented materials market, making strategic investment decisions for materials development even more risky and complex than usual.

European 3D TSV Summit: "Application Ready" Theme -- Both Business and Technology Aspects
The latest TSV product developments and achievements will be discussed at the 2nd edition of the SEMI European 3D TSV Summit on January 20-22, 2014 in Grenoble, France. The event builds on the success of the 1st edition last year that attracted almost 320 people from 20 countries.


Global SMT & Packaging
The world's leading B2B magazine for electronics manufacturing and advanced packaging professionals.

Impacts of the Mobile Market Revolution on Process Control in the Semiconductor Industry
By Brian Trafas, KLA-Tencor Corp.
The accelerating pace of growth and the propensity for rapid change in the mobility market has fundamentally transformed the semiconductor industry. Strong consumer demand for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices is fueling significant growth within the semiconductor industry...



Faster, Smaller, Cooler: GaN and SiC Face Off for Market Domination over Silicon
By Pallavi Madakasira, Lux Research

The need for a smaller footprint, higher current density and superior thermal management is driving innovation in power electronic components; specifically in materials such as silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN).

Next Level of MEMS Industry Development to be Examined at SEMICON Europa
Driven by value-creating applications in mobile phones, automotive, displays and other systems, the global MEMS industry has grown to over $11 billion in 2012, a 10% compound annual average growth rate since 2008.

Collaboration Needed on 3D-IC
By Karen Savala, SEMI Americas

The history of semiconductors is a history of collaboration. For decades, the great leaps forward in semiconductor cost reductions and performance improvements were achieved through widespread industry collaboration efforts.

SEMICON Europa 2013 PE2013

450 Central-- Portal for Wafer Transition Information
450 Central is a web-based information service to keep the industry informed of important news and perspectives on 450mm wafer processing. Includes: Viewpoints, Industry News, Presentations, Standards, and more.

SEMI Commends Introduction of Advanced Manufacturing Legislation
Recognizing the important role that advanced manufacturing plays in the U.S., SEMI supports newly introduced legislation aimed at bolstering domestic advanced manufacturing competitiveness.


Call for Papers 450mm Central

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