SEMI® Global Update - February 2014
SEMI Global Update
Silicon Reclaim Wafer Market Increased 14% in 2013
New Edition of the Int'l Tech Roadmap for PV
Plastic Packaging Materials Market Approaching $21B
Taking a Lean Approach to Innovation
2014 European 3D TSV Summit--the Domino Effect
Execs Debate Innovation Drivers and Cost Reduction
Econ Recovery/Pervasive Computing Propel Mfg Supply Chain
Xilinx and U-Florida Honored with SEMI Award
SEMI Publishes New Stds: Reduce Waste in Fabs
Obama Highlights Multiple SEMI Priorities

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February 27
Semi. Market Overview and Pkg. Mtrl. Trends
February 12-14
LED Korea
March 17-18
PV Fab Managers Forum
March 18-20
FPD China
March 20-22
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April 23-25
SEMICON Singapore
February 7
The 450mm Wafer Size Transition- Opp for Europe
February 23-25
ISS Europe
May 14-15

March 30-April 3
NA Stds Spring Mtgs
May 19-21
July 8-10
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Silicon Reclaim Wafer Market Increased 14% in 2013
By Lara Chamness, Industry Research & Statistics, SEMI
The worldwide reclaim wafer market is estimated at $460 million in 2013 and is forecasted to reach $493 million by 2015, according to SEMI.

New Edition of the International Technology Roadmap for PV

The latest edition of the Int'l Technology Roadmap for PV (ITRPV) will be presented in March at the PV Fab Managers Forum in Shanghai, organized by SEMI.


Key questions answered at CS International in March
The compound semiconductor industry continues to evolve, developing and manufacturing new devices. Learn what the leading industry insiders are thinking. Attend CS International 2014.

Semiconductor Plastic Packaging Materials Market to Approach $21 Billion by 2017

By Dan Tracy, Industry Research & Statistics, SEMI
The market for semiconductor packaging materials, including thermal interface materials, is expected to maintain its $20 billion value through 2017.

Taking a Lean Approach to Innovation

By Dan Armbrust, president and CEO, SEMATECH
Ever since the discovery of the integrated circuit in the late 1950s, our industry has experienced turbulent periods of technological and economic change. Although these periods of transition pose threats, they also open the door for tremendous opportunities.


The 2014 European 3D TSV Summit: Get Ready for the Domino Effect

By Francoise von Trapp, 3D Incites
I attended the 2014 European 3D TSV Summit -- 332 attendees from 21 countries, 24 presentations, and several face-to-face interviews. Here are key observations.

ISS-US 2014: Executives Debate Innovation Drivers and Cost Reduction in Supply Chain

The closing Executive Panel discussion at the SEMI Industry Strategy Symposium on January 15 provoked diverse views on the drivers and future of innovation.
--Related: Economic Recovery and Pervasive Computing Propel Semiconductor Manufacturing Supply Chain

Xilinx and U-Florida Honored with SEMI Award

Two teams, from the University of Florida and Xilinx, are recipients of the 2013 SEMI Award for North America -- Xilinx for commercialization of the silicon interposer, U-Florida team for developing FLOOPS.

SEMICON Singapore 2014

SEMI Publishes New Standards to Reduce Time Waste and Improve Cycle Time in Fabs

New SEMI Standards are available for identifying "Wait Time Waste" for semiconductor equipment, to measure when the lot or wafer is waiting, or when it is active.
--Related: SEMI Japan Standards Awards

Obama State of the Union Address Highlights Multiple SEMI Priorities

By Jamie Girard, SEMI
In his recent 5th State of the Union address, Pres. Obama called for a "Year of Action"-- specifically mentioning number of key issues for SEMI member companies.

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