SEMI® Global Update - November 2013
SEMI Global Update
Assembly & Test in Southeast Asia; Upcoming Forum Tackles the Issues
Packaging Materials Trends -- Mobility is the Key Market Driver
Memory Materials Revol. Highlighted at SMC
Top Executives Gather at SEMICON Japan
450 Central Features 10+ New 450 PPTs from SEMICON Europa
3D-IC Standardization Progress Continues
Pervasive Computing: Are You Ready?
450mm Update on SEMI Standards--Oct 2013
SEMI Testifies at House Manufacturing Caucus
Vigna of STMicroelectronics Honored

Event Calendar

November 18
Webinar: 3D TSV without limits
November 20
SEMI Malaysia Forum
December 4-6
January 21-22, 2014
European 3D TSV Summit

November 6-7
CAST Workshop: Implementing Adaptive Test
November 10-13
Int'l Tech Partners Conf
November 15
Investigating Electrical Properties at the Nanoscale Using AFM
January 12-15, 2014
Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) US

- Acct Support Boot Camp
- Supply Chain Mgmt
- Financial Boot Camp

2nd Call for Papers
ASMC 2014
Due: November 14


Assembly & Test in Southeast Asia; Upcoming Forum Tackles the Issues

Kai Fai Ng The Southeast Asia region, especially the countries of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines, continues to play a vital role in the assembly and test of semiconductor devices. This region has major activity in the area of assembly and test equipment and is considered the largest market region for packaging materials.

The semiconductor industry will continue to expand in leading edge capacity in 2014, adding capacity in the backend for wafer bumping and flip chip packaging. For Southeast Asia, about one billion dollars will be spent on assembly and test equipment this year, and the same or even higher spending is forecasted for 2014 given the strong presence of assembly in test plants in the region. (more)

Kai Fai Ng

SEMI Malaysia Forum: Tech. Innovation in Assembly & Test
November 20 -- Penang
Forum will address critical technology and business issues in semiconductor packaging and test. Registration is open.

Packaging Materials Trends -- Mobility is the Key Market Driver
By Jan Vardaman, TechSearch International, and Dan Tracy, SEMI

The electronics industry trend towards smaller and thinner form factors has ushered an era of significant changes in packaging materials. As these trends continue, innovative material solutions will be needed to address demanding requirements related to product integration, mobility, and reliability.

Memory Materials Revolution Highlighted at SMC
By Tom Morrow, SEMI

While the number of materials used in semiconductor logic will increase approximately 50% in the transition from 32nm to 22nm production, the materials revolution in memory will be even more pronounced.
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Complimentary Webinar: 3D TSV Without Limits
Monday, November 18 / 4pm CET, 3pm GMT, 7am PST
Join us for this informative webinar about 3D TSV technologies, presenting mid to long term perspectives.

Top Executives Gather at SEMICON Japan: Focus on Technologies, Business and the Future
The semiconductor industry and its supply chain are facing technical and business challenges today.

450 Central Features 10+ New 450 Presentations
450 Central features 10+ new 450 presentations (including AMAT, CNSE, ENIAC, Fraunhofer, G450C, Intel) from SEMICON Europa plus many 450 articles.

Visitor Registration now open
Opportunity to Exhibit at SEMICON Japan

3D-IC Standardization Progress Continues
By James Amano, SEMI International Standards

SEMI has two new 3D-IC standards: Guide for CMP and Micro-Bump Processes for Frontside TSV Integration and Guide for Alignment Mark for 3DS-IC Process. Now there are seven published SEMI 3D standards.

Pervasive Computing: Are you Ready?
By Karen Savala, SEMI Americas

Pervasive computing is changing the landscape of the microelectronics industry, fragmenting the future of both Moore's Law and More-than-Moore technologies.

450mm Update on SEMI Standards--Oct 2013
Thirteen SEMI Standards task forces are working on key 450mm issues. SEMI has 19 450mm standards with 14+ in the pipeline.

SEMICON Korea 2014 LED Korea 2014

SEMI Testifies at House Manufacturing Caucus
SEMI testified at the U.S. House of Representatives' Manufacturing Caucus and provided remarks at an October 29 briefing to examine manufacturing innovation in the United States.

Benedetto Vigna of STMicroelectronics Honored with European SEMI Award 2013
Benedetto Vigna, EVP and GM at STMicroelectronics, was presented with the European SEMI Award 2013 on October 8 during SEMICON Europa 2013.

SEMI Market Data Makes a Difference
Market research reports help guide important investment and strategic decisions. Learn more... 450mm Central

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