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SEMI® Global Update - October 2013
SEMI Global Update
From SouthEast Asia: Kai Fai Ng
Transforming Industry: Applied Materials/TEL
Flash, LED, and MEMS Investments in Japan
Vietnam Semi Strategy Summit a Success
Semi Materials Market to Approach $50B in 2014
European Path to 450mm, Test/Packaging, and MEMS
New Material Requirements & Outlook
ElectroMagnetic Compatibility: E33 Std
New Task Force to Develop Ultrapure Water Standard
Taiwan Leads Equipment & Mat'ls Investment in 2013
SEMICON Europa: Rotation
Total Cost of Ownership Guide: PV Manufacturing

Event Calendar

October 18
Trace Ionic Contamination Monitoring Webinar

October 30-November 1
PV Taiwan
November 20
SEMI Malaysia Forum
December 4-6
October 7-10
SEMICON Europa Standards Meetings
October 8-10
October 8-10
Plastic Electronics Exhibition and Conf

October 11
Prof Dev Seminar-Arizona
October 16-17
Strategic Materials Conf.
October 18
Arizona Breakfast Forum
October 25
Prof Dev Seminar-Oregon
October 28-31
NA Standards Fall Mtgs
October 29
Pacific NW B-fast Forum
October 30
SEMI Texas Fall Outlook
November 5
SEMI Texas Tech Tuesday
November 10-13
Int'l Tech Partners Conf

- Selling to Semi Industry
- Fund. Product Marketing
- Acct Support Boot Camp
- Supply Chain Mgmt
- Acct Selling & Mgmt
- Financial Boot Camp



It is my pleasure to introduce you to the first Southeast Asia edition of the SEMI Global Update. This special edition will provide you with a unique regional perspective to the global microelectronics industry, as well as give us the opportunity to update you on our own developments here in the region.

2013 is proving to be a busy year for SEMI in Southeast Asia. Following our successful SEMICON Singapore in May, we moved on to start our first-ever venture in Vietnam, the recently concluded SEMI Vietnam Semiconductor Strategy Summit, in Ho Chi Minh City. (more)

Kai Fai Ng

SEMI Malaysia Forum: Tech. Innovation in Assembly & Test
November 20 -- Penang
Forum will address critical technology and business issues in semiconductor packaging and test. Registration is open (discount until Oct 9)

A Transforming Industry: Applied Materials Merges with TEL
By Denny McGuirk, president and CEO, SEMI

Last week's blockbuster announcement of the merger between Tokyo Electron, or TEL, and Applied Materials struck me like two good friends who've surprisingly revealed they were getting married: we are certainly happy for them, but know this will have significant impact on our shared circle of associates, colleagues and partners.

Flash, LED, and MEMS Investments in Japan
By Dan Tracy, SEMI Industry Research & Statistics

In Japan, the closure and consolidation of 27 facilities from 2009-2012 reduced the installed fab capacity. But investments continued in some industry segments, and from 2010-2012, front-end equipment spending totaled $11.3B in Japan (and total equipment, if include packaging and test equipment, $13.7B.).

Vietnam Semiconductor Strategy Summit Brings Together Key Decision Makers
In September, more than 120 attendees from the U.S., Europe, Korea, Japan, and Singapore attended the first-ever semiconductor industry event held in Vietnam. Near-term opportunities for SEMI members exist, especially in services and secondary equipment.

Semiconductor Materials Market to Approach $50 Billion in 2014
By Lara Chamness, SEMI Industry Research & Statistics

Given the industry's anemic performance during the first part of the year, a number of analysts have recently downgraded their 2013 semiconductor revenue forecasts to low-single digits, while forecasting stronger growth in 2014.

Complimentary WEBINAR on Oct. 18:
Trace Ionic Contamination Monitoring in Semiconductor & Electronics Fabrication

Learn about how contaminants in ultrapure water (UPW) can undermine process yield. Sponsored by Thermo Scientific.

European Path to 450mm, Test & Packaging, and MEMS Highlight SEMICON Europa 2013
European semiconductor equipment spending will double next year. The 450mm wafer transition and other critical issues will highlight SEMICON Europa.

New Material Requirements and Outlook for Memory, Logic, MEMS, and more at SMC 2013
The Strategic Materials Conference (Oct 16-17) will include focused sessions and tracks on the advanced material outlook for semiconductor memory, logic, MEMS, and beyond-CMOS devices, and plastic electronics.

From SEMI International Standards
ElectroMagnetic Compatibility: E33 Standard

Electronic equipment generates undesirable electrical noise which injects undesirable signals -- causing errors in operation and damage.

New Task Force to Develop Ultrapure Water Standard
Semiconductor manufacturing is susceptible to particulate and organic contamination. Ultrapure water needs rigorous cleanliness testing using SEMI standards.


Taiwan to Lead Both Semiconductor Equipment and Materials in 2013 Investments
By SEMI Taiwan

In recent years, Taiwan has become the world center for semiconductors with manufacturers investing heavily in both hardware and materials. It is expected that total spending for these segments in Taiwan will be on the order of $20 billion for 2013 and growing into 2014.

SEMICON Europa: Dresden/Grenoble Rotation
Next year's SEMICON Europa will be held in Grenoble and alternate with Dresden in future years to better address pan-European semiconductor issues.

Total Cost of Ownership Guide for PV Manufacturing Closes Communication Barrier
SEMI and VDMA have announced the release of the Total Cost of Ownership in PV Manufacturing Guide.

Call for Papers
ASMC 2014 -- Abstract Due: October 31 450mm Central

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