Smart Manufacturing Article Archives

Smart Manufacturing Article Archives

Inside Schneider Electric’s Batam smart factory (ComputerWeekly; October 31, 2018)

Six Ways Industry 4.0 Is Changing Manufacturing (FLEX, October 29, 2018)

Is Leveraging the IoT Really ‘Smart Manufacturing’? (AdvancedManufacturing; October 29, 2018)

Why implementing Industry 4.0 is becoming an imperative (BusinessToday; October 26, 2018)

Oracle Extends Blockchain Offerings with Track & Trace, Transparency (EBN; October 23, 2018)

Blockchain for manufacturing to hit $566 million by 2025 (DigitalJournal; October 18, 2018)

AI Public Policy Key to Semiconductor Innovation and Growth (SEMI; Ocotber 18 2018)

Machine Learning Invades IC Production (SemiEngineering; October 18, 2018)

How Connected Devices are Changing the Manufacturing Industry (IotForAll; October 16, 2018)

Showcasing smart manufacturing innovations (BusinessTimes; October 15, 2018)

Intel, Arm to Collaborate on IoT (EETimes; October 15, 2018)

Unlock IIoT Value Through Service Assurance in Manufacturing Plants (EBN; October 15, 2018)

At APC Conference, learn how to optimize throughput and collect EDA big data (PEER Group; October 2, 2018)

How Technology Is Improving Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing (Samsung; October 5, 2018)

The Power of Digital Twin Resides in Clear Expectations (Rockwell Automation; October 3, 2018)

The Gigafab Minute and SEMI Standards: A Modern Miracle (Cimetrix; October 2018) 

The Future Unleashed with HPC, HPDA, and AI (Intel; September 27, 2018)

Is Cloud Computing Suitable For Chip Design? (SemiEngineering; September 27, 2018)

SEMICON Europa 2018 Keynotes to Spotlight IoT, AI, Automotive (SEMI; September 24, 2018)

Driving Smart Manufacturing and Supply Chain Improvements with the IIoT (QAD; September 6, 2018)

ML, AI, and the Smart Manufacturing of Smart Products (ConnectedWorld; September 2018)

SEMICON Taiwan Opens With AI, IoT, Automotive in the Spotlight (SEMI; September 5, 2018)

“Dreams Start Here” at SEMICON Japan 2018 in Era of AI (SEMI; September 4, 2018)

Smart manufacturing: How Robotics as a Service is extending to whole factories | Analysis (InternetofBusiness; August 31, 2018)

Exploding the Myth of the Simple Digital Twin (EBN; August 28, 2018)

AI at the Edge: Making Always-on Machine Vision a Reality (SEMI; August 23, 2018)

Securing the Machine-Connected Supply Chain (EBN; August 23, 2018)

Transforming manufacturing with artificial intelligence (IBM; August 22, 2018)

Using AI In Chip Manufacturing (SemiEngineering; August 22, 2018)

Beer, cars and robots: Five smart manufacturing use cases (Enterprise IoT Insights; August 20, 2018) 

The Race Is On: Trade Wars, AI Leadership & 5G (EBN; August 20, 2018)

How Factories Of The Future Will Intelligently Connect To Your Business (Forbes; August 15, 2018)

SEMI Machine-To-Machine (M2M) Communication Standard Adopted by Japan Robotics Association (SEMI; August 14, 2018)

Six challenges for smart manufacturing and industrial IoT (August 13, 2018; EnterpriseIoTInsights)

VIEW WEBINAR - Overview of the 5G New Radio Physical Layer (SEMI; August 7, 2018)

Network security enhancement investments crucial for IIoT (August 9, 2018; DigiTimes)

Smart factory concept begins with IT/OT convergence (asmag; Agust 2, 2018) 

Why The IIoT Is Not Secure (SemiEngineering; August 2, 2018)

How IIoT will deliver smarter factories (Smart Machines & Factories; August 3, 2018)

SEMI High-Tech Facility Events – Shaping the Future of Smart Factories in Taiwan (SEMI; July 31, 2018)

Google unveils tiny new AI chips for on-device machine learning (The Verge; July 26, 2018)

Where ML Works Best (SemiEngineering; July 26, 2018)

Edge computing accelerates ROI of IoT (IoTTimes; July 25, 2018)

Utilize Unstructured Data to Pursue Business Growth (EBN; July 23, 2018)

IBM, Nissan and Toshiba Talk Computing and Smart Car Innovations: Key Takeaways from SEMI Japan Members Day (SEMI; July 19, 2018)

Industrial IoT: How Connected Things Are Changing Manufacturing (Wired; July, 2018)

Architecting For AI (SemiEngineering; July 17, 2018)

West Scores Big With New Era of AI, Data Galore, Prosperity (SEMI; July 16, 2018)

Can the Smart Factory Get Even Smarter? (RTInsights; July 12, 2018)

Preparing For A 5G World (SemiEngineering; July 12, 2018)

What can manufacturers gain from a digitally connected world? A whole lot. (Conduent; July 10, 2018)

Artificial Intelligence, Smart Transportation and Talent Development To Highlight SEMICON Europa 2018 (SEMI; July 2, 2018)

Connecting with your smart factory is simpler than you think (Microsoft; June 29; 2018)

A Path to Broad AI: 5 Challenges (EETimes; June 28, 2018)

Microelectronics Sector Extends AI from Pattern Recognition to Prediction and Control (SEMI; June 27, 2018)

Why Blockchain for the Supply Chain (EBN; June 25, 2018)

The IIoT intervew: “Edge computing is the death of the cloud as we know it,” says IIC (EnterpriseIoTInsights; June 25, 2018)

Automotive and SiP Drive Demand for Traceability Back Through the Value Chain (SEMI; June 25, 2018)

Three Ways the IoT has Emerged as a Powerful Force in the Manufacturing Industry (Van Meter; June 21, 2018)

Nothing Artificial About Pairing Human Intelligence with Machine-Based Smart Manufacturing – Part 1 (SEMI; June 19, 2018)

IoT Wireless Battles Ahead (SemiEngineering; June 18, 2018)

How IoT, AI, & Blockchain Empower Tomorrow’s Autonomous Supply Chain (EBN; June 18, 2018)

How to Evolve your Manufacturing Environment to an Ultimate State (Cisco; June 15, 2018)

The Digital Factory: Where Are We in the Rapid Evolution of Industry 4.0? (AdvancedManufacturing; June 11, 2018)

Leading the World Beyond Moore’s Law to the AI Era, Six Cognitive Experts to Keynote at Flagship Semiconductor Event, SEMICON West (SEMI; June 7, 2018)

SEMICON West Preview: Smart Microelectronics Manufacturing Builds the Infrastructure to Enable AI Applications (SEMI; June 7, 2018)

Toward IIoT Security Standards (SemiEngineering; June 7, 2018

Successful Digital Transformation in Industry 4.0 Starts With Human Operators (ManufacturingTommorrow; May 31, 2018)

Machine Learning in Manufacturing – Present and Future Use-Cases (Techemergence; May 29,2018)

Largest Ever SEMICON Southeast Asia Showcases Smart Technologies (SEMI; May 21, 2018)

How to retrofit your legacy equipment for IoT enablement (Softwebsolutions; May 16, 2018)

Digital Strategy: Data Drives Agility (EBN; May 15, 2018) 

OSAT Consolidation Continues (SemiEngineering; May 14, 2018)

ST Focuses MEMS Strategy on Industrial IoT (EETimes; May 10, 2018) 

IoT management revenues to top $20bn as industrial devices get edgier (EnterpriseIOTInsights; May 9; 2018) 

Manufacturers Early Adopters of AI IoT in Malaysia, says New Study (IOT Evolution; May 7, 2018) 

Challenges At The Edge (SemiEngineering; May 3, 2018)

Manufacturers want 5G for factory automation, but there’s a gap in standards (EnterpriseIOTInsights; May 2, 2018)

Enabling an Intelligent Supply Chain for Electronics Manufacturing (SMT 007; May 2018)

How Industry 4.0 will boost your manufacturing productivity (SageAdvice; April 27, 2018)

As Germany’s Industrie 4.0 Matures, IoT Security Stays Top of Agenda (EETimes; April 25, 2018)

The Third Dimension of Smart Manufacturing—Value Chain Management (Automationworld; April 24, 2018)

How to Measure IoT’s Impact on Manufacturing’s “Smart Factories” (RTInsights; April 23, 2018)

IoT digital twin initiatives on the rise in 2018: Gartner digital twin findings and their impact (i-Scoop; April 21, 2018)

How Intel’s Using the Smart Factory to Improve the Supply Chain (EPSNews; April 20, 2018)

Smart manufacturing: 3 use cases defining its role in Industry 4.0 (Softwebsolutions; April 16, 2018)

How manufacturing companies can navigate digital transformation in 2018 (ManufacturingGlobal; April 14, 2018)

What’s the Scoop: Blockchain & the Supply Chain (EBN; April 12, 2018)

Security Model Targets Industrial IoT (EETimes; April 9, 2018)

Industrial IoT: How Smart Alerts and Sensors Add Value to Electric Motors (ManufacturingTomorrow; April 5, 2018)

3M eyes digital transformation with C3 IoT (SupplyChainDigital; April 4, 2018)

What's Needed to Secure the Industrial IoT (EETimes; April 2, 2018) 

5 Benefits of Shifting to Smart Manufacturing (Oracle; March 29, 2018)

How Does the IoT Help Save Energy for Today’s Smart Factory? (ElectronicDesign; March 28, 2018)

When AI Goes Awry (SemiEngineering;  March 26, 2018)

Underinvested in Automation? Leapfrog  to Smart Manufacturing! (NewEquipment Digest; March 22, 2018) 

Factories with a mind of their   own (IoTNow; March 22, 2018)

The Anatomy Of Smart Manufacturing (Forbes; March 19, 2018)

Building the IIoT Nervous System – With Everything Connected (DesignNews; March 15, 2018)

Smart Manufacturing’ focus of WVU study (WVU Today; March 15, 2018)

IIoT Security Threat Rising (SemiEngineering; March 14, 2018)

Artificial Intelligence Opportunities: A More Intelligent Manufacturing Industry (IIoTWorld; March 12, 2018)

AT&T, Qualcomm, others push ‘smart manufacturing’ as a 5G opportunity (FierceWireless, March 12, 2018)

How to Connect Legacy Plant Equipment to the IoT (DesignNews; March 9, 2018)

Smart manufacturing in China gets major boost with pilot projects (EnterpriseIoTInsights; March 6, 2018)

Smart Manufacturing, Big Data to Highlight ASMC 2018 (SEMI; March 5, 2018)

The Smart Factory: How Smart Manufacturing Is Changing the Electronics Industry (EBN; March 2, 2018)

BISTel transforms manufacturing intelligence into smart decisions, quicker ROIs (SouthChinaMorningPost; March 1, 2018

Advancing Smart Manufacturing and IIoT—Together or Separately? (AutomationWorld; March 1, 2018)

Cybersecurity in the Age of Smart Manufacturing (WallStreetJournal; February 27, 2018)

AI Transforms Supply Chain Activities (EBN; February 20, 2018)

LISTEN: Creating Digital Twins Will be the Next Step of Machine Learning (MarketScale; February 19, 2018)

Bosch opens IoT hub in Berlin, adds smart manufacturing capabilities (EnterpriseIoTInsights; February 19, 2018) 

How Digital Twins Lead to Manufacturing Profitability (Jabil; February 15, 2018) 

What's the Scoop: Artificial Intelligence in the Smart Factory (EBN; February 14, 2018) 

How IoT Is Fueling Industrial Digitalization (Hackernoon; February 12, 2018)

Efficiency improvements based on Integrated Industry 4.0 and IoT (ElectronicSpecifier; February 12, 2018)

Supply Chain Bets on Blockchain Benefits (EBN; February 9, 2018)

Internet of Things (IoT) Data Continues to Explode Exponentially. Who Is Using That Data and How? (Cisco; February 5, 2018)

Making Britain’s manufacturing smarter (SmartMachines&Factories; February 1, 2018)

Largest SEMICON Korea Ever Highlights Smart Manufacturing, Automotive (SEMI; January 31, 2018)

Smart Manufacturing SIG Launches in Americas Region (SEMI; January 30, 2018) 

GE Exec on Predix Platform, Digital Twins and Diversity (IoTInstitute; January 30, 2018) 

IIoT holds key to smart manufacturing (Asmag; January 26, 2018)

Adding additive manufacturing to the smart factory set-up (InternetofBusiness; January 26, 2018) 

Industrial Revolution: The Rise of Smart Manufacturing in 2018 (RapidValue; January 24, 2018)

Equipment monitoring enables precise prediction of failure (DigiTimes; January 22, 2018)

Rockwell Automation Fair Highlights Digital Transformation & The Connected Enterprise (ArcAdvisoryGroup; January 22, 2018)

SEMI ISS 2018: AI, IoT, Automotive to Fuel Industry Growth (SEMI; January 17, 2018)

Ericsson implements AR as first step towards smart manufacturing (EnterpriseIoTInsights; January 17, 2018)

IoT-Driven Manufacturing Trends to Look for in 2018 (Intel; January 11, 2018)

9 IoT trends on display at CES 2018 (IoTInstitute; January 11, 2018)

What Will 2018 Bring To The IoT? (SemiEngineering; January 10, 2018)

How IoT Will Impact the Supply Chain (Forbes; January 9, 2018)

SEMI and Fab Owners Association Strengthen Supply Chain (SEMI; January 8, 2018)

Bosch moves to smart manufacturing concept in Southeast Asia (EnterpriseIoTInsights; January 5, 2018)

Blockchain: Hype, Reality, Opportunities (SemiEngineering; January 4, 2018)

The Future of Manufacturing is Now (Medium ; January 4, 2018)

The Problems Smart Manufacturing Solves For The C-Suite (Forbes; January 2, 2018)

Three smart manufacturing case studies (EnterpriseIoTInsights; January 2, 2018)

Automation in Manufacturing Will Create More, Better Paying Jobs (EBN; January 2, 2018)

Industry 4.0: addressing the challenges to implementation(DesignSpark; Dec 15, 2017)

Huawei creates new group to focus on smart manufacturing (EnterpriseIoTInsights; Dec 15, 2017) 

Five Things Manufacturers Must Know About the Internet of Things (AEM; Dec 14, 2017)

Autodesk Announces Fusion Production for Smart Manufacturing (; Dec 11, 2017)

Moving Toward the "Smart Factory" in Microelectronics Manufacturing (Applied Materials; Dec 10, 2017)

Building An IoT Foundation For The Future (DigitalistMag; Dec 7, 2017)

Smart Manufacturing Market Size Worth $395.2 Billion by 2025: Grand View Research, Inc. (TheBusinessJournals; Dec 4, 2017)

The Promise of Industry 4.0: Why Companies Should Prepare for the Future of Smart Production (ITBriefcase; Dec 1, 2017)

How Manufacturers Can Kick-Start The Internet Of Things In 2018 (DigitalistMag; Dec 1, 2017)

The Internet of Things is Changing the Entire Production and Supply Chain (BusinessNews Daily; Nov 28, 2017) 

Machine-to-Machine Integration for the Smart, Connected Factory (AutomationWorld;Nov 22, 2017) 

A digital thread to link the physical and virtual manufacturing worlds (IOTInstitute; Nov 22, 2017)

Ignore IoT security at your peril, and everyone else’s too (ElectronicsWeekly; Nov 20, 2017)

Beating IoT Big Data With Brain Emulation (EETimes; Nov 17, 2017)

10 Ways Robots Will Change Manufacturing in the Next 5 Years (EBN; Nov 17, 2017)

Tech Mahindra, Toshiba Digital Solutions jointly to aim smart factory market (ETCIO; Nov 13, 2017) 

Huawei Joins Hands with PCITC to Embrace Smart Factory 2.0 (MarketsInsider; Nov 13, 2017) 

Creating a smarter factory floor with Industry 4.0 (GlobalManufacturing; Nov 9, 2017)

“Smart Manufacturing of China” -- A New Driving Force for Power Semiconductors (SEMI; Nov 7, 2017)

Smart Factories: Is the Semiconductor Industry Practicing What it Preaches? (3D InCities; Nov 6, 2017)

Smart Factories Will Transform Manufacturing Capabilities (ElectronicsMaker; Nov 4, 2017) 

Adopt Industry 4.0 to Enable Smart Factory and Connected Manufacturing (eInfochips; Nov 1, 2017)

Smart manufacturing and the IoT is driving the next industrial revolution (IoTGlobalNetwork; Nov 1, 2017) 

IoT as a tool of creation in Industry 4.0 (Vietnam Investment  Review; October 30, 2017)

Smart manufacturing to play central role at China International Industry Fair (Robotics & Automation News; Oct 28, 2017)

Are We Ready For Smart Manufacturing? (Leaderonmics; Oct 27, 2017)

Industrial IoT: Q&A with SAP Labs China head Li Ruicheng (DigiTimes; Oct 26, 2017)

New Flow Shop Manufacturing Standards (SEMI; Oct 25, 2017)

SEMICON Japan Brings Smart Applications and IoT (SEMI; Oct 25, 2017)

Nokia, Bosch focus on industrial IoT use cases (EnterpriseIoTInsights; Oct 23, 2017

HARTING features efficiency improvements in manufacturing logistics based on Integrated Industry 4.0 and IoT (IoT Now; Oct 23, 2017) 

Digitizing the Supply Chain: The Promise of IoT & Sensors (EBN; Oct 23, 2017)

Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0 - Taking the Plunge (; Oct 19, 2017)

Apple and GE just put iOS inside Industry 4.0 (ComputerWorld; Oct 18, 2017) 

Samsung Secures IoT Node-to-Cloud (EE Times; Oct 18, 2017)

IIoT for Smart Manufacturing – A New Digitalization Architecture (Arc Advisory Group; Oct 16, 2017)

Why is Industry 4.0 the Future of Productivity and Growth in Manufacturing? (Data Revolution; Oct 12, 2017) 

To Get on Industry 4.0 Path, Focus on the Here and Now (Advanced Manufacturing; Oct 11, 2017)

How Smart Manufacturing Creates Profits and Jobs (Gray; Oct 10, 2017)

With Smart Manufacturing In Mind, Schneider Electric Looks To Channel To Implement IoT Solutions (Techristic; Oct 9, 2017)

IoT Security Costs are Manageable (EE Times; Oct 6, 2017)

SEMI China Initiates Smart Manufacturing Committee (SEMI, Oct 5, 2017)

What's Next for the IoT? (SemiEngineering; Oct 5, 2017)

How the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality revolutionize industrial production (Henkel; Oct 4, 2017)

Four Investments Driving Digital Transformation in Manufacturing (IoT for all; Oct. 4,2017)

Industry 4.0 India: The Haze, Hype & Hope (Efficient Manufacturing; Oct 3, 2017

IIC & MESA Sign MoU to Advance IIoT for Manufacturing (EBN; Oct 3, 2017)

Robotics and chip industries in Japan (SST; Oct 2, 2017)

Does Japan Get IIoT? (EE Times; Sept 29)

The Secrets of Smart Manufacturing (NetApp Blog; Sept 26, 2017)

Smart Manufacturing Requires "Open Platforms"... but Are They Safe? (S. China Post; Sept 23, 2017)

Smart Manufacturing is the Future (CMTC; Sept 22)

Taiwan Delegation Exploring Smart Manufacturing in Germany (DigiTimes; Sept 21, 2017)

Getting Beyond Buzzwords: Industry 4.0  (EBN; Sept 15, 2017)

The future of material handling is “smart” (Schneider; Sept 12, 2017)

Robots, Shop Personnel Collaborate, Maximizing Synergy and Safety (AdvMfg; Sept 11, 2017)

6 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Transform the Warehouse (EBN; Sept 8, 2017)

Industrial IoT/Industrie 4.0 Viewpoints (Industrial IoT; Sept 4, 2017)

How To Build An IoT Chip (SemiEngineering; September 7, 2017)

 Why Can’t Smart Manufacturing Be Simple? Robotics Bus Review; Aug 29, 2017)

The Rise of the Intelligent Digital Supply Chain (Jabil; August 29, 2017)

Investment in Supply Chain IoT Grows (EBN; Aug 23, 2017)

A new strain of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) is needed to support Industry 4.0 (Initiative; Aug 23, 2017)

Industry 4.0 The so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution is poised to transform Asia’s manufacturing base (Asia Today; Aug 22, 2017)

How agile technology could be the key to manufacturing prosperity (Enterprise; Aug 22, 2017)

Using Data to Improve Yield (SemiEngineering, August 17,2017)

SEMICON Taiwan - Theme Pavilions Focus on Market Momentum and Opportunities (Asia Today; Aug 17, 2017)

Raise efficiency via smart technologies, Mida told SMEs (; Aug 17, 2017)

Robotics Manufacturing Takes Off in Thailand (EBN; Aug 16, 2017)

Smart Factory Strategy Becomes Table Stakes for OEMs (EBN; Aug 15, 2017)

Infineon Embraces Industry 4.0 With Launch Of New Building (Malaysian Business; Aug 9, 2017)

The Rising Value of  Data  (SemiEngineering, August 9, 2017) 

Industrial Robots Transform Manufacturing Floor & Workforce (EBN, July, 21,2017)

Toward Smarter Manufacturing (SemiEngineering, July 20, 2017) 

Anatomy of ATE PCB Assembly (EE Times, July 11, 2017) 

Four Technologies for Industry 4.0  (EE Times, July 5, 2017) 

New Taiwan Automation Technology TC Chapter  (SEMI, June 27, 2017)

Counterfeiting: Why Blockchain Is a Solution for the Semiconductor Industry  (EBN, June 21, 2017)

SEMICON West Preview: Smart Manufacturing (SEMI, June 20, 2017)

The Drive to Smart Manufacturing (SST, June 2017)

Industry 4.0 Not Reaching Factory Floor (Electronics Weekly, June 2, 2017)

Getting Smart in Manufacturing (Computer World, June 1, 2017)

IIoT Grows, But So Do Risks (SemiEngineering, May 4, 2017)

A Digital Upgrade for Chinese Manufacturing (McKinsey, May 2017)

China to Increase Momentum in Smart Manufacturing (Xinhua, May 17, 2017)

Building an Infrastructure for Smart Manufacturing, the IIoT (Smart Manufacturing Magazine, May 15, 2017)

Smart Cities Need Smart Partners (EE Times, May 9, 2017)

Manufacturing Companies in Asia Must Adopt Industry 4.0 or Risk Being Overtaken (Future Ready Singapore, May 8, 2017)

What’s New with the Internet of Things? (McKinsey, May 2017)

A Peek into Samsung’s Smart Manufacturing (The Investor, Apr. 19, 2017)

Smart Manufacturing for Smart Materials (Industry Week; Apr 6, 2017)

Smart Manufacturing Must Embrace Big Data (Nature; Apr 5, 2017)

Automotive Market to Benefit from Industry 4.0 (New Electronics; Mar 28, 2017)

Infineon invests S$105 million in Smart Factory (Channel NewsAsia, March 15, 2017)

China's Gamble on Industrial IoT (EE Times, March 16, 2017)

Don’t Wait for Standards Before Moving Closer to Smart Manufacturing (Rockwell Automation; Mar 8, 2017)

Industrial IoT Gets Comms Guide (EE Times, Feb 28, 2017)

3 Ways Industry 4.0 is Disrupting Manufacturing (HP Enterprise; Feb 7, 2017)

Adjusting the Human-Machine Relationship with Industry 4.0 (Digital Engin, Feb 1, 2017)

Interesting Cross-over Topic for Smart Manufacturing & Sensors (EE Times; Jan 31, 2017)

Why 2017 is the year Integration Enables Industry 4.0 Growth (CloudTech; Jan 30, 2017)

Startups & Enterprises Launch Blockchain IoT Protocol Initiative (PR Newswire, Jan 27, 2017)

Moving From Dumb Manufacturing to Smart: Catching the Fourth Wave (Industry Week; Jan 27, 2017)

How Smart Really is “Smart Manufacturing” and What’s Next for Industry 4.0? (Zenoot; Jan 23, 2017)

Why Smart Manufacturing is a Dumb Idea (EnterpriseTech; Jan 9, 2017)

Rolls-Royce, A*Star Team Up to Champion Smart Manufacturing (Strait Times; Jan 10, 2017)

 Industry 4.0 and IoT: Learning from the German Chemical Industry (Innovation Mgmt; Dec 29, 2016)

Smart Manufacturing Gains Momentum (SemiEngin; Jan 5, 2017)

Intel Forecasts 2017 Industrial IoT Trends (Manufacturing Tomorrow; Dec 15, 2016)

Test Beds for Smart Manufacturing: Affordable, Accessible, Innovative, Collaborative, Connected (Plant Engineering; Dec 13, 2016)

Smart Manufacturing Leader Proposes Using Funds Parked Abroad for Factories (Smart Mfg mag; Dec 12, 2016)

Sensing the Smart Manufacturing Future (Shanghai Daily; Oct 26, 2016)

Building the City of the Future at a $41 Trillion Price Tag (CNBC; Oct 25, 2016)

Three Steps to Start the Smart Manufacturing Journey  (Automation World;  Oct 17, 2016)

The 4th Industrial Revolution Gains Momentum (Circuit Insight; Oct 10, 2016)

Industrial Giants Borrow a Page from the Tech Playbook (Tech Crunch; Oct 5, 2016)

Event on Oct 18: The State of US Manufacturing Webinar

Intrusion Detection for the IIoT: How Do We Detect Threats on the Factory Floor? (Chip Design; Sept 26, 2016)

Grappling With Manufacturing Data (SemiEngin; Sept 22, 2016)

Georgia Companies Adopt Competitive “Smart Manufacturing” Techniques (Georgia Tech; Sept 21, 2016)

Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute in the News, a $140M public-private investment led by SMLC (LinkedIn; Aug 11, 2016)

The Smart Manufacturing Revolution (Control Engineering; Aug 11, 2016)

Industrial Internet Security Framework Technical Report (Industrial Internet Consortium)

Top 5 industrial IoT companies (Industrial IoT 5G; Aug 2016)

IDRE Research Fuels Tech for New U.S. Smart Manufacturing Institute (IDRE/UCLA; July 29, 2016) 

A New Age of Smart Manufacturing Underway (SST; July 2016)

Smart LEDs are Lighting the Way to “Intelligent” Manufacturing (GE Reports; Jun 2016)

IIoT Going Overboard (SST; June 29, 2016)

Data Analytics To Drive IC Shift (SemiEngin; June 28, 2016)

President Obama Announces Winner of New Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute and New Manufacturing Hub Competitions (White House; June 20, 2016)

Smart Manufacturing Moves Forward with SEMI Standards (SEMI; June 2016)

Electronics Maker Automates as China Costs Rise (Wall Street Journal; Jun 2016)

Everything Is Illuminated: Smart LEDs Are Lighting The Way To “Intelligent” Manufacturing (GE Reports; June 25, 2016)

Smart Manufacturing Moves Forward with SEMI Standards (SEMI; June 23, 2016)

Electronics Maker Automates as China Costs Rise (WSJ; June 10, 2016)

How Small Manufacturers Can Leverage Smart Manufacturing (Industry Week; May 2016)

Smart Manufacturing Improves Sustainability Efforts (Industry Week; April 2016)

Why Smart Manufacturing Will Grow in 2016 (Manufacturing Transformation; May 2016)

Driving the Digital Age of Manufacturing - GE Keynote at SEMI’s ASMC 2016 (SEMI; May 18, 2016)

Driving the Digital Age of Manufacturing – GE Keynote at SEMI’s ASMC 2016 (SEMI; May 2016)

SEMICON Southeast Asia 2016: The future of smart manufacturing in Malaysia (IHS; May 2016)

Using Big Data in Manufacturing at Intel’s Smart Factories (Intel; April 2016)

SEMI Taiwan Highlights Industry 4.0 at Semiconductor Smart Manufacturing Forum (China Times; Mar 14, 2016)

Eliminating the Eight Types of Disconnectivity in Smart Manufacturing (Industry Week; Feb 18, 2016)

Smart manufacturing’s Critical Need for Security (; Mar 2016)

What is Smart Manufacturing? (Industry Week; Jan 2016)

Where Does Smart Manufacturing Fit on the Road to World-Class Manufacturing? (Industry Week; Mar 2016)

On the Journey to a Smart Manufacturing Revolution(Industry Week; Dec 2015)

Is the Semiconductor Industry Ready for Industry 4.0 and the IoT? (SST; Nov 2015)

Infineon Launches "Industry 4.0" in Austria with Expanded Production (infineon; Oct 29, 2015)

SMLC Report on High Priority Research Areas in Smart Manufacturing (National Science Foundation, SMLC; Oct 2015)

Smart Manufacturing: From Revolution to Value(AutomationWorld; Oct 2015)

Four Key Trends to Watch in Smart manufacturing and Supply Chain (CIO; Sept 2015)

IIoT Comes to Chip Manufacturing (Nanochip; Sept 2015)

Industry 4.0 vision vs. Semiconductor Manufacturing Status Quo (Part 1) (IBM; Sept 2015)

U.S. Energy Dept Announces $70M for Innovation Institute on Smart Manufacturing (Sept 2015)

Benefits of a Smart Manufacturing Value Chain – Part 3 of 6 (SMLC; Sept 2015)

Getting to Grips with Industry 4.0 (Engineer; Sept 2015)

The Future of Productivity and Growth in Manufacturing Industries (bcg; Sept 2015)

IIoT Comes to Chip Manufacturing (SemiEngin; Aug 2015)

Smart Manufacturing is Ready to Take Off (July 2015)

What is Smart Manufacturing? (Part 1A) (SMTC Manufacturing Blog; July 2015)

Manufacturing’s Next Act (McKinsey; June 2015)

Video: Smart Manufacturing: The Future is Now (Rockwell Automation; June 2015)

Smart Manufacturing: A Path to Profitable Growth (HuffPost; May 2015)

Advanced Manufacturing (Siemens; 2015)

China Adopts Smart manufacturing Strategy to Up Its Game in Manufacturing (F & Sullivan; March 2015)

Japanese Factories Connected (METI, 2015)

Why Advanced Manufacturing Will Boost Productivity (bcg; Jan 2105)

Industry 4.0: Qualifications and Skills in the Factory of the Future: A German and American Perspective (VDI; April 2015)

Research Needs for Smart Manufacturing (National Science Foundation; Feb 2015)

Industry 4.0: Opportunities and Challenges of the Industrial Internet (pwc; Jan 2015)

Advanced Manufacturing in Russia (Finnish report on advanced manufacturing in Russia, 2015)

The Future of Technology (Intel; Jan 2015)

Intel and Mitsubishi Electric Collaborate to Create Next-Generation Factory Automation Systems (Intel; June 2014)

What is Smart Manufacturing? (SMLC; June 2014)

Designing for Manufacturing’s “Internet of Things” (Cognizant; 2014)

Industry 4.0: Manufacturing in the United States (OSTA; Dec 2014)

Intel and Mitsubishi Electric Collaborate to Create Next-Generation Factory Automation Systems (Intel; Sept 29, 2014)