Smart Manufacturing SIG Launches in Americas Region

By Ayo Kajopaiye, Project Coordinator, Collaborative Technology Platforms, SEMI

As part of the Smart Manufacturing Initiative, SEMI has formed the Smart Manufacturing Special Interest Group (SIG) to connect members, promote awareness of the group’s work, and serve as the voice of Smart Manufacturing in the electronics manufacturing industry. Since Smart Manufacturing needs vary by region, SEMI will strategically position SIG chapters in appropriate locations. SEMI launched the first Smart Manufacturing SIG chapter – in the Americas – last December.

Consisting of companies including Intel, Applied Materials and Cimetrix, the Americas Chapter will organize and launch new Smart Manufacturing projects and programs to benefit the industry. Because of their outsized influence in the global supply chain, these heavyweights in the Americas Chapter can anchor activities that could have a significant impact on the industry.

“Right now, smart manufacturing is decentralized,” said Michael Cossy, Head of Sales, Marketing and Partnerships at StreamMosaic, an Americas Chapter member focused on predictive analytics and machine learning. “I’m interested in how the tools involved in smart manufacturing will properly align with the rest of the industry.”

“The group structure will enable us to form a collective vision and long-term strategy,” said Kirk Hasserjian, Vice President of Strategic Programs at Applied Materials.

The Americas Chapter is building the framework for this vision by first benchmarking the industry's position on the many dimensions of Smart Manufacturing and then planning Smart Manufacturing programs for this year's SEMICON West.

In 2018, smart technology will continue to play a major role in the electronics manufacturing industry as the Smart Manufacturing SIG remains focused on helping companies spanning the supply chain find ways to better implement and reap even greater benefits from Smart Manufacturing.

For more information about the Smart Manufacturing Initiative and joining the Americas Chapter, please click here.

Global Update

January 30, 2018